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  1. I tried voting but the system says my e-mail address "has not been invited". Am I not paying enough or something ? 4&2 it was though.
  2. Oh aye and here's Steve and myself launching the film in the Paisley Express back when they had a go at making videos to put online.
  3. I'll break my self imposed posting ban to pass comment on Steve's untimely passing... Yes Steve and I got together with the idea of doing a film regarding the closure of the Love St years. He was working in broadcast equipment hire and myself in broadcast TV coverage. It was a fair old bumpy ride putting the thing together, it never quite turned out as originally intended but we became good pals during or indeed 'in spite' of the process. Steve's marketing experience and good sales abilities were priceless throughout. I got to know his family too, him, the Mrs and young Andrew relocating to Troon after a time down south, around the time of the movie project. I hadn't been to many games or made much contact after we left Love Street owing to the usual weekend work commitments, but finally ran into Steve and Andrew at a cold midweek game in late 2018 after my leg amputation experience had seen me laid up for most of that year. Sadly that was when he informed me his beloved other half had contracted, and quickly succumbed to cancer and everything was up in the air. Steve somehow soldiered on and was still a regular at both home and away games with Andrew by his side. So with that in mind, I hope he's in a happier place now and that (if you believe in these kind of things) that they are back together. If you see Andrew at a game in the future, and know him, wish him well. My sincere condolences to family and friends. May they both rest in peace.
  4. If I yawn any harder at your 'superior' pish I'll get f**king lock jaw. But yes I will take your advice, and get the "feck" out of here, leaving all you jolly school boys to your knitting throwing contest. Bye now !
  5. Great, another off subject thread full of wee girls with twisted knickers !
  6. A late night BBC news correspondent announced the passing of boxing legend 'Jack La Motto'... If it wasn't the lovely Babita Sharman I'd have written an 'angry of Surbiton' response...
  7. Lots of Glesca screengrabs from the 1980 Deathwatch in this link. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/urbanglasgow/1980-film-set-in-glasgow-death-watch-t2020.html And out of sheer curiosity and respect for the cast, I've ordered it off Amazon on blu-ray for a respectable £13. They also have a dvd going for around £9 ish.
  8. Yes but did you apply for or qualify for a business start up grant ? Can you prove locals are being hard done by in favour of incomers ? Is there ACTUAL policy at play here that's against local business aid, do the refugees qualify for special consideration ? All of these questions need answered, otherwise it's just comes across as sour grapes.
  9. It's all about getting that yeast/peroxide mix right. Ain't it... ? ;)
  10. All of this sounds like people looking for excuses to resent people. So what are these refugees supposed to do, live interred in a prison camp ? Are you actually saying that business start up grants are being handed out to foreigners but not locals ? Is this another case of 'them coming over here and taking our jobs' paranoia ? Would you be as bothered if nice ordinary white folks came up from England and opened a pub or a bookie's or something else on Bute ? Maybe 'them Syrians' should just concentrate on making bombs to put on subway trains like we expect them to do ?
  11. Always Paris, Texas for me. I liked how he never realky liked monster movies....
  12. Can't help thinking this'll end up being some wanker playing at bomb making with crude results.
  13. FFS, can we not wait til the 150th anniversary ? A lame attempt at a 135th jersey that the team seldom wore was bad enough. Is there going to be another token attempt at endorsing this new gear as well ?
  14. Another puerile c*nt...whoddathunkit ?
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