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    Saints, beer, literary pursuits, conundrums and quandries.., mysteries and enigmas, debates, discussions, occasional fisticuffs and contemplating the unanswered questions of the universe, such as 'why am I upside down in a swing park at 3am on a tuesday morning<br />??'
  1. Books were good, spoiled somewhat by the fact that when reading them now you visualise Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan.. personal favourite was 'Cardinal of the Kremlin', very tightly written book that built on the tension and danger, you could read it almost like a movie. Still don't know why it was never made into a film. oh yeah, Russians aren't baddies anymore...
  2. I'd be delighted to have a bash... specialist subject being 'all that obscure pish nobody should really know about' although i do agree with Oaksoft that the ability to remember trivia is in no way a measure of intelligence
  3. judging by the white transit belting round the corner in the first few seconds (outside NEILSTON) it's running about 10 x normal
  4. Queen Hanoi Rocks Niagara Green day Bruce Springsteen
  5. Seven people – Margaret Lang, John Lindsay, James Lindsay, John Reid, Catherine Campbell, Margaret Fulton, and Agnes Naismith – were found guilty of having bewitched Shaw. Reid committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell, using his handkerchief attached to a nail in the wall. The other six were hanged and then burnt on the Gallow Green in Paisley on 10 June 1697,[2] the last mass execution for witchcraft in western Europe.[3] http://www.paisley.org.uk/famous_people/christian_shaw.php
  6. I did some research on this a few years back, and i'm sure the horseshoe was not to mark the resting place of the six burned victims, but the seventh, a man named John Reid, who committed suicide in prison before the trial. It was also interesting to follow the story of the girl, Christian Shaw, who grew up to become one of the main driving forces behind the towns textile trade...
  7. i'm listening to.... the girlfriend. On the phone. For hours and hours. Cannae even watch the telly and she gets awfy upset if i sound like i'm not payng full attention
  8. Like many of you I only knew SFS as a prolific poster on this site, but it's plain to see from reading through the previous pages he was well loved and respected by those who were fortunate enough to know him personally. condolences to his family, RIP bud...
  9. must have been one of them gothy types.... there's also a car cuts about johnstone with the numer J999 BUD and also one with M111 RRN
  10. I saw a car last year in Glasgow with the reg. Y4 BAM. (think it appeared in the daily record a few weeks after that) Also have spotted J1 NKY (a celts fan i'm guessing?) Also have spotted a car around both Love St and New Grun' with reg. D4 RGO (wonder who's that was?)
  11. happy birthday to me :-)

  12. 1. Thief (the game that swayed my decision to buy a pc) 2. Hidden and dangerous (best wwII game EVER) 3. Half life (both original and sequals) 4. Medieval total war 5. Final Fantasy VII
  13. listening to xfm - good radio, good playlist.. but not quite the same since they closed down the scotland part.. i know Dominic Diamond and Julyan Sinclair were twats but feck me I miss that station!! (and Amanda McClatchie at the 1:30 mark ... hubba hubba ! !)
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