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  1. I’m personally not that fussed about the minutes applause if I’m being honest. I’d rather the 90 minutes were about the football. Don’t get me wrong I always participate but I’d prefer to see those no longer with us shown mark of respect in a different way. When I go, hopefully someone will remember this (probably no fecks given), please just start sing a St Mirren song in “my minute” instead Or probably Davy Gordon, yer a w***er... An injury time winner against the Old Firm would be great (not asking for much give the west of Scotland life expectancy). I mentioned a wee garden of remembrance a few years back and it’s good to hear that’s in the plans for the future. Could be that those gone too soon have a wee moment of respect paid for them there before the match by those who wish to do so. Could be at an arranged time like 2:30 or just whenever we please. Back to Dunky, sas news to hear if this. Never knew him to talk to but we’ll know face around the Paisley pubs. RIP
  2. Big Bairdy was terrific today, well done Jack. We also played much better when McShane went off, looked more dangerous going forward. Don’t know if that’s down to the game opening up with ICT throwing more forward or not but definitely raises the question do we need both McGinn and McShane in the starting 11. Sammy did well today, no outstanding saves of note but did everything right and great to get the clean sheet. Cammy Smith continues to put in tremendous shifts week after week. All in all a great day going 6 points clear.
  3. Not bad at all. Watching from the Main Stand I thought it was Davis who lost him. Wasn’t until I watched the game on tv until I realised it was Baird. The big man had a great game apart from this, would have been my man of the match if this hadn’t happened.
  4. Have you not seen the footage? It was a bounty that hit him on the back, he then opened it and ate half of it
  5. Just watched it back on tv, it was definitely Baird who lost his man. Morton player makes a run from back post towards near then checks back behind. Baird continues to move towards the ball and misjudged the flight. He lost his guy by some distance, so much so that it didn’t look like it was his man. Big man has been brilliant recently but this was a costly error.
  6. Draw was just about fair result but if we had went into the second half with a 2 goal lead like we probably deserved then who knows. Thought Magennis had a brilliant first half, back to his best. Wasn’t nearly as good in the second half, struggled to understand why he switched wings. Mullen was terrific in the first half, linked up really well with Cammy Smith and looks like he will be a great signing. Big Bairdy has been solid in recent weeks and had a great game except the one costly error. Got caught out for the goal, misjudged the flight of the ball and couldn’t recover. 7 points from 9 is a decent return for the festive period.
  7. Taking my wee fella to Greenock for his first away derby match. He’s absolutely buzzing for it, hopefully we can get 3 points. Met Office forecast looking much better now, looks a good chance we’ll get it dry for the match. COYS
  8. You sure he wasn’t wearing one of your tablecloths? I’d sack him for stealing from you ...
  9. It’s at least double that figure, remember it as being nearer 800.
  10. We should invest in some Snow Ex products, even if it is just for a couple of times a year. Well worth it as the money lost in the postponement of a game like tonight would be far greater than some salt spreading equipment. Get down to Hamilton Brothers and buy a tow-behind and walk along spreader.
  11. It's to turn to rain this afternoon, think we'll be fine.
  12. Some people need to know before Friday if they need to buy a ticket in advance...
  13. Any buddie know if there will be a cash turnstile or tickets available on the day this time?
  14. At the bottom of this page https://www.stmirren.com/match/first-team/next-match it says it’s open 10am til 2pm then 5pm til kickoff. It’s not the easiest layout to navigate through IMO. .
  15. Would never read a free copy let alone buy that rag. JusticeFor96
  16. It was down the other end but looked like a penalty to me. We were denied a stonewall penalty early in the first half when Baird was bundled in the box, the referee let them kick Morgan all over the park, particularly in the first half. Dunno about breaks you get when you’re at the top, Brechin got plenty of refereeing decisions today. I’d say the referees are just shite. If Brechin had managed a point today it would have been deserved. They were very unlucky and caused us all sorts of problems. Quite a few communication mix ups in defence today, especially between Samson and Baird. On another day they could have scored 3 against us. Huge 3 points in the end on a very difficult pitch.
  17. Just on twitter there that there’s a 10:15 pitch inspection.
  18. Disgraceful headline which I see they’ve now deleted.
  19. Did he give an interview? Looks like quotes from statements giving at the fatal accident enquiry at Stockport Court? It’s terribly sad news, heart goes out to everyone close to them.
  20. I was in hospitality that day and after the match he was advised that he would be better heading to the supporters bar. Surprised he’s moaning about this as it was his choice. I didn’t think he made a great impression, he made it very clear he was only here to promote his book.
  21. After only 8 home games we don’t have a side who have won all their home games. Why should we expect to have a 100% home record? Dumbarton actually have a good away record, winning more points on their travels than Dunfermline losing only 2 out of 8 games. We were poor but maybe we should start giving Dumbarton a wee bit of credit that the thoroughly deserve.
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