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  1. I don’t see why anyone is actually bothered about a scoreboard. It’s not like it is used to replay VAR decisions like they do in rugby. Waste of money.
  2. Karaoke time when we pump them eh @TPAFKA Jersey 2??????? Usually a good match against the Jambos. Always a good atmosphere. Another test for our team against a team likely to be in the top 4 and competing deep in the cups. Would be good to see O’Hara back in for this game.
  3. Vitriolic? Incredulity? Veracity? I love to read such prose. I only wish you had somehow managed to include “mendacity” - a term often used by Jimmy Sanderson. “Are you accusing me of mendacity?”
  4. Thankfully that shite has never reached my eyeballs. Nor would anything written in the S*n.
  5. On the subject of SAF what I find very sad is that he has never ever been recognised in our Hall of Fame for what he did to reinvigorate our club. I would like to hope that our club have tried many times to reach out to him and invite him to accept such an honour. It is entirely possible that SAF has told our club many times to fcuk off due to the tribunal after he left us. However he took part in the “Marching In” documentary and I believe he also helped the guys doing the Farewell to Love St book. Without his influence I’d likely not be a supporter of this club. I’m sure there are many more fans that hold him in very high regard. His work between 74-78 laid the foundations for the next 10 years and beyond.
  6. I find it incredible that SAF is defending The Rangers given the treatment he and his wife Cathy received due to institutional bigotry. He despised that club. More likely some journalist and editor twisting of a long interview but them knowing that this type of sound bite gets all the attention. Fcuk Rangers in whatever form they take. Fcuk Celtic. Fcuk the SPFL & the SFA. Fcuk the Scottish Government and Police Scotland. Fcuk the media. They are all to blame for continuing to allow this cancer to continue within our game and society.
  7. Could be subliminal. Simply the Best thing to do is get to The Dentist.
  8. I’d hazard a guess that many of those 1 million “Scots” who voted for Brexit were very likely supporters of the club that Antrin continually berates. It was the same divisive rhetoric that stopped the independence vote. Since the previous incarnation died in 2012 they have become ultra staunch. What a cluster fcuk. Perhaps an IQ test should be included in a voting system to eliminate the dregs of our society. Sectarianism and bigotry casts a huge shadow over our country and all the fresh air in the world won’t change anything.
  9. I think you missed a full stop. 😂 Keep smiling. 😊
  10. Surely that is all the more reason just to completely ignore? What’s the point in continuing to get angry over this? On that I shall kindly excuse myself from any further discussion. Life is way too short.
  11. @antrin you seem utterly broken by two internet aliases. Two individuals you have likely never met. Nor are you likely to ever want to meet them. You have them on ignore which is great, but I’ve absolutely no idea why the rest of the forum needs to know this every week. Do you send photos of junk mail you receive through your letter box to Royal Mail? You seem to be a very intelligent individual. I’m really not sure why these aliases continue to upset you. I hope everything is ok with you. I sincerely mean that despite any previous heated discussions between ourselves. It’s just that this is very odd behaviour for a guy in the later stages of life to get upset about.
  12. Alex O’Hara is 66. Currently a free agent. Last played in Scotland in 1991. Surely not?
  13. I don’t see the benefit in expanding the ground capacity beyond putting in a standing zone between the family stand and the West Bank. That’s the only area of the ground that could realistically be developed at a reasonable cost. Fcuk putting in executive boxes there. We had an opportunity to fill our home ends today and there were stacks of empty seats despite a good price for tickets. Considering the run of form we are in at home it was really disappointing the poor turnout from our fans. At least those who went enjoyed themselves! COYS
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