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  1. I was sitting in traffic on the M8 when the soap dodgers team bus stopped right next to me To good an opportunity to miss so I just started laughing in their direction One of the dodgers players has anger problems 🤬😂
  2. Early start Neil,where are yous heading?
  3. There’s going to be a lot more…………….
  4. My worry if we go back to one stand is how to keep away fans out of the home sections I would like to think that any identified away fans would be ejected from the stadium but don’t know if the polis would be up for this as it’s a potential flash point How do you stop away fans buying home tickets?
  5. Clyde find a new home…………. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61183326
  6. HSS

    VAR Poll

    I see sevco will still be allowed to steal a throw in
  7. There were 3000 going to an awards night? 😳
  8. Could they not have held it in your garden room?
  9. I’ve got a feeling Arbroath are going to do it Even a point at Killie then a wee helping hand from Raith the following week Capacity at Gayfield is 6600 according to radio today
  10. Gordon made a proper c**t of himself faking injury
  11. Maybe because they don’t need two stands 🤔
  12. HSS


    Subbed after 76 mins in a 7-3 victory
  13. HSS


    On fire 🔥
  14. HSS

    VAR Poll

    I voted against
  15. How can a Country at war play an international game of football?
  16. The original statement was “Tony ran his own business” Tony did not run Compass,he may have been a “Director” but that doesn’t mean he was hands on in the business
  17. SMiSA members being asked their thoughts on VAR via a “For or Against” vote
  18. Compass wasn’t Fitzpatricks 😂
  19. McGarvey sold it to Fitzpatrick Wheres Tommy when you need him?
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