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  1. Unfortunately I did and Mickey Mouse stole my granddaughter's dummy! I was going to have a go but he was probably carrying.
  2. You're right, from 1921 to 1932 when they went bust and folded. That doesn't happen these days.
  3. The only down side of the move is he's going to live in Florida, home of the worst gun toting, Trump supporting, right wing reactionary, pig ignorant, uneducated, sons of bitches you could ever wish to meet. On holiday you don't meet these people but spend some time there and you're falling over them every day all sporting NRA bumper stickers and letting 8 and 9 year olds play with an Uzi at the firing range of which there are hundreds. It seems to be legal to kill people under their "stand your ground" self-defence law (but I think that only applies to white people). As for the weather, it's far too hot to enjoy out of doors and then there's the hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding (very flat, Florida) and the humidity is unbearable from about April to November. I hope he makes his money, keeps his head down and plays a blinder so he gets a decent move back to this side of the pond.
  4. Aah, too clever for me. Mind you the next fixture shown above the article is for Saturday coming!!!!!
  5. I'm confused. We're linked with a striker from Montrose, who plays for Stirling Uni, and who has just signed a pre-contract with Montrose for next season. I didn't have that much to drink last night!
  6. I can remember being in the main stand at and hearing a Saints supporting Church of Scotland minister being abused by a few blue bigots who were in the Saints area. They called him a ******** b when he applauded a Saints attack and he stood up, took off his scarf and revealed the dog collar. They said he was still a ******** b because he didn't support the gers. Mind you, when one of them was warned by a steward to calm down he said "I've no travelled 2,000 miles from Amsterdam to be stopped from supporting the Queen's XI." The most appalling thing was that they had a young lad with them and he was laughing and joining in. Sadly, these people have never changed and as far as Scottish football and the press are concerned they don't exist.
  7. There goes the big money move in the January window and our next payday with it. Oh well, there's always August.
  8. Take the money! Open the box! (One for our older readers there.)
  9. Not only that but there were at least four Dons players in the box before the ball was struck. Having watched MOTD over the last few weeks there have been a number of saved pens retaken because of encroachment. I know it's VAR and we don't have it but if the linesman is watching the goalie and the ref is watching the taker what is the fourth official up to, scratching his arse on the halfway line for his £700 fee? Get him involved.
  10. At my age it's not a word in my vocabulary.
  11. Humourist, director, author, a photographer, a sculptor, a broadcaster and a qualified doctor. A huge intellect and a wholly irreverent view of the world and of the establishment. Started with Beyond the Fringe and never looked back. If you've never seen BTF see below; The funniest sketch for me was Pete and Dud buit I doubt if they would allow this sort of comedy these days. Somebody is bound to be offended.
  12. Just love this song and the original version of Sailing is still the best by a country mile.
  13. Oi! Not only do we know how to use soap we still use soap. Not some lousy mix of chemicals, colourants and fake scents that comes in plastic bottles that are hardly ever re-cycled by your generation. Don't get me started on your generation - whatever that may be? It's hard to tell from your postings.
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