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  1. Yes you can sum it up and you have. I doubt anyone would disagree with a single word of your summation..........except Renfrew. He thinks he was just another player.
  2. I think I'm cleverer than you. That's for damn sure.
  3. Are you now telling me that you know better than me what I was commenting on? You're funny. I used the word "describe". The only thing in Renfrew's post that can be construed a description was the comment about him being just another player. It's obvious that's what I was referring to. Why on earth would I care whether Renfrew likes or dislikes him and why would I try to deny the obvious fact that Tony often talks a lot of shite? You're not a very clever chap are you?
  4. What the hell are you on about?? I never commented on anything Tony has said. I was commenting on Renfrew describing him "just another player I used to watch". You seriously are one argumentative fecker. You even highlighted someone's grammatical error earlier by highlighting that they had typed "board" instead of "bored" whilst hilariously not noticing that they had also typed "your" instead of "you're".
  5. Absolutely mind boggling way to describe one of the most talented and loyal players ever to wear the stripes. Each to their own though.
  6. My only real issue from last night was Samson and we have to learn that lesson. If we are to have any chance of winning the league, we will not have the luxury of throwing away points in games. If we are to lose games it needs to be because we were beaten by a better team on the day. If that had been a league game last night, we would've handed Dundee 3 points on a plate. In my opinion they were not any better than us last night. It was an otherwise very even game.
  7. Oh my fecking sides! Utterly hilarious.
  8. Right back down to earth with a bang. Maybe no bad thing.
  9. Welcome back Sammy. Feels like you've never been away. FFS!!!
  10. Would you take Faddy at Saints? Pretty sure I wouldn't now. Was a fantastic player on his day and gave me many happy moments as a Scotland fan, but I don't think he's got anything left in his box of tricks. Even at Championship level.
  11. Will any kind soul be Periscoping the game tonight?
  12. Some observations:- 1) Wee Lex wasnae called sexy Lexy for nothing 2) I presume that's big Starsky at the back next to Bobby Torrance, but it doesnae look like him other than the curly fun wig.
  13. I'll get the ball rolling with Wee Eddie MacDonald.
  14. That would make sense and also might explain why it was televised.
  15. That is the soundtrack to your life when you don't live in Scotland and 31 years on it still annoys me as much as it did on day 1.
  16. Who would've though that two such hilariously funny people could frequent the same forum. Well....to be accurate.....one hilariously funny person and one who cannae read.
  17. Aye possibly with the Clydebank game but the Airdrie game I was talking about I'm sure was towards the end of the season. Donny McDowall scored both our goals and some big beardy bass scored a late equaliser for Airdrie. It was a beauty. Think it made it into the goal of the season comp.
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