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  1. Back to being an idiot, well done. 🤡 I should have known better giving you credit for changing the thread title to something relevant, instead you revert back to a loonball.
  2. Your point is? Oh wait, I never paid ANY attention to who Murray was playing with?
  3. He's just pumped poor Jamie, that seems a tad ungrateful.
  4. Aye, you ONLY show when you win bucketgub. PS Yer patters honking.
  5. I'm sure somebody will find offence........................
  6. Jamie Murray match due to start at 5:00pm. Just noticed there's another Brit on the opposing team, J. Salisbury, never heard of him.
  7. I think his racist views would just outweigh his support for the royal family. 🙄
  8. IF it goes into a 3rd set court time could play a part, although at that stage it's more a mind game than physical IMO. Anyhow, nice to have someone to support at this stage of a tournament although the other Murray is in the final of the doubles.
  9. You've made me laugh enough, feck off, you're annoying me.
  10. Just been doing a wee bit of reading on her opponent, she's beaten some big guns on route to the final, promising to be a cracker. Leylah Fernandez defeated four seeded players and two Grand Slam champions en route to the women's singles final.
  11. I agree, we should start with our top goal scorers............................wait.
  12. Run along dullard, you're out of your depth.
  13. Final scheduled for 9:20 tomorrow evening, hope she win's in 2 sets, as she has done throughout, not sure I'd manage to stay up for a 3 setter. Anyhow, since she's been here since she was 2 I'll stick with supporting her as she's British enough for me. I mean, Greg Rusedski was also British, right?
  14. Ha ha ha ha, my, you're a funny one. 🤡
  15. Well, quite unbelievable, she's only gone and done it, through to the final and, I think, without losing a set. Hard to put this into any sort of context, had to qualify and has sailed through, and she's British. Oh, well done @shull with the name change to the thread.
  16. I can't see 3 goals as both teams struggle in that department. A dull 0-0 or a single goal for any of the teams.
  17. He's putting decent points across in a decent manner, a bit more than many other contributors.
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