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  1. When faced with difficult decisions, I like to stop and think "what would Goodwin do?"

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    2. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      What would Shull do is mine. ;)

    3. St. Sid

      St. Sid

      I consult my itchy arse.

    4. buddiecat


      i just like to stop and think "what should i do"

  2. Saints get rid of Mowbray and Muttley in same season. What's the odds?

  3. Tam1066

    Talk Talk

    As far as I could make out the "chief exec's team" is just a different room in the Indian call centre. To give an example of how inept the customer service is - when I originally e-mailed them to ask why they hadn't responded to my complaints about my home telephone service they responded by e-mailing me back asking for a contact telephone number. Have to admit they are cheap, but if you have to use their customer services dept you're f*ck*d.
  4. Tam1066

    Talk Talk

    E-mailed him Monday last week. He replied within a couple of hours to say he had one of his team looking into the problem. Got a phone call today from one of the Chief Exec's team apologising for problems encountered and making a goodwill gesture - which was apparently because I've been a customer for a while and not because they f*ck*d up. Charlie was in the paper last week saying that the broadband scheme was far more popular than expected and had turned into a customer relations nightmare.
  5. Sorry, forgot every thread on this forum sticks to the title matter. You are indeed the curry king
  6. Ah, but you've never been to my house or my in laws - who themselves come from the Punjab. Most of yer restuarant stuff is made up any way. If you have been to mine - why and when?
  7. 1) My house 2) My mother in laws (she taught my wife - how to cook) afterwards we we only go where my in laws know the owners and therefore give us the meal for next to nothing.
  8. Tam1066

    Top 5 Rock Bands

    1. Bon Jovi 2. Rolling Stones 3. Guns and Roses (original line up) 4. Aerosmith 5. Foo Fighters If you can find any flaws in that list you must be good.
  9. Tam1066

    Talk Talk

    Cheers mate.
  10. Tam1066

    Talk Talk

    What's CD's e-mail address. I've been complaining about their telephone service for about three months. Every time I ask them for contact details for him they fob me off with some other pish. Got to agree their customer service is probably the worst i've come across.
  11. 1. House 2. Life on Mars 3. Dr Who 4. Scrubs 5. Green Wing
  12. Good to see yer finally admitting it Willie, you've been in denial for years.
  13. The Inshot appears to have shut down. Windows were boarded up during the week and hasn't opened since. What a feckin shame. I was sick of the b*st*rds dancing in the street after every sellik victory.
  14. 1) Blonde bird fae the 07.48 to Glasgow 2) Rachel Hunter 3) Eva Mendes 4) Holly Willoughby 5) Sandra Bullock
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