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  1. They still cheated and died and remain dead forever.
  2. Maybe holograms of famous players of the past to show us all what we are missing.
  3. Have you a good reason for reading the Sin Bin ? Is it because you love to be offended and to get the pish ripped out of you ?
  4. Freedom of speech means supporters can praise and criticise depending on the circumstances of he Team at the time . If they can suggest how to make the Team better then that is permitted. So, are you a fascist and an abuser ? I don't mind, it's your free speech. Just makes you seem ridiculous.
  5. You want to ban St Mirren supporters having free speech on a St Mirren Forum ? Are you a fascist ?
  6. We could return to Alloa for another try. Peter Grant as St Mirren Manager.
  7. Have we any money available to transform this present shite into a competent football team ? Pay off Goody and his sidekick New management pay off Goody's shite players in January New squad we're screwed I think
  8. We have a fortnight before the County match. We need somebody in pronto. Probably not Ross as he is likely to head elsewhere for more money. Goody must be mutually consented immediately. We are dire. We need a miracle worker. We should have persevered with Alan Stubbs
  9. We need to move fast before Ross is snapped up by Hearts or Hibs. Legend Goody isn't working and I don't think it will. Jim must be shown the door today . There is a good chance Ross wont come back, but we must try for him. Goodwin is finished at St Mirren
  10. I go every week. Except Darkhead. It's time for the SPFL To step in and sort this out. I'm not one for boycotting but its the next logical step to boycott places like Darkhead and Tynecastle. FFS
  11. This is going to a very exciting end to the season. Tough game though.
  12. Tony Mowbray appointed new Manager.
  13. Naw, let the rest have the choice of where they wish to sit.
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