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  1. Good to see the derby match restored, Killie seem to have improved a bit recently so ought to be a decent match. Unfortunately won’t be there, that’s two in a row but hoping for a win.
  2. It’s actually Rep of Ireland. No one uses the term “Eire” , except on stamps.
  3. Great to see the old Spiders up there near the top.
  4. Just to put your nose out of joint, I did manage to make the game. Sorry your team lost. 😆
  5. Thanks to Saints changing the date and time of the match, none of our three season tickets will be used. Probably a blessing in disguise as it’s likely to be a mauling by Celtic anyway.
  6. Thoroughly agree, it’s well overdue that we get rid of that dreadful family. It’s completely embarrassing to watch and listen to endless sycophantic toadies , I reckon there will be a serious backlash against the BBC for the hours of one sided drivel foisted upon us. As for the football being cancelled, I have a good idea why that happened. 🤨
  7. Our forwards are hopeless and won’t score goals when needed. Too late now to sign anyone. Yesterday was a poor result against a weak team. Must do better.
  8. Irrespective of dates and timing ,or Sky coverage, I suggest a saints defensive line up including Jimmy Drinkwater, Jim Clunie, Cockles Wilson, Abercrombie, Jack Copland, Jim Goodwin and Gogic. Dundee Utd went for the “after you, Claude” tactic on Sunday. Those chaps above, I suggest would adopt a rather different attitude, one which is much more suited to dealing with the current Celtic team. 😁
  9. Although Saints missed at least 3 sitters, it was a bit worrying how much room Hibs had down the wing. Thankfully their crossing was woeful but we really need to convert stonewall chances, our forwards are culpable. Nevertheless, a decent run of form and we ought to make it for in a row against St Johnstone .
  10. Normally an away win against that team would be considered quite an achievement, but they are currently hopeless and there for the taking by all and sundry. However, I shall return to my turnip field, thoroughly chastened by your wise comment, and try to learn more about football. 😁
  11. I welcome the return of Gogic, he is not only tough but a good user of the ball.
  12. Have you had a look at Robinsons record since he has been here ? It’s just my opinion and if you are happy with things that’s fine.
  13. Great goal from Tait but they had us hanging on at the end. As usual, nothing up front. I’d say it’s only a temporary stay of execution for the manager, would happily swap him for the Ross County chap.
  14. Commentator kept saying the result equals the worst ever result by a Scottish team. As the old firm have had more tries than anyone else, I assume it was one of them ?
  15. Saw the highlights there, just as bad as I’d suspected. The new signings are very poor but when you sign cast offs from the English lower leagues, what else would they be ? Although it’s possible to make more signings, I dearly hope Robinson is gone before considering such a thing.
  16. Half time tactical substitution, remove the bearded Irishman and replace with a football manager. Probably too late already after only two games.
  17. Only brief radio updates but assume the game is already lost. Very disheartening.
  18. Main source of entertainment may be Robinsons latest excuse for a defeat. As for the ticket fiasco, I agree clubs are deliberately making it difficult to attend away matches. Thankfully I only go to home games, that’s enough misery to endure these days. 😁
  19. Worst Motherwell team I’ve seen, and they still beat us ! Again nothing up front. Grieve could fall over in a gust of wind, the no 7 missed 3 good chances, hopeless. Gallagher and Bacchus looked half decent. The manager should be hunted asap or we are certs for relegation. Find it impossible to enjoy watching saints, and those around me feel likewise. Very poor value for money.
  20. His appalling record shows he is not the man for the job. Better to make the change asap.
  21. Cannot imagine Robinson being allowed to sign any more players, given his recent record. Those brought in appear to be pretty hopeless, just as forecast. Doubt if he will be here for much longer anyway. Sincerely hope so.
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