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  1. Actually we HAVE gone 8 games without losing. We lost to Well before that run started.
  2. I agree. A slight touch, admittedly, but enough to divert the ball. Andrew Dalkas must hate Saints.
  3. In his whole career he's only got into double figures for league goals ONCE. Never a prolific striker.
  4. 7 goals in 39 league games for us. Proven goalscorer? You're having a laugh.
  5. Coming over for this one, so hopefully it won't be another shitfest. 2-1 Saints (but which one?)
  6. They beat us comfortably today. It could have been worse.
  7. Well that was shite. Positives - Strain's goal. Negatives - everything else. I reckon we only won 2 balls crossed into either box today. Played aimless long balls forward all day to nobody. I reckon Shaughnessy must have pissed in Robinson's chips if he can't get a game in that defence.
  8. Very poor today. Passing shocking. Defence chasing shadows. No midfield. Nothing upfront. Ah Well. It can only get better.
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