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  1. Should have had that lot dead and buried. We were brilliant for 55 mins then fell apart in midfield. Thank god the defence held firm.
  2. Got great praise from the Irish TV pundits as the "most intelligent football brain" they'd witnessed in years.
  3. Hard fought win, and a good three points. Thought we huffed and puffed a lot in the second half. The Referee was strange - let a lot of obvious fouls go, but blew for some very soft tackles.
  4. His pass for the first goal was perfect.
  5. Red card changed the game. Thank goodness we took advantage. Managed the latter part of the game pretty well and ultimately deserved the points.
  6. This 3 at the back isn't working. And Brophy is so isolated up front. Despite having a 5 man midfield we're still relying on the long punt fro Alnwick. If there was a league table for passes back to the goalie, we'd be top.
  7. Yes, and by a greater number.
  8. Knew a guy in my teenage days who was a cracking player =- a real natural talent. Captained his school team to 2 Cup successes, and was offered trials with 3 senior clubs that I know of, including Saints. Told them all he wasn't interested. Just wanted to play football and didn't want to have to train every day and be told what they thought he needed to improve in his game. Was still playing amateur at 50, and was still one of the best players on the park.
  9. Deserved point over the piece. Pity about Millar's brain fart bfor the penalty.
  10. I lived there from 59 to 79, and my parents longer than that. No one I knew called it the Rivers. The tag only seemed to appear once it was decided it was a "troubled" estate.
  11. When the f*ck did that name get tagged on? I've heard it a few times, but it was never called that in my day.
  12. Do they really think that a St Mirren game is going to stop hordes of punters attending EPL matches?
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