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  1. When was the last time you saw the High St?
  2. rabuddies

    The Bull Inn

    Long, long ago - when they sold their soul to build the "lounge". Dont know who owns it now but I'm guessing it's not the family of old Jean.
  3. rabuddies

    St. Mirren v Kilmarnock, Monday 11th March 2019

    Have we played on a Monday since 2007. In fact, have we ever played a game on a Monday.
  4. It was the Bandit of Zhobe starring Victor Mature and Anthony Newley. I was making a call from the telephone box at the time!
  5. It was the Civic Restaurant run by the local council on a non-profit basis and was partly staffed by volunteers. It was originally known as the British Restaurant, these being opened during WW2 to ensure working folk got a decent meal while rationing was in place. The name was changed to Civic after the war as rationing didn't come to an end when everybody hoped. Most shut down in the late 50's but Paisley's was moved into the Town Hall (South Minor?) and continued until the mid 60's. I remember going there from Secondary School around 1964 'cos you got a glass of limeade with your lunch. Happy days. The British Restaurant was featured in quite a few episodes of Dad's Army.
  6. rabuddies

    Tansey Banned

    Two game ban.
  7. Indeed it was. It was a good toyshop too. I'm sure they had one in the west end along Wellmeadow on the right heading to Well St. Further along Cotton St was Paisley Surgical Stores. I used to wonder, when I passed on the way to Cubs on a Friday night, why a shop was open on a Friday night and why only men (mostly in cars) seemed to be the customers? By the time I understood it was gone?
  8. rabuddies

    St. Mirren and Paisley national stadium

    Was it not to be built behind the Phoenix development? You know, the bit that's got severe drainage problems, floods every time there is a light shower. The only winners in the end were the consultants who got about £1.5M for the feasibility studies in Linwood and Strathclyde Park.
  9. rabuddies

    Pre-Split Remaining Matches

    OK. I'll come in again!
  10. rabuddies

    Pre-Split Remaining Matches

    Who said you could use my hat?
  11. To be fair ............................................................ !!!!!!!! FFS
  12. It must be 1958/59 or thereabouts. The design of the high flats dates from around then. Foxbar and Hunterhill high flats date from 1971 and I'm sure George St flats were up first.
  13. rabuddies

    January Arrivals

    That's not the biggest problem. The midfield have a big soft hole right across the park and don't protect the defence and don't track runners. Tansey has been a huge disappointment. Doesn't look fit and has no confidence whatsoever as instanced by him standing in the centre circle in the last minute not knowing what to do with the ball, just rooted to the spot.
  14. rabuddies

    The Day The Music Died....................

    Give that man a Kewpie doll.
  15. rabuddies

    The Day The Music Died....................

    Who gave up his seat to the Big Bopper?