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  1. Sneezing! At my age you find it hard to raise a smile?
  2. I had login problems on Friday (the reset) and emailed [email protected] a couple of times and got very prompt replies. I had no problems on Saturday other than first half sound. Picture was first class except when I dropped a tissue on the laptop touchpad and the whole thing disappeared. Most people I've spoken to since Saturday had a similar experience to mine. So over to the IT literate to explain the good and the bad from the same stream. 🆘️
  3. Given the moronic behaviour of joe public since the easing of lockdown I hae ma douts about crowds returning anytime soon. Yesterday's announcements from UK and Scottish Governments were almost in tandem so something in the numbers is spooking them. Sporting crowds are an easy target given the option of live tv coverage. I fear we might have to get used to the current version of lockdown for some time to come. 😢
  4. I've just had an email from the support desk telling me that my password is my season ticket number. I changed that yesterday.
  5. Me too. At least it's their fault it would appear and not mine. It wouldn't let me send them a message as my username was too long? I just cut it down a bit and got a message sent response. If I get anything back I'll post it hear. Or indeed here.
  6. Just as well that we had moved Bobby Adamson on by that time. When he was a sub (or substituted) he could sometimes be seen having a fly ciggie in the tunnel during the game.
  7. The saddest thing about that is I probably attended my first match when it looked like that. 🧓
  8. I don't think he's had a club for two years!
  9. I much prefer if football does its talking on the pitch!
  10. This is the problem when you have two associations running the game. It should be a single entity and probably as national FA's seem sacrosanct under FIFA it could be that the SFA is the governing body and the SPFL is just one of the organisations reporting to it, along with say, Junior Football, Women's Football, Youth Football, etc. Just a thought. 🤔
  11. rabuddies

    Micky Mellon

    Aye, but if he's his father's son he would have a team in the east end of Glasgow! ☘️
  12. Of all the stupid things that Stubbs did in his less than 3 months in charge the sale of Ross Stewart to Ross County was by far the stupidest and frankly amateurish decision he made. It's now wonder that JR, who brought him to us, is now trying to lure him to Hibs (if they can find the money obviously).
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