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  1. Playing really well. Foley is class.
  2. https://twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/1159879762736816130?s=19 [emoji41] Fuckin yasss
  3. Going on pieandbovril and Twitter, Div seems quite confident you know Wat you're on about.
  4. Played well yesterday and deserved a point. Thought all the new boys looked good. Spoke to Stephen McGinn after the game and he said he's got an injury that'll keep him out for a few weeks. Think a central midfield 3 of McGinn, Flynn and Foley would be solid as f**k.
  5. Good first half. No-one is playing badly but I think Foley and Flynn have been brilliant.
  6. There's only one heavenly being I'm wanting us to sign. And he definitely exists. [emoji7]
  7. Best we've played in the competition so far, but also the worst team out of the three too. Magennis unlucky to score after taking it past the keeper but at a tight angle and Mullen had two great chances that he should've put away.
  8. Cammy put in some decent crosses but unfortunately noone was pushing forward to get in there to win the headers. He's definitely worth trying at right back again. Cooke was particularly poor tonight. Ethan did alright on the left. Seemed more confident further forward although I'd rather see him in the holding midfield position that out wide.
  9. Everything we do with the ball is way too slow. Need some pace in the team. And some width.
  10. JM1

    Thomas Verheydt

    Raman says a 2 year deal if it goes through. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. 442 I guess https://twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/1150387012786163717?s=19
  12. JM1

    Thomas Verheydt

    Thomas is apparently at the Go Ahead Eagles open day rather than being at our game 🤷🏻‍♂️
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