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  1. There are plenty of donkeys in Westminster as MPs (650) and House of Lords (783) in London. Best not to look at how much it costs to “support” these grifters.
  2. I don’t think it was a scramble 😂 Kids these days won’t know the joy of being around when a wedding party left a local house or a church/chapel. Not sure whether that’s a thing at mosques so I left that out with so many others religious buildings. After all you don’t want to offend people these days by not mentioning them. Perhaps this activity has been banned due to some kids parents suing the bridal party because wee Johnny got struck on the napper with a ten pence piece! Or is because we’ve become a cashless society?
  3. Conway was born in Taunton, England. He qualifies to play for Scotland through his paternal grandfather, who was born in Stirling. In March 2024, Conway said of his plans for UEFA Euro 2024 if unselected for the Scotland playing squad, “Scott Murray funnily enough is the kitman at Bristol City. He’s driving from Bristol to Germany with his brother. If I’m not going I said I’d be jumping in with him. It’ll be class." He was reported, "Through his late grandfather Danny, who hailed from Stirling, and dad Joe he is a passionate Scotland fan."
  4. Some great groups. Could potentially see some top flight clubs pumped out in the group stages. We will enter as a seeded team in the knockout phases. Would love another opportunity to win this cup. The win in 2013 was sublime.
  5. Admittedly this decision would have been put forward by some financial “intelligent” civil servants. https://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/1046585/gordon-brown-s-gold-sale-spectre-still-haunting-after-25-years-1046585.html#:~:text=So%2C between 1999 and 2002,ounce%2C generating US%243.5 billion. “Gordon Brown's political career probably won’t be defined by his decision to start selling the UK’s gold stocks between 1999 and 2002, but 25 years on the badge as the man who called the bottom of the market is not going away. For those who have forgotten or weren’t around, the then Chancellor decided that as gold had no intrinsic value the UK could use the money better elsewhere. So, between 1999 and 2002. the Treasury sold 400 tonnes (12.8 million ounces) from the UK’s reserves at prices estimated to be between US$285 and US$300 an ounce, generating US$3.5 billion. At the time it raised eyebrows, but it must have appeared a seemingly sensible move given that the gold price had gone nowhere for decades. History (and hindsight) though are cruel mistresses and gold has since risen 1,000% to currently sit at around US$2,350 an ounce and make 12.8 million ounces worth about US$30 billion. Hal Cook, senior investment analyst at wealth platform Hargreaves Lansdown has done the maths: “After allowing for currency movements between the dollar and the pound, the UK has missed out on a return of 980% in sterling terms on the gold that was sold. “With Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) of only 85% over that time, that’s a lot of missed gains, even in real (after inflation) terms.” Cook adds that not only has gold soared in value, it has comfortably outperformed other potential investments. “The MSCI All Countries World Index is up just under 500%, the FTSE 100 210% and the MSCI USA index 670%.” https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-news/2019/may/07/worst-deal-uk-history-20-years-brown-sold-britains-gold/
  6. Please can you pass on our best wishes. He was an incredibly talented player who played for Saints at a time when we had supremely gifted players. He took over from Peter Weir who had won Scotland caps while at St Mirren. Ian took over that left wing position and became a legend in his own right. His goal against Celtic in a 4-2 win will always be a major highlight but what a player! I don’t think he ever missed a penalty kick either. 👏 👏
  7. I’ve never understood why schools are closed for elections when there are plenty of council owned premises available to towns and villages - be that community centres, leisure centres, etc. Even if all council facilities are closed perhaps church halls could be used instead of closing down vital services. Children’s education should be a priority. Plus teachers get enough days off as it is.
  8. We can predict that you will write that St Mirren will lose both ties in Europe. tick tock….
  9. The Intellectual Property Office states that Celtic and Rangers are the registered joint owners of the terms "Old Firm" and "The Old Firm". Just last Tuesday the term "Old Firm" was renewed by both parties. The Intellectual Property Office website states: "Trademark has been renewed on 02/03/2021." The "Old Firm" trademark - under number UK00002264673 - dates back to March 2, 2001 - with "The Old Firm" - given number UK0002181523A - going back to 1998.
  10. Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away! 😊
  11. Really? Why am I not surprised…. 😜
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