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  1. I left Camphill school in June 1971, and it was the new building in Foxbar. I spent a couple of years there, so we must have decamped from the one in Castlehead about 1969.
  2. That was what I meant. He came across as a down to earth sort of guy who would talk to anybody, as long as it was about football. Had a bit of a temper, though, if he didn't agree with you.
  3. OK Didn't know that. Met him a few times at Old Trafford hospitality. Didn't come across as a bitter Tim.
  4. Fortune doesn't come in to it. You had no input in to the decision, so you or I could be deaf as a post as well as having poor vision. As you say, the Ref made the decision.
  5. So why did he choose to play for Scotland?
  6. I think he means from the point st which the penalty was given.
  7. Sorry, but I've looked at and listened to it several times over, and it's certainly not "clear as a bell". As I said, I'll take it, but can you imagine the reaction if it was given against us?
  8. Never a penalty in a million years. A slight touch on Erwin's shoulder, and Mugabi doesn't connect. But we'll take it.
  9. Ah, I see what you're saying. You could easily be right.
  10. If there is no swap with Erwin on the table, just offer take him on loan for the rest of the season. Doesn't look like it
  11. Here's a question. Let's say we do take him on loan until he can officially sign. Let's say he turns out to be utter sh*te (it happens). Can we cancel the offer that was made to him?
  12. As long as he doesn't have to pass Carlisle! One good thing about the Covid travel restrictions I suppose.
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