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  1. The only thing I can see involving the community is players handing out tickets that smisa supporters paid for. There needs to be far more engagement by the club than that surely?
  2. @Rascal You said the club were doing serious moves with the local community? What are those? Keen to know more?
  3. Gilmour was under contract at aged 15 when Chelsea sign him. It was a transfer fee that Rangers were able to negotiate a sell on % and add ons for appearances etc. If your argument stacks up that then when we “developed” for a short time Ross Stewart how much did we receive via Ross County when he was sold to Sunderland? John McGinn contract situation is not as clear cut as you state. There was an agreement that Stewart Gilmour negotiated with Hibs for 30% of any future transfer fees. Hibs negotiated with Villa a 15% sell on fee of which we receive 30% plus a development kick back. Mcginn signed a 4 year deal with Hibs in July 2015 after both clubs agreed compensation. Surely there is no way that Hibs would relinquish 30% of any future fee with St Mirren if he was a free agent? So how many other players have we released that we are due 30% sell on. I’ve never seen that in FIFA solidarity scheme. Please show me.
  4. Because he is out of contract in the summer of 2023. I don’t think you understand how development fees work. What St Mirren were doing a few weeks ago was trying to negotiate the best return while he is under contract. That is known as a transfer fee to introduce sell on fees which is where the big money is to be had. If Dylan leaves without signing a new contract we will only get the development fee based on his time at the club. I don’t believe that any FIFA Solidarity fee takes into account Scotland youth call ups. Happy for you to prove me wrong on that.
  5. But is that not what I said previously? By not selling him in the last year of his contract we stand to lose any future sell on fees?
  6. This sounds promising. The only things I heard the club doing is with the charity organisation of the club which receive grants and funding. I know they do a great Christmas lunch for OAPs and others. Haven’t heard much else so keen to know more. The only serious moves I used to do in Paisley was at Toledo Junction. Is that still going?
  7. But you don’t answer the questions I posed to you? I believe that you and I as shareholders are entitled to know when key staff leave the club (resign or redundant). There should be no legal issue with a simple two liner. “Michelle Evans has left the club today. We thank her for her service.” You and I shareholders as members of smisa. Are you not?
  8. So will you be continuing your smisa subscription without questioning the running of the club? Surely it’s not too much too announce departures of key staff? They have been removed from the official club directory without any news on social media to even acknowledge the change or thank them for there service. The club is now majority owned by regular monthly contributions made over many years by fans like me and I assume you. The club seem happy to announce these appointments with great fanfare. Michelle Evans as Head of Well Being and Ali De Foy as Head of Brand and Marketing, but absolutely nothing when they leave. That’s not right in my opinion.
  9. Think someone was trying to deflect from the issue that no one at the club wants anyone to know about. Surely the fans who financed the buyout of Gordon Scott deserve better? I’ve contributed from the start, but I thinking of cancelling my monthly subscription if the club board won’t share details of staff leaving. They seem happy to announce appointments, but less keen to announce departures.
  10. How did we get to discussing Dylan Reid’s development fee in a topic about redundancies at the club?
  11. It’s certainly not going to be £500,000. Sadly.
  12. That’s my understanding too from someone who was at the recent smisa meeting.
  13. I’ve researched this and found out that Billy Gilmour was still under contract aged 15 when Chelsea and Rangers agreed a transfer fee (which included his development fee) and all manner of transfer add ons. Gilmour did not officially join Chelsea until he was 16. Regarding Gilmour add ons. £250K was paid to Rangers when he made his first full team start at Chelsea. There was a similar payment when Billy made 10 appearances. No doubt there was another payment when he made his full international debut. There’s also a 15% cut of any fee Chelsea receive in the future, which is where Rangers really stand to gain. Rangers and Chelsea will also receive “development fees” if he moves clubs many times. Just like we have with John McGinn. So this is a completely different scenario to what I asked for if Dylan leaves at the end of his contract. The club vice chair was quoted in the recent Smisa report https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/332-smisa-members-quarterly-meeting “Celtic came in with an offer that reflected the compensation on offer that included a 30 percent sell-on clause.” This says to me that if he leaves next summer having not signed a contract the development fee will be around £125K without any add ons. From a recent report on Evening Times https://therealefl.co.uk/2019/06/18/oxford-united-linked-with-22-year-old-scotland-international/ “Motherwell would be entitled to a fee for the twenty-two-year-old under the FIFA solidarity mechanism, which states clubs must receive compensation for training players between their twelfth and twenty-third birthdays. The report claims under the rules, Motherwell are entitled to around £270,000 for the signature of the midfielder.” There is no way that St Mirren would be getting any more than £125K for a player leaving aged 16/17 next summer. The figure that was the “agreed “ fee between Celtic and our club surely had to be as close to the development fee we are due if he does not sign a new contract or else our board are not doing their job right. Do you still think we will get significantly more than £125K for Reid if he leaves in the summer? I’ve provided a lot of information. Hope you can offer a similar argument as I’d love to be proved wrong.
  14. Sorry I heard the club were keen for him to move on as he is in the last year of his contract. Would that mean the club would only get a small development fee and he can then sign for any club? Unless he signs a new contract then he holds all the aces. Have I got this wrong? I don’t understand how all this works.
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