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  1. What has the decision to give TC a contract got to do with the BOD being on field at cup final.....
  2. Most directors are not huge supports of their clubs, not like ours. Get off their backs, they are supporters like you and i. And at least they are not all in with the fat cats eating prawn vol au vents
  3. Messi to small to high balls nae use. Ronaldo to much of a posser always moans at ref..... nae bloddy good.. pmsl
  4. Wouldn't think they would have camera's taking pictures if that was the case
  5. Seen a second one i think black socks red shorts white top with a red diagonal sash if I remember right... Peru had a strip like this years ago. I have got a piccy on my camera will try and up load it later on
  6. Was down at ground today and got a wee look and found this. New strips
  7. These were requested by the club, as we were dealing with kids and it was then easy to identify to parents who were looking after their children, happens a lot when you are working with children....
  8. Think i was the only one in family that did not go and all said they were drilliant, it must have got lost on the TV, as last night really was poor...maybe the DVD will be funnier.
  9. Glad i never got tickets...that must have been all the crap bits...its been as funny as me having my heart attack....utter garbage....sorry i loved the tv series but the was a very big disapointment
  10. What did the red tape do strangle you.....what effect has a bit of plastic...... if you say that u need to be standing when you were singing as it is better for the atmosphetre, why dont you sit down when u are not singing
  11. So singing lasted 15 mins on sat... will it last 25 with a drum. I applaud what you's are trying to do. Just dont see why u need a drum.......next we will need to services of Gareth Malone.
  12. So tell me why we need a drum....what will that do .... why not bring a guitar ..... i will turn it around why dont we get thommo to come over with his and add to it. Shame REA has left his drumming was very good l have heard him a couple of times... keep this up we will have a band......by the end of the season
  13. Been following saints for 48 years never shouted abuse at a player, i aint one of the moaners. Signing not a problem .....drum problem i want to watch football and fail to see why we need a drum
  14. So if we get a drum we will be challenging celtic......can u tell me where Hamiltons drum is then....or are they using a silent drum......worst atmosphere in spl is hamilton mmmm last time i looked they were TOP sorry had to shout over the bloody drum
  15. If i can remember correctly i think the club have banned motherwell from bring their drum. Remember seeing motherwell fans moaning over on P&B
  16. Just watch West Brom game..... i have turned down volume as drum is so bloody annoying. If i want to hear drums i would go to a suitable event. Palace 16th- 22 Motherwell 11th -12 not working great for these 2
  17. What was the murderwell score i missed that one and cant seem to find it..... was the match called off..... lol
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