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  1. Driving up on the Saturday morning for the Coleraine game. Can't be arsed with the training match on Friday night. Do we actually have enough players to field a team?
  2. Well done to OK. I was honestly convinced that we were down at the end of February and said so, but the lads knuckled down and I'm delighted to eat my words. I'll have them tonight with a large helping of humble pie (and some bubbly to celebrate staying up!)
  3. At least the Dundee derby is back next season. GIRUY the Arabs.
  4. Nonsense. Just hopeless, like most Scottish refs.
  5. How on earth Connolly and Pawlett stayed on God only knows. What they did was much worse than the Duck.
  6. Can we do to other teams what they do to us with 10 men?
  7. The Ref is certainly sh*te, but biased? That was a yellow at best.
  8. That was from McGinn's talk with OK. He could see McAllister was struggling.
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