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  1. DWBud

    Summer Transfer Window

    Recently rated 3rd best right back in the league after Tierney and Tavernier, yet you wouldn’t have him back.... solid logic. Most likely going to win County’s POTY as well. Regardless of that you’ve heard it here first that Naismith won’t be coming back here next season. As for Sean, he’s been out of favour at County for a while now and also just coming back from injury. The majority of their fans don’t rate Sean now. If County go down he will most likely stay at championship level, wish all the best to both of them - wherever they should end up.
  2. DWBud

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Shh don’t tell him that... the omens...
  3. DWBud

    Need transport for 2 to brechin

    That sold out within 20 mins of the first half. Good soup though.
  4. I don’t think he’s talking about Harkins..
  5. DWBud

    Jason Naismith Leaves

    Actually quite a few people did. Some of our so called “fans” are quick to turn when results aren’t going our way. But I agree that the management was poor at that time. Should never get on players back though it doesn’t help any.
  6. DWBud

    Cammy Smith

    I think everyone should stop and appreciate that touch of class, some boy.
  7. DWBud

    Dumbarton. 13 jan

    Don’t jinx it now please!
  8. DWBud

    Speculation Thread

    Thank Christ someone said it.
  9. What are you on about? Can you get your head checked out, and in the meantime be happy that our captain fantastic is on the brink of signing a new deal? Thanks.
  10. DWBud

    Kyle Magennis

    You’re totally correct with the pantomime villain shout, but also totally wrong with the red card shout. McMullan (diving chancer indeed) went to ground too easily and it was pretty much only Kyles momentum that forced him into the challenge, if you can even call it a challenge. He had every right to go for the ball, and there was no malice whatsoever. Ref called it spot on, don’t listen to Chris Sutton he’s a diddy.
  11. DWBud


    That picture really speaks volumes for us, Jack Ross is a Demi-God. 2 points better off than Hibs after the same amount of games, UTD in a similar position. Let’s keep up the good work and hope 2018 is just as good to us.
  12. DWBud

    January 2018 Transfer Window

    Trust me on this one Ricky, he has 2 years left. Transfermarkt have it wrong.
  13. DWBud

    January 2018 Transfer Window

    Naismith still has another 2 years on his contract, and I’m pretty certain he won’t be back at the saints unfortunately.