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  1. This is the list so far, apparently: CHAMPIONSHIP BARNSLEY - John Shuttleworth - She Lives In Hope BIRMINGHAM - SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP ABERDEEN - Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros - Arms Aloft CELTIC - Rod Stewart - You're In My Heart DUNDEE UNITED - The Dubliners - Dundee Weaver / Sham 69 - If The Kids Are United HEARTS - Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free HIBERNIAN - The Proclaimers - Joyful Kilmarnock Blues INVERNESS - The Shirehorses - (Now) I Know (Where I'm Going) Our Kid KILMARNOCK - Johnny Flynn - The Mountain Is Burning MOTHERWELL - The Fiery Furnaces - Sullivan's Social Slub PARTICK THISTLE - Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Do Re Me, So Far So Good ROSS COUNTY - The Fall - Hurricane Edward ST JOHNSTONE - Richard Thompson - Bonnie St Johnstone ST MIRREN - The Beat - Mirror In The Bathroom (Shaun Keaveny Version) 1st FAIL PREMIER LEAGUE ARSENAL – Winter Of ’79 by the Tom Robinson Band ASTON VILLA – The Sun Never Sets On Aston Villa by Spizzenergi CARDIFF – Cardiff In The Sun by the Super Furry Animals CHELSEA – Chelsea Morning by Judy Collins CRYSTAL PALACE – Winter by Tori Amos EVERTON – People Ghetto Song - Everton Blender FULHAM FC - Ian Dury - What A Waste HULL CITY - Chumbawumba - Hull or Hell LIVERPOOL - The Mighty Wah - Heart As Big As Liverpool MAN CITY - The Jam - In The City MAN UTD - Fun Boy Three - We're Having All The Fun NEWCASTLE - It's Immaterial - Driving Away from Home NORWICH - Tears For Fears - Schrodinger's Cat SOUTHAMPTON - The Beatles - The Ballad Of John & Yoko STOKE - Public Service Broadcasting - Night Mail SUNDERLAND - The Streets - Trust Me SWANSEA - John Cale - Ship Of Fools TOTTENHAM - Chas And Dave - Gertcha WEST BROM - Go Kart Mozart - West Brom Blues WEST HAM - The Cockney Rejects - Police Car
  2. Baws - just got this response from the DJ. Back to the drawing board. Chris Hawkins‏@ChrisHawkinsUK3m @StMirrenDaft I hate to say it but football / club songs are not allowed! Was there not a song written for this League Cup final?
  3. BOOM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIxcuuJLjv8&noredirect=1 87 Cup Final Song
  4. St Mirren were the topic of "Home Team Glory" on BBC Radio 6 Music this morning. The point of the feature is to find a song (single or album track) with the team's name somewhere in the lyrics (e.g. you could have Chelsea Dagger by the Fratelli's for Chelsea). After having covered off the whole of the English and Scottish Premierships over the last few weeks (including even St Johnstone FFS), today was the first failure when it came to St Mirren. You can listen here from about 56min in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03bkqyc Can anyone think of any song with St Mirren mentioned? It has to actually be a reference to "St Mirren" - so Love Street by the Doors or the Saints are Coming by the Skids is not enough. I thought it'd be easy, but I'm scratching my head...
  5. This is just shocking. Can't see Danny surviving this.
  6. I am absolutely convinced we will win on Saturday.
  7. I think we'll scrape a win tonight and this will be the turning point for the season. 1-2 Saints. (McAusland, Thompson)
  8. four of us (Del, Andy, Frae and me) will be in Trafalgar Square with a bevy from about 2.30. At leasy two in St Mirren tartan....
  9. We also have a Facebook group called "N1 St Mirren Supporters Club" with 40 odd members. Ex Saint David Winnie is down south now and is a member.
  10. Would be very interested in this. We often get 3 or 4 of us huddled round a laptop in London watching us in HibsTV or DonsTV or whatever when we play there. Need a bit of IP masking if you're still in the UK normally though.
  11. A rather sensible interpretation of the relevant legislation by a Sheriff today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-22097356 "Prosecutors are considering appealing the not guilty verdict in the trial of a Celtic fan caught singing a pro-terrorist song at Dundee's Dens Park. Dion McLeish was cleared at Dundee Sheriff Court of inciting public disorder during Dundee's Boxing Day match against Celtic. Sheriff Richard Davidson said the legislation under which he was being tried was "horribly drafted". The Crown Office has confirmed it was preparing an appeal over the verdict. Mr McLeish, 20, from Clydebank, was filmed by police officers at Dundee's Dens Park ground on Boxing Day singing the song "Roll of Honour", which celebrates IRA and INLA hunger strikers during the Troubles. But Sheriff Richard Davidson ruled during the trial that police officers could not give "opinion" evidence that the song was linked to proscribed terrorist organisations, and then described the new anti-sectarianism legislation McLeish was tried under as "horribly drafted". The Crown Office and Scottish government have insisted the laws were "working well" and "taking a hard line on sectarianism". Denominational schools The Scottish government said the legislation would be reviewed at the end of the coming football season, with a report to go before the Scottish Parliament by the following summer. Continue reading the main story Prosecutors have asked for reports to be prepared as they consider an appeal against the ruling in Mr McLeish's case, in which the sheriff stated sectarianism should be tackled by abolishing denominational schools. A Crown Office spokesman said: "The Crown notes the sheriff's decision in this case. Crown counsel has asked the procurator fiscal for a report in order to consider an appeal in light of the sheriff's comments." Sheriff Davidson, speaking during a legal debate at Mr McLeish's trial, criticised the laws. He said: "In this context I think that potentially those who attend Murrayfield and sing Flower of Scotland - there might be a problem." Not concerned Referring to the legislation, Sheriff Davidson said: "Somehow the word mince comes to mind." Mr McLeish was one of four fans who had been arrested at the match, with a further supporter reported to the procurator fiscal. Finding the 20-year-old not guilty, Sheriff Davidson added: "I've been attending football matches since 1957 and there is nothing I've seen in this particular case that would cause me the slightest concern. "Sectarianism is a blight on Scottish society, but this isn't the way to tackle it. The way to tackle it is to do away with denominational schools. "If they can proscribe a list of songs which people are banned from singing, they will find the courts are full and the football grounds are empty." "
  12. There's a few of us heading down to the Famous Three Kings in West Kensington tomorrow to watch the v Celtic game. If you're in London, feel free to join us.
  13. I think there will be a few heading down to the Famous Three Kings on Sunday for the Hibs game. Anyone else heading down?
  14. Thanks Div - that clears up some questions I had. I’m still pretty agnostic on the proposals at the moment – but would like to be convinced. Looking at the figures, I have three real concerns: (i) We know that existing directors/shareholders have invested their own cash when the club has needed short term financing to tide it over. In the new model, it seems that there will be no scope for this type of short term loan from the 10000H - which means the club may have to borrow from elsewhere to bridge the gap where necessary. That type of non-director loan will come at a cost – and potentially plunge the club into longer term debt. (ii) If it takes approx 7 years to clear the debt - it will be some time before any 'new' investment in the team from the 10000H will happen. Even then, £230k will probably pay for only 1 or 2 players by 2019. (iii) There is no guarantee of the £230k per year continued income. Of course, given that the debt is with the 10000H and not the club, I'm less concerned by that - but I still think it could be an issue.
  15. Great to see you back in the running Bluto! Alas - I won't be at the F3K as Andy and I will be at hospitality tomorrow
  16. It also says Mark Yardley is 10 st 12 lbs http://www.saintmirren.premiumtv.co.uk/pag...95~7127,00.html
  17. Cheers Alan. I nearly burst the net
  18. ianw

    Saints Aid 6

    I'm away 4 this year. Got to agree with the last post. Been quite a sobering experience in the past seeing footage of the game only to realise how slow/fat/sh*te/baldy I am, and to hobble about like an old man for days afterwards. Cannae wait for the 20th though!!! :D
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