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  1. I can understand why the person who is still acting as company secretary has resigned as a director. A lot going on. Lots of company law arguments appear to be going on. During a previous period of board unrest I recall the then secretary telling me that they had learned more about company law than they thought existed. Leave it to the legals. The moral argument is clear. He should do the right thing and go. Put an end to this sorry episode .
  2. https://spfl.co.uk/stats-centre There is little to differentiate all of the teams below the top 3. On any given day each can beat the other. A tough season for many. The stats are interesting. We are near the top in attempts at goal and attempts on goal. Suggests that we are an attacking team with a blunt edge. The list of top scorers confirms this. How valuable would it be to have a Tony Watt in our ranks? Another 6 points?
  3. Deflection after deflection on this thread. Guilty as charged and must go. Voluntarily would be best but, if not, other directors or coowners representatives would be right, IMO. To force the issue, let’s clean up this self inflicted problem ASAP by getting rid of its source and in doing so return to the moral high ground.
  4. Surely there is a duty that other directors consider the damage to the club and it’s reputation as a community club. If the chair doesn’t stand down then others need to act.
  5. The man himself should step down before he shreds every bit of dignity from the club.
  6. The Dons finally seem to be hitting a bit of form, albeit sporadic. I would settle for a draw.
  7. He has been found guilty and with him the club. He should go. No question.
  8. What a game. Twenty five shots at goal, 3 cleared off the line. What do we have to do to score? No need to answer!!
  9. Sure could but I go for a share of the spoils in a score draw. Love to win it!
  10. Simply put. The chairman should comment only on his own club.
  11. An evening game under the lights in front of a decent sized crowd. A chance to see the newcomers to Celtic v our lads. What’s not to like? COYS
  12. Morton. Falkirk or Stirling Albion for me
  13. The game at Dingwall was no walk in the park. Their defending was poor but they score goals. Still…..COYS
  14. Appreciate that you may not share my opinion. I am against bigotry in any form. No need for his comments and he should carry the can
  15. I just love your optimism. I will be in that number
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