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  1. JR is a blossoming manager, by no means the finished article, but with all the right attributes to go a long way in the game. He did well for us but I think we are forgetting that the managers we had from 78 - 88 (Clunie, McFarlane, Millar and Smith) took us and kept us at probably the highest level in our history.
  2. Have to agree, a full back, midfielder and winger - consistent and he knew where the goals were. Easily the best I've seen in the 60 years I've been going to games. My first hero was Willie Fulton who just made the game look easy.
  3. You are forgetting that by the time a new referendum can be held and debated it will probably be mid 2020, by which time approximately 2.5M souls will have shuffled off this mortal coil. Now the majority of these will be elderly so will obviously have voted leave (I speak as one who had to listen to all these grumpies whose dream was to reurn to the good old days but mostly didn't have a clue about what was good about them) and will have been replaced by young people as you say. Personally, I wouldn't have objected to over 65's being excluded because it's not our future at stake. Give the vote at 16 I say and get rid of these old has beens like Bill Cash and the other over 70's. Still, never mind, there's only 2 Prime Ministers till Christmas!
  4. Just noticed this. The higher you go in your career you reach a point where somebody older than thinks that somebody younger than you should replace you. Then the "restructure" takes place and with luck they offer you healthy compensation and an early pension. 🤗 By the time your replacement gets to know how the job really works somebody older than them ............ you get the picture?
  5. Billy Stark is a stick on. I was sure Campbell had one cap, perhaps in a friendly or somesuch, so I checked his wiki page. He was capped but by Scotland B. However I learned two things about him I didn't know; His Christian name is Israel; and He scored two goals for us????
  6. Instead of spouting bitter and twisted bile on here why don't you sign up for nightschool and try and find out what it means. You do realise that bigots of all kinds excel in spouting bitter and twisted bile.
  7. Er, is it not called the Commonwealth? 🧑🏿 👨🏾 👩🏽 👨🏼 👨🏻
  8. Never on as Hearts (aka Levein) don't give players to clubs in the top division except for a fee. We wanted to keep Smith when we got promoted but they weren't interested yet they let him go to Ayr. They seem happy to free him and sign for Thistle as they don't think they're going to get promoted so won't come back to haunt them. Bet there's a hefty sell on fee in the deal?
  9. You would have been better using the Aberdeen Press and Journal headline. Banchory Man Lost At Sea
  10. That's the man. I couldn't think of his name. I knew his daughter briefly but by her married name.
  11. He married a bonnie lass from Kilbarchan in St Margaret's chapel in Johnstone. She had been Miss Scotland and Miss UK but she soon got shot of him. He's married again recently to another Scottish model who's also a bit of a stoater. Just where did I go wrong?
  12. There was also another large ironmongers in the west end at the junction of Broomlands and Castle Street, underneath that flat that always had a light on behind a big red blind in the window. Was on seven nights a week! Funny that?
  13. Yes we do. Mind you, most clubs in world football do as well.
  14. No. The important word is budget!
  15. I think people have to realise that in implementing the Manager's plan and signing a better quality of player that it must have an effect on the playing budget. Expecting to sign another 4 or 5 players is a nice thought but I have to agree with Div and another two, possibly three is the most we can expect. We have to put some faith in our younger players otherwise they'll never progress. We've never been afraid of it in the past, why are so many talking it down now. There is a picture of Fergies Furies on another thread. There's 14 of them - does anybody think we had another 10 in the first team squad in those days?
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