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  1. Perhaps because he was never a full back. He should have been brought through as a central defender.
  2. When I worked, in the dim and distant past, we introduced flexitime. The deal being you could carry forward 15 hours (2 days) in every 4 week period. Any balance greater than 15 hours was adjusted down to 15 hours. In the first 4 week period I had a balance of 19 hours which was adjusted down to the 15 hours for the next period where I could claim two extra days leave. Aye, right. As a manager I regularly carried over 25 to 30 hours per period and lost the balance. Did I ever get flexi-leave? No, but the staff regularly brought in their leave sheet to get their 2 days off, month in - month out. I eventually stopped using the bloody system and no bugger noticed!
  3. I get that you Rascal you, but what was he doing with his other hand?
  4. Er, he did what on the government benches?
  5. Rascal, will you stop talking sense. It's out of place in this thread.
  6. Speaks very highly of you though.
  7. I'm in favour of VAR but not if it's used to support the referee when he makes a contentious decision as seems to be the case in the EPL.
  8. Aye I remember Philopena well, that lovely colleen from the the Emerald Isle.
  9. Jak Alnwick to Cardiff City according to the morning papers. Sad but he's worth the money he's going to pocket.
  10. You don't sign a manager who is without his own ideas about how the game should be played.
  11. Quote from the BBC. "St Mirren midfielder Alan Power is imposing himself on the game well as the visitors grow back into this one." 🤔
  12. Nothing like him. I had family in Stewarton and nobody had a bad word to say about him. He has always worked for communities he's lived in and is very generous. At almost every club he's played at he would buy about 50 match tickets and give them to charities so that folk without much could get to a game. Good guy by all accounts.
  13. Should have stayed with Morcambe. Obviously chased the money.
  14. I'm sure he speaks highly of you.
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