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  1. The new TV service is completely outsourced to Stream Digital. The club don’t have anything to do with supporting or delivering the service, it’s all handled by Stream. if you have any issues at all with it you should email [email protected] which is a mailbox that is managed by the support team direct at Stream Digital.
  2. Shows you how fragile the restart is going to be. We're a week away from kick off and we have six false positives and a confirmed case of COVID, albeit asymptomatic by the sounds of it. Were the false positives our fault or the labs? You've also got Rangers, Hibs and Motherwell all getting a doing from the league for not following the process correctly. Good testing is vital to ensuring the league gets back up and running and stays that way!
  3. Voting for the B&W Army Player of the Year 2019-2020 and for the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year is now open and running until Friday night at 19:00. Vote at https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/poty
  4. Definitely mate. I’m sure the club will appreciate these are difficult times and allow us to stitch together all these clips that are already in the public domain to cheer folk up.
  5. It's a bit rough around the edges, video ain't really my thing, but it passed some time and hopefully will help some others waste 90 mins remembering better days!
  6. Proud to announce the network premiere of "On Our Way" - The Story of Season 2017-2018
  7. Yes. They weren’t dealt with until this morning because I was working, then I was at the match.
  8. Please stop posting personal information about fellow members of the forum. I'm getting pretty bored of cleaning it up. Any more of it, your account will be banned. Up to you!
  9. Well since this thread has just ended up with folk abusing each other I'll close it. It's been fun!
  10. Indeed, time for someone with fresh energy and ideas to take it over 😁 Have loved running the twitter account over the years. The forum will remain in some form or another.
  11. And fair play to you for that. The only thing that surely binds all of us is a desire to see the club be the best it can be on and off the park.
  12. There you go, if you wanted evidence of how this proposal was always going to create a divide there it is with a pathetic, but predictable response.
  13. Back again Div? Not sure why you think I care enough to create other accounts to post. I've said all I want to say about the deal, I've not posted anything more on this as my vote has been cast. I'll leave you and Dickson to continue going round and round in endless circles. I don't have the time or inclination to indulge your wild fantasties!
  14. Haha! I'd veto that, Flip Flops in this weather would be madness!
  15. So if my wife buys shoes that she doesn't need... and they are reduced from £200 to "just" £100... She hasn't spent £100... She has saved it? If she committed to buy the shoes, and finds when she gets there that they are half the price she was committed to pay, then yes, she's saved £100 😁 I committed to pay £12 a month for 10 years through BTB. If BTB completes ahead of schedule, for whatever reason, and my SMiSA subs then reduce (and they will once the club is bought), then I've saved myself some money. I don't think that's spin, it's just common sense.
  16. My understanding of that would be the former. He's not going to be giving those shares away!
  17. Well the 1200 members aren't saving themselves £250 a head - unless they all stop paying their money. I can only speak for myself but I won’t be paying £37 a month for me and the boy to be SMiSA members once the shares have been bought. Let’s suppose that SMiSA membership drops to £5 a month once BTB concludes. Each £12 a month member would be £7 a month better off. The deal coming in 5 years early is a bit of an exaggeration but 3 years early would be about right. 36 months @ £7 a month is £252. Spin on that 😜
  18. Love the supporter bit being in inverted commas. Off the scale levels of irony!
  19. That's quite the level of spin div. Which bit isn’t true?
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