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  1. 3-0, what did I say? Utter clown, Superman impression and missed the ball.
  2. United goalie looks a bit dodgy.
  3. AZ 2-0 United, good strike from outside of the box. Going to be a long night now. 31 mins.
  4. Not sure I'd be too confident if it was us mate, although the experience would be good for the club and support.
  5. Looking like a free kick or corner the best bet from United.
  6. AZ 1-0 United, carved open, easy goal for the AZ forward, who's already had a couple of pops at goal. Just when United seemed to have weathered the storm.
  7. Az 0-0 United, 10 mins. United playing, mainly, hoofball, the ball's in the air more than the grass. AZ look quite decent, they'll score soon if the game keeps this pattern.
  8. Aye, her solo gig in Perth is only £18.50, been binging on her stuff to prepare myself.
  9. This boy's got a bit of potential, something about him caught my eye back at Queens and Wimbledon. A great victory yesterday. Jack Draper beat Stefanos Tsitsipas to claim his first victory over a top 10 player as he became the third Briton to qualify for the third round of the National Bank Open. World number 82 Draper, who came through qualifying to reach the main draw, fought back from a break down in the second set before he wrapped up a stunning 7-5 6-4 (4) success against the third seed just before 1am in Montreal.
  10. He's having a nightmare right now, lie after lie after lie and, as usual, not a bit of remorse. This week alone we've had.............. Seen in the 1877 club...................denied it. Not a member.......................said he was just a few months ago Reading a book, which he'd already" read a while ago, suggesting he just makes it up. A founder member.....................and he's not.
  11. What a fecking thread. Might save the loonball messing up other threads, but I doubt it
  12. Anyhow, as I mentioned, the Eddi Reader gig is as much to see Jill Jackson. Already booked to see her solo gig in Perth late October, thought we'd treat ourselves to a wee night in Dundee, although closer to Broughty Ferry, swithering if we'll stay in the Ferry ir along the road in Dundee. Almost £30, cheap at the price for a couple of decent singers, although the evening will cost be quite a bit more.
  13. Think I'll tune into the Dundee United game tonight, they played quite well last week, going to be a tough match, they'll need to score to go through IMO.
  14. ^^^^^^ Chronic patter. ^^^^^^^^^ Quite amusing, made me laugh, probably a first, well done.
  15. Just booked to go see Eddi Reader playing in Dundee in September. Partially booked this as she's being supported by Jill Jackson, a Paisley girl who I was, briefly, related to some time ago.
  16. Imagine him in your quiz team. 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Looking at our stewards, possibly not. Best just make it an oral test.
  18. It's, Queen of the South, on my list. 👍
  19. My mother was ahead (see what I did there) of her time, I'm sure I had one of these back in the 60's............................I also gave myself a siimilar look when I was about 6...........................the Vidal Sassoon of Andrew Street.
  20. Aye, I decided to complete the series, didn't disappoint, couple of nice twists to finish it off. A strong 9/10 for me, losing .5 for unnecessary flashback scenes. 😉
  21. The use of "flash back" scenes almost always seems lazy to me, and adds little to the programme. The Terminal List uses this quite often, padding it out needlessly. That apart, quite enjoyable, episode 7, only one to go after this.
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