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  1. Kenny is shite at any level above LOI. He was doing OK with the U21 national team, and they bumped him up to the big team. The FAI's treatment of Mick McCarthy has come back to bite them on the arse. Hell mend them.
  2. We CAN finish 11th. A previous poster set out several scenarios that showed how it could happen. Yes, its highly unlikely, but still possible.
  3. No, there are still a number of scenarios that could leave in the play off spot, albeit on goal difference. These are highly unlikely, but still possible nevertheless. It is St Mirren after all.
  4. I think JDH has plenty of skill and potential, but our style of play has him playing far too deep. He needs to be pushed further forward.
  5. Need to change the thread title to "How low can we finish this season?"
  6. Always thought that most polis were Rangers fans. Hell mend them for taking part in the celebrations. 😎
  7. I can't understand why we weren't right up in their faces from the off. It was a game we had to win. We couldn't rely on what the Fakes might do. Instead it was the usual cautious approach, and that's down to Goodwin just cost the club a truckload of dosh.
  8. No one to blame but ourselves. Working with a threadbare squad by choice, JG blew it tactically in February, and too many players not good enough. Great chance thrown away - again!!!
  9. One last point and then I'm out. Patrice Evra claimed during a match that Luis Suarez made racists towards him. There were no independent witnesses and the ref took no action, even though Evra told him what had happened. Suarez was later fined and banned. One player's word against another's.
  10. No, I don't blame him for the incident. I believe he handled the situation badly and allowed it to get out of his control. Refs have been banned for that in the past. Yes, the accused has denied it, but I'm sure that at least 2 Rangers players heard what was said. It may have been racist, I may have been something else. Whatever it was, you can gauge by Kamara's reaction that he wasn't being wished a Happy Birthday. If it was a benign comment, then Kamara's up for an Oscar this month.
  11. I didn't blame the ref. I said he handled it badly. The only person to blame, if it was a racist remark, is the guy who said it. If it can be proven he didn't, then Kamara should get his arse kicked.
  12. We all know that the fans of the arse cheeks are, in the main, bigoted morons. But on the pitch, at least, the players tend to leave that in the dressing room. There are very few died in the wool OF fans playing for them now, anyway. As for having it their own way, haven't they been doing that for decades?
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