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  1. JM1

    January Arrivals

    Anton staying til the summer?
  2. JM1

    Speculation Thread

    Just the one signing today then? I think we should upgrade to a signing in the afternoon and one in the evening.
  3. JM1

    January Arrivals

    It's fairly obvious we should be playing the best players available regardless of whether they're on loan, permanent signings and/or have come through our youth system. I do like Cammy Macpherson and think he will play a big role in keeping us up. If OK thinks Lyons is better and they're both competing for the same position then he should pick Lyons.
  4. JM1

    January Arrivals

    How do you know he's no better than Cammy Macpherson or the other players we already have? He hasn't even played a game for us yet.
  5. JM1

    January Arrivals

    [emoji23]Raging that a guy isn't good enough days before he's even played a game for us.
  6. JM1

    January Arrivals

    Well I'm raging. Sack the board etc.
  7. Was a picture on twitter about this today.
  8. JM1

    January Arrivals

    https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/hladk%C3%BD Ha lad key says wiki. Dunno how accurate that is mind you.
  9. JM1

    January Arrivals

    Glad he got out the Cypriot concentration camp.
  10. JM1

    January Arrivals

    Welcome Vaclav!
  11. JM1

    Speculation Thread

    Keeper signed it seems.
  12. JM1

    Speculation Thread

    Hoping for another evening signing as we've had two this week. Any chance of another?
  13. JM1

    January Exits

    Cammy gone officially now. Probably for the best.
  14. JM1

    Speculation Thread

    One of the many problems this season is we don't have a striker who can hold the ball up, especially when we are under pressure. Jackson works hard but he's too small and not physical enough to hold the ball up well. Hopefully if we sign him, big Malec can be the guy who helps us out in that regard.
  15. JM1

    Speculation Thread

    Sign the big freak up!