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  1. Have used Cochran Dickie several times over the years for my late parents (they were their solicitors so it kept them happy) and always had good service. My sister or I did some of the viewings but they did more than a few for us and never let us down. They charged Estate Agents rates which are a bit higher than the new breed of agents but they do actually know how to sell houses.
  2. That's an idea. So after breaching the pre-contract agreement we will have to pay him 3 years wages plus compensation. Of course, there will also be the legal costs to add on top of that. Are you going to try for a seat on the board when the fan ownership kicks in?
  3. For which we got a Gold Star and maybe a sweetie. Both the Arabs and the Blue bigots only got a Silver so good luck arguing that as a reason for rejection?
  4. Just because you hold a particular viewpoint on an issue doesn't mean your argument is valid, either factually or morally. The whole point of debate is to "pick holes" in and defeat the opposing argument. I don't think you have really thought this through or are able to back up your arguments with any convincing evidence. As for the moral argument I think the world of football, as evidenced by the volume of opposition today, is firmly in the "other viewpoint" camp.
  5. That's because you've don't care about politics so you never notice how policies affect you. The main effect is a knock down policy like employers NI contributions are raised so they pass it on to you by way of a reduced pay increase or by cutting jobs, that sort of thing.
  6. Spoke to soon Oaksoft. Mind you, having met the man I tend to agree with you.
  7. Great player, thought way out the box. Scored one of the best goals ever seen, even the referee (Clive Thomas) was applauding as he ran back to the halfway line. Found it at Frank Worthington Super Goal! - YouTube
  8. The sore arm has nothing to do with the vaccine, it's because it's an intramuscular injection - the quickest way to get the vaccine into the bloodstream. Most vaccines are given as an intramuscular injection. The sleepiness is the vaccine. Most folk I know who have had the jab have a period about 1 or 2 days after the jab when they just feel as if somebody has found their off switch. 💤
  9. What about waiting until we know who's staying?
  10. Which one did you get though?
  11. It did indeed. Bought a fair bit of furniture and fittings in the early 70's from the Old Sneddon shop. That was when the public sector bought locally. Sweenie, Jimmy Spence in Broomland Street and Archibald McKellar in Thornliebank did very well for a number for years.
  12. It did, it was metal on a chain. No idea if it was regularly replaced but my mum used to threaten me with a skelp if I went anywhere near it. Dirty, dirty. 🚱
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