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  1. Chris Wood just moved to Newcastle for 25 million. He started in NZ's amateur leagues and has scored roughly 1 goal every 3 games since he came to the UK. I'd be quite happy if the young lad did the same for us.
  2. Which one? The younger one was still only an apprentice mechanic and the other would have charged an arm and a leg for the taxi ride!!!! 😆
  3. I had one in the 70s. Picked it up in Manchester and it broke down on the M6 on the way home! Spent 4 hours in the services waiting for the AA to come out, before I finally got back on the road.
  4. And a Happy New Year to you and all the other BAWA users - even Shull and Faraway!
  5. Like others, I find it difficult to pick out just one player. If I really had to, I'd probably go for Lexie.
  6. I hope that people learn how to use the f*cking apostrophe correctly!!! 😣
  7. It was posted with the sole intention of getting a reaction from you. Glad you rose to the occasion! For the record, I would happily see any of the smaller teams in the top flight in place of the Old Scum, even Morton!!!
  8. Bad enough for ICT or Hamilton to get into the SPL and bring f*ck all, but Arbroath??? Give us a break.
  9. McGrath, Power, Flynn, Alnwick, Erhahon - none of them played on Wednesday so no excuse for tired legs. The lack of training argument maybe, but tiredness?
  10. I wasn't expecting anything out of that game today, so I'm not too disappointed with the result. However, I AM disappointed with our seeming inability to get the basics right, and to keep gifting possession back to the other team. You might expect those kind of errors from the youngsters, but this was close to being our first choice 11. Just not good enough.
  11. Well, could have been worse. Now we've got almost a month to sort out some of the obvious problems we have.
  12. Poor defending again. What a difference from Wednesday.
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