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  1. http://www.stmirrenprogrammes.co.uk/StMirren/STM_Match_Details.php?Season=1976&GameID=197612250 Great Match great atmosphere, great fightback, what a fantastic team we had. Fergie, the dream Manager. I think I have still got the Programme and Poster somewhere. Anyway, who started the riot and who won ?
  2. Accies to win 2-0. Goodwin to be gone . New manager required.
  3. And if Stubbs had been in charge last night and not a Saints legend ? Mentalist ??????
  4. Where is Gleniffer1877's Thread which he posted a wee while ago ? He only asked a question regarding Goodwin getting let go . Unfortunately, the forum maniacs had a major meltdown over any body having a go at the manager and the team. The Owner of the Forum immediately banned Gleniffer1877 and deleted his Thread. Here we are now. Merry Christmas.
  5. Goodwin will not be here for the next 4 games. He will be gone after losing to the Accies on Saturday.
  6. https://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/blog/2264-saints-fans-issue-christmas-challenge-to-team
  7. Need the Title changed to Goodwin Out - John Yogi Hughes In ( maybe Granty )
  8. Looking for 12 points in next 4 games Probably get zero
  9. So you have answered your own question.
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