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  1. Met him many times. He was a lovely guy, despite being a referee!
  2. So that's what Kibble have done with Gordon Scott!!! No wonder we're not getting updates!
  3. Some Hellcats came into Abbotsinch in 1946 (the date on the picture) en route to the Blackburn aircraft factory in Dumbarton for 'modifications', whatever they were. Also the front end of the wing 'split' in the Avenger wasn't straight, but had a step in it. That's why I thought hellcat.
  4. Just shows you how threadbare our squad is.
  5. I always bought one to give to a friend over here who was a collector of all sorts of odd things.
  6. Theres nobody more Saints minded than Fitzy, but he was a sh*te manager. Sentiment is one thing, but we need someone at the helm who can kick arse and get us going.
  7. No matter how this finished, Goodwin needs to go now.
  8. Lucky to be going to penalties. Like the Partick game, we only got into it when they tired.
  9. Erwin is the latest in a long line of duds up front. Why do we sign these guys?
  10. And he's better than anything we've ever picked up from English non League.
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