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  1. This is going to a very exciting end to the season. Tough game though.
  2. Tony Mowbray appointed new Manager.
  3. Naw, let the rest have the choice of where they wish to sit.
  4. 7000 Saints fans at Airdrie's Stadium v Hamilton. If Fir Park, we will fill Main Stand and the wee Stand behind the Goal.
  5. If we lose on Saturday, Ross and Fowler must be gone before the Hibs match. We must rebuild for our major challenge in League One. COSMFC, DINNAE LOSE
  6. In what will be an already smallish capacity Stadium compared to Hampden, they want to restrict where other fans can sit now. " OUR SECTION " FFS NO DRUMS PLEASE also.
  7. What are they displaying ? They are wearing Team colours like we all do and watching their Team do a boring Sellik huddle.
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