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  1. 1-1, Hart doesn't command his box, certainly doesn't fill me with confidence. A tad lucky, off the Aberdeen players shoulder and droops into the net. Both teams are huffing and puffing, not very good TBH.
  2. This is a trait that every team playing in Scotland has, simply not enough quality on the park. I'm watching the Aberdeen v Celtic game and it's astounding the amount of stray passes from both teams.
  3. Aberdeen 0-1 Celtic, the wee Japanese guy, just back, scores again. His positioning is spot on for a forward. 11 mins.
  4. I see Aberdeen have dropped that dumpling of a goalkeeper.
  5. There was one in Arbroath until fairly recently, very novel, real cutlery on the tables. Now, according to the Wimpy website, there are only 3 in Scotland. Fraserburgh Dingwall and Kilmarnock.
  6. 2 parents watching junior football. “Which one is your kid?" ‘Why?" “Wanted to tell him how rubbish he is" “You can't say that he's only a kid, how would you like it if I said that to your lad?” “You have done all game" “Why who's your lad? “The referee" Think before you speak...
  7. Before the Hibs game we were a mess, no wins and dour draws were as good as it was getting. That game, against Hibs, IMO, was the best football we've played since that mini run we had last season around the Rangers victory. What a difference two wins make to the league position. Ross County up next, got to look for another three points.
  8. Liverpool v Man City today, 4:30. Fancy Liverpool TBH, the difference van Dijk makes is immeasurable. Out for most of last season, Liverpool go to pieces, back this season, they are back. Not a one man team by any means but an inspirational player who can defend.
  9. Just watched the brief highlights, Leeds were certainly the better team BUT got away with a dreadful mistake by their goalie. Shocking decision by the referee, should have been a Watford penalty and then the Leeds goalie dropped the ball in/off a player into the net. VAR, not used because it wasn't an OBVIOUS error?
  10. Not amazed you don't post in the match day thread when we win......................are you the love child of elvis? At least it'll be a couple of weeks before you to copy/paste your usual mindless drivel about Goodwin.
  11. Astounding how Sky changed things........................ Lots coming back, all the "ra ra girls" (no more) Monday night football, an astounding idea at the time. Alan Shearer signing for Blackburn instead of Man Utd............................. Lots of the stuck in the past punters, evident on here, must have been shuddering in their y fronts. PS Gary Pallister still looks great, not seen him for years...................Steve Bruce on the other hand, a boxers coupon.
  12. Just starting to watch "Fever Pitch - The Rise of the Premier league" Most watched football league in the world.
  13. One of the contestants, Jon, is as thick as mince, along with Johnny Vegas.
  14. I've got a bad habit of that as well..................................
  15. I should mention that Leeds finally got the first win of the season today. Much needed, if they want to be seen as a decent team they need to be taking care of Watford at home. Still a long way to go, a 1-0 is 3 points, lifts them out of the relegation places.
  16. I'm a realist, not a fantasist. It's probably stretching things to think we can finish above Aberdeen as it is TBH.
  17. Blankety Blank makes a return tonight with Bradley Walsh at the helm, Big shoes to fill but hopefully the format which has worked over the years will continue to be a success. BBC1, 9:00pm.
  18. Sunday's fixtures, another whipping for Aberdeen, not really bothered about the 2nd game.
  19. 0-0 full time, didn't see the 2nd half, Strictly won that battle. Brighton sit joint 2nd in the league. To give Arteta credit he's certainly turned them around after a disastrous start.
  20. I hope you've nae mirrors in the hoose.
  21. Aye, you've been licking your wounds after making a royal cnut of yourself in the "sponsorship" thread you started. Now, run along, leave off the cheap wine and get a grip of yourself.
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