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  1. Nazon is far superior to Jackson. Movement off the ball is good and he can actually control a football. Would like to see him playing off Cooke. 1-0 down with 15mins left and we still have 5 at the back. Grim
  2. Moved back to the area after 8 years away. Would take a game when free especially on a Monday.
  3. Storie was excellent. Kept things simple and was always ready to drop into pockets when we lost the ball. Mallan, Morgan and the new keeper also impressed. Great win made sweeter by free tickets in my adopted home town. Pass me the Peroni.
  4. Lived in Houston until I was 20. Attendance been limited the last 6 years whilst living in Dundee. Unlikely to ever move back to the west coast and going to the game every week is something I'll forever miss. Still make 3 or 4 games a season although mostly away matches around Fife it seems. Can't imagine any future children not being St Mirren fans.
  5. I would ditch Irvine too. Positional sense is woeful and he doesn't contribute anything going forward either.
  6. Yesterday was my first game in a while. Problems were obvious within the first ten minutes. Zero leaders from goalkeeper to midfield. Hardly heard a peep. When things are down on a football pitch you need someone to make that huge tackle or massive header to really fire a team up. None of that in our team. Felt sorry for Sutton and then later clarkston who were the only two with a bit of fight. Long ball tactics to Shankland don't work. The young lad can't jump or run despite having a good finish on him. Even Gallacher aimed his kicks at him rather than Sutton which is just plain strange. Gary Irvine played right centre back most of the game. Walsh or Morgan ended up deeper than our defence on his side and the Hibs winger had a field day. Our full backs never went over the half way line (attacking is Naismiths strength) and Grant Holts movement throughout was more intelligent than our whole team put together. The midfield aside from a ten minute spell from Mallan really just lack football brains. They chased down in ones rather than packs. Hibs followed their passes played simple one twos and played it around us. Our lads just stood and watched as the receiver of their 10yard pass had no options and had to play it back to a hopeless Webster or Baird. Holding midfielder needed to allow Naismith and a new left back to get into the game and create chance for a forward line that have ability with regards to goal scoring. Hoping that a fit Gary McKenzie can be the answer to the leadership at the back or we are fighting relegation on that display
  7. Real Oviedo 3rd kit showing us what our top would like if it was sponsorless and made by adidas. The dream.
  8. My Dundee supporting pal called this in December. Good signing
  9. Alex Rae showing how much he cares there. Play offs next season with more youth players shining is my prediction. Farewell to two St. Mirren legends and to a miserable season.
  10. Goody <3 Getting those tackles perfect. Shut up Craigen you wank he's not after a yellow.
  11. Deserved after a good bit of pressure. They look rank when you put pressure on their defence. Games like this you can really see why Clarkston has played at a higher level. With an extra yard of pace he would be way too good for this league.
  12. Harkins, Lappin and Samson would all be great signings...
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