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  1. Ex-Ipswich Town and England. What a smashing player he was in a very good Ipswich team.
  2. Wilbur

    Steven Gallagher

    This ?? !! Can anyone help ?
  3. Wilbur

    Anton Ferdinand

    If he runs onto the park wearing a Gilbert O'Sullivan baggy bunnet then we're in bother.
  4. It is reported that dog owners are no longer being allowed to enjoy a quiet pint (or grub) in any Wotherspoons establishment with their dog for company. Not even outside in a beer garden. Quote ……… "We welcome a lot of children and families and younger children in particular can be unpredictable around dogs and many are scared of dogs". So based on that statement it is the children that are unpredictable. And the children that are scared of dogs. Therefore why are the dogs being banned. Ban the feckin children as Wotherspoons acknowledge that they are the problem !!
  5. Wilbur

    Wotherspoons Pubs Banning All Dogs

    Nonsense. I have one dog and I hate children.
  6. Wilbur

    Jimmy Nicholl

    Having just offloaded a "Celtic-minded" management do we really want to be appointing someone with a Rangers obsession ?? Can't we find anybody in coaching without OF baggage to haul around with them ??
  7. Wilbur

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    But ......... Jimmy Nicholl ??? Please NO !!!
  8. Wilbur

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Thank feck OK is at last officially appointed as our manager. Maybe now we can change the discussion back to that !!!
  9. Wilbur

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Maybe its the 12-week contract he is being offered that's making him hesitant.
  10. Shull has hacked LPM's account surely.
  11. Marvellous achievement by the Scottish lassies. Some genuinely talented players on that squad. Justifiably proud of their success. If only the men could match their performances !!
  12. Wilbur

    So what now for SMFC?

    How will we spot the difference to their performances for Stubbs ?
  13. Wilbur

    So what now for SMFC?

    MenstrieSaint, I disagree with your opinion that the chairman was trigger happy. You just don't make a decision that is going to cost St Mirren a six-figure sum on a whim. GLS has realised that Stubbs has taken just 12 weeks to drag St Mirren from the great high of winning the Championship to the precipice of disaster and, despite the financial consequences, he has taken the action that was necessary at the appropriate time. With 34 league games to play we still have a chance to bring someone experienced in to re-build and re-establish ourselves in the Premiership. To have delayed would only make our position even more perilous. As to "What now for SMFC ?", we move forward with our fans (and Scottish football) left in no doubt that we have a chairman with balls who prefers to act rather than bury his head in the sand. COYS !!!
  14. Wilbur

    St Mirren Reserves 2018/19

    So maybe his car isnae on holiday with him ???
  15. Note to Chairman ... For many reasons, the sooner you deal with this issue the better. If you fail to take action to fix this immediately you must be in denial. There is no question that the necessary action will hurt, both financially and in terms of damning your initial judgment in appointing Stubbs. However you can preserve your reputation (and St Mirren's status in the Premiership) by booting him out of Paisley ASAP. Please.
  16. Wilbur

    Kenny Miller Free Agent

    This is the first encouraging piece of news in a good while. Missing out on an expensive, over-the-hill dud is a chunk of good luck but having him sign for one of our main relegation-fight rivals is definitely a Brucie bonus.
  17. Wilbur

    Caring Gary

    Great stuff. Well done Gary.
  18. Wilbur

    Welcome Alfie Jones

    Eh !!! !!!!! !!!! Which one ? Based on what I have watched so far this season neither of them should be dropped. What is your recreational drug of choice, saintargyll ??
  19. Wilbur

    Liam Smith

    Some of you romanticists really need to move on. Constant harping back to ex-players who did a job for us at a lower level is tiresome and won't assist our progression at this higher level. For an instance, Stelios did a job for us last season. Having gained promotion we freed him, he got picked up by a team in the division we just left behind. No teams in the top division considered signing him. Liam Smith wasn't fancied by Hearts, hence he has ended up back in the division we have just left. That is probably his level. Our support need to look beyond the players that found their level in the Championship. Sentiment gets you f**ked in the top league,
  20. Wilbur

    Speculation Thread

    How I long for the golden era when senior teams could build a formidable first X1 that could hold their own in the top league built from recruits from the likes of Johnstone Burgh, Cambuslang Rangers, Cumbernauld United, Shettleston and Baillieston Juniors. Old-fartedness can still be enjoyable.
  21. Mullen put in a real hard-working shift from start to finish. Obviously it would be terrific if we had someone of greater quality, however even if we had the world's greatest striker in our line-up today I doubt if we would have scored. Strikers need regular, high-quality service from the midfield and I didn't see any of that today.
  22. Wilbur

    What are your rights. .

    You're old enough to be my grandf.., erm, fath.., erm, older brother.
  23. Wilbur

    What are your rights. .