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  1. Tam M


    Thank you for the recommendations, managed to get someone to sort in time for moving in day. Happy Buddie.
  2. Tam M


    In desperate need of a painter to do a 5 bed in Renfrew starting next week... if anyone knows of anyone that could even help with part of it can you send them my way please.
  3. I’ve just finished self isolating after testing positive. Was ill for about 10 days, just felt like a really bad flu. Took the test on the off chance due to how long it was lasting. I suspect I got it via the weans most likely as there were positive cases at their school, and had hardly been out the two weeks prior to symptoms. I was really disappointed with T&T, I got my results back on the Wednesday and it took until the Saturday for them to contact me for close contacts. They didn’t contact close contacts for another 2-3 days after, of which one of them finished their self isolation period on the same day!
  4. Whilst the average wage in Scotland might be £31k, how many hours a week is required to earn that.. 35-40 generally. How many hours do the players work? Probably about half of that. So if you drill down into earnings per hour, there would be a significant difference. But it’s also a shorter career, less stability etc. Swings and roundabouts.
  5. I was Yes in 2014, and I’ve never moved from that position. I have no particular affliction to any particular party and in an independent Scotland would vote for the party with a manifesto I agreed with the most. I would hope with independence we would see an emerging of a number of new parties. For me the recent General Elections and EU Referendum just demonstrates how far apart the political landscape is in Scotland compared to England. I am expecting my first child next year with my Polish girlfriend, so remaining in the EU is more of a driver for me than before - although pleased to say she had settlement status granted recently. The FPTP system is outdated and needs changed. The system for Scottish elections means it is extremely difficult to get a majority meaning all parties need to work together, and this also appeals to me. The key element for me however, is I don’t want a WM government we don’t vote for making decisions that impact Scotland. In an independent Scotland, if the government is not performing we can hold them account at the next election. With so much power held at WM, we have no say at the minute, and I find it bonkers. I just want decisions for Scotland made by a Scottish government voted by those who live in Scotland.
  6. Ideally we can get him to agree a new contract extension, with a transfer release clause, even giving him a 10/15% cut of the transfer fee. Everyone wins.
  7. RIP Fiona - thoughts with friends and family.
  8. I want to support Oran and give him a chance to turn it around but his team selection/tactics are just baffling.
  9. Tam M

    Paisley Pubs

    Bungalow as well now...
  10. If we ever got a Synthetic pitch, I wouldn't be back. Hate watching games on these kind of pitches.
  11. I'll judge Stubbs and his team after we've played everyone home and away. If we're playing good football and sitting above 11th in our first season back, I'll be more than happy.
  12. I personally would love to hear Samson calling Shull. [emoji1]
  13. Out of all the names being mentioned, Neilson is the one I'm most comfortable with. Won the Championship with a number of good young players, and took Hearts to 3rd in Premiership. If Levine was the real man in charge, then why has Hearts stumbled about mid table since? He's proven himself at a bigger club and knows the Scottish game well. Due to the number of players we need and time constraints, we need someone with good knowledge of the game and players up here. Next season's objective is to stay in the league, anything else is a bonus. After that it's just about year on year progression.
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