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  1. It's one thing for opposing fans to kick the club whenever we're down. It's another when people on here constantly feed them by posting on here. It's a nothing affair, a slap on the wrist thing and quite funny as well. In the words of my granddaughter "Let It Go"" ffs.
  2. Gary Player once said "The harder I practise, the luckier I get." It certainly did him no harm.
  3. As long as they don't mind what we call them. Answers please in a plain brown envelope to Shull. I'll start: cnuts
  4. Saw him play at the London Stadium against Stoke about 5 years ago. I think it was the worst game of top league football I have ever seen in my adult life. Both teams were awful and Antonio was about the worst. He played as a right wing back and he hadn't a clue what to do. He basically ran up and down the right wing area about 10 yards either side of the half way line. Nobody gave him the ball. The abuse he was getting from his own fans was dreadful to hear. Fair play to the lad, he's turned his career around, but my cousin's mates basically thought he was a waste of a jersey at the time.
  5. Lick of paint? Not that I'm accusing KFC of tasting of one!
  6. Nonsense, 60 is the new 40. 70 is the new, er, it'll come to me in a minute. 💤
  7. Oi, 64 is not old you young whippersnapper! 🧓
  8. Not according to that poor American lassie?
  9. One meeting and everybody is at each other's throats, raised voices and insults flying everywhere. Fan ownership needs the right people at the top which will require some tough decisions. It also needs the fans to put up and shut up until the club is on a proper footing. It will all end in tears you know.
  10. McGrath, who yesterday was worth about £250K plus two players, today is worth hee-haw. He'll probably sign a pre-contract with Aberdeen in January and be away then for buttons
  11. Christ, that must be a hell of an injury for the lad. He broke a bone in his foot 4 months ago and he's still on the injured list.
  12. Yah and my granny snagged Winston Churchill. How easy is it to cook the books at football clubs. Look at Man City stadium naming rights and there's hundreds more like that. So you have evidence of this? You are accusing a buiness of posting false accounts, a qualified external auditor of being complicit in this and calling their past Chairman a liar for statements he has made in the press. Why don't you go to the authorities with your information?
  13. But also the Brown family have bankrolled them for years. Without them they would be a decent championship team. Like Accies and County. Wages they pay don't tally with their home supports. I wish that were so but apart from a rights issue when he took control of the club 25 years ago, neither the Brown family nor the family business have put any money into the running of the club. The additional revenue is from the non-football use of their ground and nothing else.
  14. GS owned the club so he had full executive powers and the buck stopped with him. Who has stepped into his shoes? Who do SMISA members criticise now?
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