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  1. This has now made it to both pieandbovril and Twitter. Well played. [emoji1319]
  2. He looked awful against Stenhousemuir last year. Couldn't believe he got a gig at Newcastle tbh.
  3. PDE reporting we won't be signing Mitch Rose (but may still sign Shaughnessy).
  4. Great win tonight. Second half was so much better than the first - Hodson in particular much better. Durmus again was superb. Last month or so he's been much more positive in terms of running at players and winning the ball back high up the field. Really deserved that goal tonight. McCarthy was brilliant again too. Won pretty much everything second half. Looking forward to Saturday night's game!
  5. Glad we've finally signed Gary Holt after all these years. Goes straight into the squad for tomorrow.
  6. [emoji2958] [emoji1303]
  7. We must have a few million saved up by now as Cheesy and his £75,000 a week contract ended years ago.
  8. Goody confirmed at yesterday's press conference that we weren't in for Middleton anyway. Last time we made any enquiries was in the summer and he picked Hibs. [emoji2371]
  9. Will surely be going to a much bigger club than us.
  10. Playing really well. Foley is class.
  11. https://twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/1159879762736816130?s=19 [emoji41] Fuckin yasss
  12. Going on pieandbovril and Twitter, Div seems quite confident you know Wat you're on about.
  13. Played well yesterday and deserved a point. Thought all the new boys looked good. Spoke to Stephen McGinn after the game and he said he's got an injury that'll keep him out for a few weeks. Think a central midfield 3 of McGinn, Flynn and Foley would be solid as f**k.
  14. Good first half. No-one is playing badly but I think Foley and Flynn have been brilliant.
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