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  1. Here! I resemble that remark... Still right about RUSH though, nonsense songs
  2. Funnily enough, I think that's the most...over-rated song on Blood Sugar Sex Magik an otherwise flawless example of musical excellence. Agree with you on the Rush stuff though... almost as pointless as Ronnie James Dio...
  3. Feck malts... Grouse drinkers of the World, unite... Quite like The Macallan though...
  4. Already in it bud... If you want to join you'll need to pay me your subs...
  5. Since it's Christmas, yule have to extract it using WinZip or summit similur... click Edited to add: 'member to virus scan it first ;)
  6. The torrent sites that a few posters have spoken about previous are OK for albums... I feel dirty for admitting this but I've been pretty lazy recently and have been paying £1 per song and downloading from T-Mobiles jukebox onto my phone... Limewire was an old flame of mine for single songs but I've noticed that Real Player allows you to download off YouTube...
  7. Never used it due to my strongly held beliefs that Nintendos are for pooves...
  8. Only if you boo when it appears on the screen...
  9. Thats your Windows Vista deid... Only used it about three times tbh and it's a pure shiter, reminded me of the aptly named Windows M.E.
  10. Run a scan for spy-ware on your PC...
  11. 1. Wait for the gas released from a meteor to reanimate you 2. Maraud for flesh and/or brains with the rest of the undead 3. Mass in groups around shopping centres/military installations/run down shacks 4. Try not to re-die 5. Eat the hero
  12. Svensen

    Mail Goggles

    What does google know about maths?
  13. It's probably a security setting in your browser, what are you using, Firefox or IE?
  14. If it was meant literally my all time fave's would be: 1. The donkey standing outside Croke Park to protest at football being played there, wearing a Sellick trackie and top underneath with a placard that read "No to foreign games" Donkey Click 2. The f**king madman that launched himself off the top tier in the old firm game at protest of Hugh Dallas, or something. More should follow suit, it'd reduce the impact on benefits through our credit crunching times. 3. It's not all Celtic but the guys from the "Green Brigade" are consistently putting their Supraesque banners upside down with mis-spellings of complex words such as "Celtic" - presumably they're upside down so that when they take heiders off the top tier they can be properly read on the way down. (Half way doon the page...) 4. at the Osasuna v Rangers game who not only joined in but filmed him and his pals singing Simply The Best (Ibrox version) AND THEN STUCK IT ON THE INTERNET even after the brouhaha from UEFA regarding their blatant bigotry etc... Sad thing is some of them got do-ings from the Spanish polis at this game - shame. Hats off to the Spanish teams DJ who had the cunning to play the song for the degenerates... 5. Last by no means least the biggest blue nose possibly in the World, that "one team man" Sean "I support Hearts/Hibs/Celtic/Rangers" Connery, if anyone can outline the glory hunting nature of these pedants is surely this f**ker. I think he supports whoever gives him the best corporate days out. On yersel big man... ;)
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