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  1. Is it not to do with financials? I seem to remember that we needed to bung a shedload at it a couple of seasons ago with no guarantees.
  2. I was a fan of the "shaky spaceship show". Probably the best actor on the show but the woman who played Servalan did a mean sexy villain!
  3. Dr John the Night 5480034 has passed away at the age of 77. A talented man whose fusion of boundless genres of music was as unique as his home town, New Orleans. RIP.
  4. No. Maradonna is a cheat, and there's an end to it.
  5. I would say it's nearer £4.5k having had to organise a few over the last few years. The fakes only provide the sausage rolls, tea and a wee glass of something reviving. At the Glynhill it's about £600 - £800 for that, depending on how many like a wee swally on the day. They should pocket about a third as profit.
  6. Dear God, how many people pass away in Perthshire every year. An article a couple of years ago put their commercial income at nearly £1M.
  7. Clarks opened their first overseas mill in the eastern US in 1864. Coats followed suit and by 1890 were well entrenched in the US. Before the Great War they had opened in Spain and California and were preparing to open in many other parts of the world.
  8. As do I. However I've just tried Firefox Quantum, Edge, Chrome and IE V11 and all I get on each is "There are no memberships available for you to renew to at the moment". Is this because I'm an old bugger and the concessions aren't available?
  9. Just bought and paid for my own seat on Interstadia. In all, it took less than a minute. I used to have terrible trouble with the site but since I started using the "Buy Tickets" option on the club site I get no problems. Mind you I am an auld yin so perhaps they make allowances.
  10. I was wondering if you had a hand in it? You did not a bad job with Norway.
  11. Another thought, did the BBC overreact by instantly dismissing Baker. Were they frightened by the social media reaction and backlash that puts a few thousand posts on Twatter and the press bigs it up as The Nation Are Shocked and Disgusted on the front page or 6 o'clock news. This week Kick it Out's Head of Development Troy Townsend (father of Andros) basically accused Brighton of sacking Chris Hughton because he was black. No great reaction for or against on any sort of media. But Kick it Out hastily issued an apology to Brighton "for the impact the comments have had on the club's reputation". Also that it was also sorry for any inference from Townsend's comments that Hughton's sacking was "linked in any way to his ethnicity". Just an apology, nobody got sacked. Dealt with quickly and professionally and you couldn't see a knee jerking for miles.
  12. The one thing about all of this rhetoric about race, colour and whats PC and non-PC has anybody noticed that neither the mother nor the baby are actually black? They are mixed race. That is not black. Peronally speaking, I have a theory on mixed race people. There're all quite attractive, in fact some are damned attractive. So perhaps whoever or whatever made us or started off our our evolution thought "here's an idea - if they aren't all alike let's make them pretttier/more handsome if they interbreed. They'll soon get the hang of it and the planet will soon be populated by good looking humans in no time at all. That should help bring about perfect harmony." Just a thought!
  13. Aye, about 35 years ago. Never bear grudges for long, it's bad for your health and wellbeing.
  14. Fish Tea in Allans's chippie in Storie Street. The best fast food in Paisley in beautiful art deco surroundings. What more could you ask for?
  15. Obviously not via their agents. Would suggest that there were clauses in their contracts relating to performance and compensation on termination, so any payments were made to the individual. It will (should) come out in the wash when the relevant accounts are published but I'm guessing it will just be lumped in with the wage costs. However, I have been told it's not as much as people think given they were desperate to get back into the game.
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