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  1. rabuddies

    Time to bin Interstadia

    Having never had a problem renewing my season ticket and buying cup tickets for my own seat (Firefox on Windows 7 and 10) I now don't see the graphics in the "pick your seat" box. Using Windows 10 I tried Firefox, Edge and Chrome. I then tried my wife's laptop (IE on Windows 7) and hey presto the graphic appeared and I picked my seat and it was added to my season. So, is it Windows 10 or simply more advanced graphics that Interstadia can't handle. If Apple has the same problem then I would suggest the latter. I tried to contact Interstadia online but the complaints process has the same problem. [emoji402] ? So we need someone who understands building websites to explain this to the club. Do we know anybuddie like that?
  2. That certainly wouldn't please the Chairman and Chief Executive. [emoji601]
  3. rabuddies

    John McGinn

    Doesn't matter what a fan thinks. Clubs will have had him watched for over a season and the lack of interest from south of the border would suggest they don't think so.
  4. rabuddies

    Willo flood

    Back looking for a club after only two weeks in Bali. Probably just after a cheap holiday.
  5. rabuddies

    John McGinn

    Williams was asexual.
  6. rabuddies

    Cole Kpekawa

    Me fine. How you?
  7. rabuddies

    Cole Kpekawa

    I'm thinking a back three of Baird, Heaton and Kpekawa with the other two as wing backs. Four at the back just isn't cool at the moment.
  8. rabuddies

    Europa League Thread 2018/2019

    Now thats just showing off!
  9. rabuddies

    Speculation Thread

    Saw that on the BBC - and a cold shiver ran right down my spine.
  10. rabuddies

    4 told they can leave

  11. rabuddies

    Europa League Thread 2018/2019

    Win a cupie doll if you've heard of at least 3 of these teams.
  12. rabuddies

    St Mirren P Bolton Wanderers P

    Did they open the gates and let folk in?
  13. rabuddies

    So sad

    Basically, what he said. [emoji772][emoji772][emoji772][emoji772][emoji772][emoji772]
  14. rabuddies

    So sad

    IOBS what part of "stop posting on this topic" don't you understand? Please heed Div's warning, it's for your own good.
  15. rabuddies

    St Mirren P Bolton Wanderers P

    Well that and the fact that the England game kicks off at 3pm. [emoji481][emoji295]️[emoji342]