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  1. My brother was a big fan. Got a personally signed photo from JB after a gig in St Peter's in Glenburn
  2. You might not have been explicit, but that seemed to be the implication. Just noticed Ricky liked my comment twice. Thought that couldn't be done?
  3. Ah OK. Well that's not quite the same as "join BTB and get shares".
  4. I'll try again, you could have joined BTB's and got shares directly for doing so. I joined BTB. Did I get shares? Genuine question, cos I haven't received anything to indicate that.
  5. I hate the drum, whether its our fans or anyone elses. It gives me a bloody headache. But W7 in general does add a bit of atmosphere in a ground where it's mostly sadly lacking. We Saints fans (at least the auld yins like me) are a miserable bunch most match days.
  6. I always feel he's a bit like McPherson - more concerned about not losing.
  7. Much as I normally want to see the blue or green lot getting beat, not tonight please.
  8. My decision to vote no had f*ck all to do with anything LPM said. In fact, he might have convinced me to vote yes with some of his rabid outpourings. I simply wasn't happy about the deal, especially the veto. But the majority have spoken, so let's get on with it.
  9. Yes, it is. Hope you're freezing your nads off.
  10. 3 days later because I'm sunning myself in the Canaries and only came on the site to see the result from tonight.
  11. It was said tongue in cheek. But you knew that anyway.
  12. OK asked for free flights every day from Belfast. They told him to GTF.
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