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  1. No, but they will take off their gimp masks as a mark of respect.
  2. He was indeed for an action in August 1944 when he was an Acting Captain. He landed on D Day 6th June as a Lieutenant, was an Acting Captain by 3rd August and ended up a Major all before they crossed the German border I think. Must have been a tough call invading Europe in a tank? More than that he was a pretty decent bloke as teachers go. He certainly didn't panic when one of the lads stuck a penknife in the knee of the lad sitting next to him.
  3. Doncaster and his idiots. Couldn't run a bath. Totally incompetent. Should be sacked the lot of them. Celtic and Aberdeen walk away scot free. While smaller clubs are punished. Scottish football is run by Clowns. Have they had the meeting? What was the punishment?
  4. Could just try three and in! 😷 ⚽️⚽️⚽️
  5. Presumably the Hamilton game is on a shaky nail now?
  6. I did, this photo was taken in 1968/69 and the jail and the Burgh Offices are still there. The story on Paisley.Org which contains this photo is headlined "Paisley Piazza Photographs 1967/68 - Paisley Prison still stands and the River Cart is wide open in these pictures taken during the construction of the Piazza Shopping Centre, Paisley." However, if you look at the photos most of them are dated 1969 and 1970. That would suggest it was 1969 when the car park at the rear was added so perhaps the jail came down then. I was close. 😌 The Labour Government was throwing money at local government in the late 60's to head off industrial unrest which Ted Heath inherited in 1970. T Dan Smith anybody?
  7. Early 70's, along with the Burgh Council office on County Square. When the new offices opened on Cotton Street basically.
  8. Norrie, a player is only worth what other clubs are willing to pay for him, particularly those in the last year of their contract? What do you think Magennis was worth and how much did we get for him as you appear to be in the know?
  9. The planners didn't want the modernisation of the town centre, in the 60's / 70's it was the government who more or less forced the local councils with grants to help bring down Scottish unemployment. The building giants had politicians in the palm of their hands in these days. That's where the brown envelopes went.
  10. Speaks very highly of you though.
  11. He might be OK after his 14 day quarantine? 🔒
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