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  1. Kinda reminds me of Mark Yardleys favourite band......Massive Attack
  2. Selling the away stand to the soapless.....started it ages ago....and it ran and ran
  3. Finally we agree on sumit. Johnny Marr is the king of indie geetarists....f**k Bernard Butler.....wanky old pish.
  4. 1/ "....retains the ball well..." :- Has little creative talent and moves in a sidewards motion,playing short passes to a team-mate no more than 3 feet away.(For this see Paul McStay,Barry Ferguson et al) 2/ "....always puts in a shift..." :-Again little actual talent,but runs around a lot giving the impression of actually doing something.(For this see Stuart Kean,Alex Bone et al) 3/ "....a good footballing brain...":-Past their peak,and the legs have gone.Tends to play short passes to other team-mates no more than 3 feet away.(See Russell Latapy).N.B. A player who may have been categorised as Number 2(see above),but in latter years has changed to resemble the description for 1(see above) 4/ "...commanding in the air..." :-Mainly refers to very tall players who by their stature should obviously win every high ball played up to them (See Richard Gough,Gordon McQueen).NB Also used when very little other skill apparent,other than the ability to leap like a salmon from a standing start. 5/ "....been a good servant to the club...":-Closely follows after number 3(see above),and refers to a player who is now plainly not up to the task,and whose future will shortly lie elsewhere.(See Press for details)
  5. Oh well.....least the trains still run!
  6. Cheers Isa.You're always first with the goss!
  7. Wish some cnut would get you some decent patter for yer xmas. .....and yer master ....SFS!
  8. Yes.Me and Oggie know! .....good..good ....personal friend of ours
  9. In the middle of your foreheid....ya plank!
  10. 1/ Stones:-The Last Time.....best riff ever 2/ AC/DC:-Too many to choose really.....Thunderstruck is epic though....especially live 3/ Zeppelin:-Whole Lotta Love 4/ Franz Ferdinand:-Take Me Out 5/ Simple Minds:-Waterfront

    New Moderator

    He only became mody by the skin of his teeth.Bet Coughlin by one vote!
  12. Rolling Stones...The Last Time. Best geetar riff....ever!
  13. Just think......in years to come Provans will bring out a line in Mehmet retro shirts.Cult status is a payer.
  14. Yel never take me alive ya wee shite.Mon the rebels!


    New Moderator

    Am no bowing tae that wee shite. Haw Wullie....GIRUY I feel a Ross County debate coming on
  16. Aye but a know someone who could.....she'd kick your peas
  17. And will shut just after new year.As will Avalon and a few others.....you watch.
  18. The red triangle films.Every one was a rip the heid aff it special....my auld man thought I was obssesed with snooker tae
  19. Future Mercury Prize winner if ever I heard one!
  20. 1/ Depeche Mode-Singles 2/ Kasabian-Empire 3/ The Smiths-The Queen is Dead 4/ Pink Floyd-Pulse (Live Album) 5/ The White Stripes-Elephant
  21. You love the boaby! The wee speccy wan oot the Roly Polys was probably a bit of a goer......might need a bit of KY but otherwise good to go.
  22. Me.....and filthy material of the adult variety?.....surely you jest!
  23. But Giles was simply stunning! Who cares.....I'm getting MILF TV shortly......party on dude!
  24. 1/ Wipe a big bogey on the back of the Mona Lisa.....and baffle the boffins as they try and DNA it to see if it was a genuine Leonardo. 2/ Go back in time and swap the ten commandments for a new set of your own....see how Christianity turns out. 3/ Change the royal bloodline to Icke.....and then accuse David of being a big lizard 4/ Advise Brother Walfrid that sports isane the way to go.....and set up a soup kitchen instead. 5/ Hide Pickles......and the Russian linesman
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