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  1. I was recently at the Stone Roses gig at the Etihad. We spent most of the evening, prior to the gig, in the Man Shitty supporters bar. I reckon there must have been 5 or 600 in there, getting bladdered and spending a small fortune. My solution therefore, is to get the Stone Roses to play Greenhill Rd and we're quids in...
  2. The saddest thing about this utter cluster f**k is that for the first time in 3 years, I would have bought the shirt as I have so many fond memories of that great day in 87. This is a shirt to keep, not your usual wear it for a season and then resign it to a bottom drawer for eternity number. I absolutely applaud everyone who was involved in the design of this year's kits. They look superb (Shull is just a fanny. Ignore him), but you have been massively let down. Please GLS and Fitz, this year, lay it on the table with these f**king idiots and negotiate a deal that suits both the club and the fans. The notion that you cannot by your own club's strip in your own club's shop is utterly, utterly ridiculous. I've worked in marketing. I understand exclusivity rights , but this deal is detrimental to both parties. I wouldn't buy a thing from JD now after three years of the most atrocious customer service I've ever come across. They can ram it. As this year's tops are a keeper, I'll happily wait until they cost a fiver each and then buy them. Until then, I'll wear my superb retro top I bought from the Toffs website with next day delivery. It arrived the next day as promised. Money well spent.
  3. I'd actually be up for that! At least the ticket price has a slight chance of providing entertainment.
  4. Really? Can you explain then why my pension is f**ked, my wife's pension is f**ked and my father's pension is f**ked and have been getting even more f**ked in the last month?
  5. I don't get a lot of the velodrome stuff but that elimination thing is superb.
  6. Another plastic royal dies and another plastic royal takes his place. They avoid tax, our welfare system crumbles. f**k them.
  7. Poor guy. Had Tourettes and they bleeped out everything he said in Star Wars. ..Jaicket got...
  8. This is frankly the most complex pile of shite ever for a bunch of pre-season frendlies. Bin it.
  9. Remember it very well. Basil was brilliant that day.
  10. I'm going to get the name Godfrey printed on the back of mine....The big man deserves a bit of credit for that cup run and I liked him better than Chalmers. Cracking strip by the way. Well played Gary and everyone involved in the design. Now if I can only get one before December.......
  11. Three tickets going spare for The Stone Roses on Sunday at the Etihad. Late notice I know but PM me if you want them. Face value and with any luck they won't play any of their new stuff.....
  12. Today I met Div. Div says it's still on. I believe Div. But bi promise to laugh my ever decreasing moobs off if Div is wrong. #prayfordiv
  13. I just did. .... SNOB A person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and looks down on those regarded as socially inferior: I'm afraid that's definitely not me my friend. Wrong again...
  14. I've learnt my lesson DOP! Never post on Facebook with a swally in you Soz (as the youngsters say these days)... :-)
  15. Wrong on two levels. 1. It has everything to do with Ralston folk as it's them that's complaining.... 2. Me. A snob?! I'll crack the jokes..... For what it's worth, I actually, for once agree with Dicko. I do think that this sort of thing should be drilled into youth player's mentality, if for nothing else, than having a respect for the club and the community. A bit like Shull's distaste for Jessie boots. Sir Alex admitted that he only allowed first team players to wear anything but black boots. You had to earn the right. Nowt wrong with a bit of discipline.
  16. I think they should all just stop whinging and f**k off..... http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/swearing-saints-upsetting-neighbours-paisley-7983317#fw5ctRzW67mDUeDS.97
  17. You'll probably find it's a contractual obligation between BT and the clubs that the managers do a wee stint on camera. Greeting over nothing....
  18. Anyone got a live stream for this one? Can't bring myself to sit amongst those manky feckers and I can say cheerio to Thommo next time he pops in for a coffee......
  19. You should check out the "Wid ye?" thread. It's a belter...
  20. They've already had their institutional fawning so f**k them. If any other team had won the league we wouldn't even be discussing this. Nobody says we should do it so get the siege mentality back at SMP and lets line up and growl at the f**kers as they walk out. With no clapping. Then pump them 5-0 and flick them massive V's as they walk off.
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