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  1. rabuddies

    Phils No Claims Discount F'kd

    Why not?
  2. rabuddies

    January Arrivals

    Aye, right!
  3. rabuddies

    January Signings

    You know, the players that look nothing like footballers usually turn out to be pretty good. Some of the greats didn't look like footballers even when they were playing, John Robertson at Forest being a perfect example. He constantly looked knackered and disinterested and of course "he couldn't run for toffee". Then somebody gave him the ball ....!
  4. rabuddies

    January Signings

    Have we signed Mark Yardley again?
  5. rabuddies

    Speculation Thread

    Not so good to hear. Hope you're better soon. P.S. What happens when you fart?
  6. rabuddies

    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    I agree! Mind you, if he gets wee Lewis they'll skoosh it.
  7. rabuddies

    January Arrivals

    Bahoken has been playing in Ligue 1 for the last two seasons and also getting into some Cameroon squads of late.
  8. rabuddies

    Polish Players

    Alfons Lesz, better known as Alfie, played from after the war until the early 50's. Speedy left winger I think my old dad told me.
  9. rabuddies

    January Arrivals

    You mean you read his stuff?
  10. rabuddies

    January Arrivals

    At least I'll be able to pronounce Popescu.
  11. rabuddies

    January Exits

    Personally, I'm sad to see Cammy go. Last season he put in a great shift from day one, never shirked a tackle, chased every ball, never stopped running and played his heart out for us. He deserved every accolade and award he got at the end of the season. This season he hasn't had he chance to acclimatise to the top league as our first "manager" of the season either didn't like him or didn't know how to use him. I suspect it it started with the latter and became the former when he questioned him (as alleged). Most players who haven't played at the higher level need a good run of games to learn what is needed and Cammy just didn't get that. I think he is good enough to play at this level but time will tell. I don't think he'll get there with United next season but the season after that ......... ?
  12. rabuddies

    January Exits

    Div, stop talking sense! You know they only beleive things if they appear on gossipy social media?
  13. Whay happened to Trialst and Junior? Will they not get a game? Well, perhaps Junior isn't eligible now he's on the staff so perhaps Newman will come into the reckoning?
  14. rabuddies

    VAR. Here's a solution

    I'm not sure which game you're talking about (Blue Bigots I think) which certainly was a bad decision but to accuse a referee of cheating is just not on. I've known quite a few referees, mainly when they were working folk like the rest of us, and I've never had any reason to doubt their honesty. They call it as they see it, in real time, and that is what gets up fans noses, many of whom want and expect the benefit in their team's favour every time.
  15. rabuddies

    VAR. Here's a solution

    As far as I know none of the leagues that are now operating VAR have put in place any of the "cost cutting" measures that you have suggested and I don't think the refs will have to put in their objections as UEFA , FIFA and perhaps most importantly IFAB (who make the rules) will be in like a shot with their red cards. As for the referees not having the same responsibility They still have the final call don't they?