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  1. Wtf is going on SMTV. Quality is atrocious. No sound. It’s always amateur hour.
  2. According to big Isma’s instagram he’s hinting that he’s on his way to a new club. Could it be the Paisley Saints?
  3. St Mirren tv not working again. Anyone else having trouble?
  4. It can’t just be to do with VPN speed though as the other clubs tv streams work absolutely fine.
  5. This has been my experience the last two home games. I emailed the club but no response back yet. I must have had to log back in about 10 times during the game, constant freezing and commentary out of sync. I’ve used many other clubs tv services this season for away games and all have worked perfectly. Anyone else having problems? I don’t care about getting my money back I just want a service that actually works.
  6. I was told the exact same through a player from last season.
  7. According to a HITC link on twitter it is Kellerman that could be going back south on loan.
  8. In Germany just now and trying to watch the game on st mirren tv but it says "the user has restricted access to this page". Normally you just get the sign in screen. Anyone else getting the same?
  9. Waste of money covering the top tier certainly. Scottish Premiership away fans only need the bottom tier. When the old firm come, why bother cleaning when they are only going to get dirty again anyway [emoji6]
  10. 4-4 draw at Love Street against Falkirk during the Coughlan dark days. 0-3 down at half-time then Mendes and Cameron run riot in the 2nd half so that we draw 4-4
  11. Hate to jump...but reeks of Tommy Craig. Really hope these boys do well but I must be sensitised from previous management.
  12. Would really hope that we are in for Ali Crawford. I see Dundee are interested also but think he would be a fantastic signing
  13. Hoping tomorrow in reminiscence of 99/00 for a rendition of "we shall not be moved"
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