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  1. Let's face it. You're a contrary f*cker who will argue black is white just for the sake of it. Your recent responses on this thread prove as much.
  2. Wasn't much social distancing in evidence at Stenny. As you say, its an easy excuse.
  3. Can you two not just leave it for once??? Every f*cking thread ruined by your petty bickering.
  4. Former Saints Anders Dryer sent off against the green mob.
  5. Not great fare, but a win is a win. And goals by 3 strikers - amazing! Unlike some others on here, I thought Erhahon played very well up until the last 15 mins, and that's because he moved position when Power came on.
  6. I don't know why people are surprised about all this. Saints communication has been shite for years. We go through this new strip nonsense almost every season. No sign of Kibble's legendary professionalism yet.
  7. Thought the lad Dunne looked useful, but could do with losing a few pounds. Tanser was excellent on the left and Power in the middle. Young Henderson good too, apart from a few wee mistakes.
  8. We really need to learn to kill teams off when we're so far ahead on possession and chances. That could have been embarrassing at the end.
  9. Tam Anderson? Now there's a blast from the past. I knew him (assuming its the same fella) from my youth in Foxbar, but we called him Tommy more often than Tam. Was a bit of a 'scoundrel', but no worse than most around those days.
  10. That's why they're sponsoring us. SMFC fob people off all the time.
  11. Despite the apparent mischief making in relation to the numbers in the stadium last season, there is a valid point here. Does the 500 include everyone in the stadium, or is it additional to the couple of hundred who were able to gain access before?
  12. Numerous? That's a bit generous. He had a few and made a couple of runs into space but wasn't picked out. As for the commentators, they were bigging him up before he came on.
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