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  1. Our run of upcoming fixtures is utterly disgraceful. How can it be possible that our next three home fixtures are all midweek - due to personal circumstances this makes them pretty much impossible for me to attend. Our next Saturday home game is vs Hearts on 26 February. My season ticket is costing me about £45 per match attended.
  2. Please feel free to call out MenstrieSaint (and several others) for their posts in the Rumour Mill yesterday about Junior Morais. I hope those posts didnae built up your hopes too much. 😉
  3. Aye, good point. I suppose I really should have started a brand new thread about Jon Obika. 🤭
  4. Big Jon scored for Morecambe yesterday, may have been his first goal for them after 6 months out with injury. Good luck to the big chap. Quite a game, Doncaster leading 0-3 at half time, Morecambe winning it 4-3.
  5. On the positive side, that's two potential thumpings avoided. Damage limitation was always the primary aim. Was any one of us really looking forward to those two fixtures with optimism ? Given the circumstances, to come away with +1 point and only -2 goal difference is a pretty good outcome. As posted above, now we need to kick on and start targeting 3 points in every game.
  6. Based on JG's signing record to date I wouldn't trust him to find us a goalscorer in January. Our most effective 'striker' has been Joe Shaughnessy. Stick him up front and bring in another centre back instead. Merry Christmas everybody.
  7. Regardless of the result last night, I still maintain that this match should NOT have gone ahead at all. Clearly Celtic were hugely understrength and those SPFL buffoons who insisted the game went ahead are blue noses and biased against Celtic.
  8. Fuxake, another f*ckin draw !!! These draws are killing us !!! Not good enough !!!
  9. 7 points dropped in 3 home games against Dundee, Livingston and Ross County. Worrying.
  10. The quality of performances are now becoming less important than gaining points. We're currently on a downward spiral and we desperately need to register a few wins. We're in danger of stumbling into a relegation battle. We must turn a corner before the end of 2021. Worrying !!!
  11. How much longer can Goodwin persist with Curtis Main, even as a substitute ? The guy's just a non-trier. I'd be happy if we could move him on in January.
  12. Must win if we want a top 6 finish. No other result is acceptable.
  13. As much as I despise that horrible DOB Rae, who should never have been allowed anywhere near our club, surely that C*NT Hay is the worst ever example of the OF infiltrating St Mirren. The money he chucked away on his permanently-injured ex-Celtic reject pals should never be forgiven IMO. Hay is a despicable arsehole, surely our worst ever appointment, worse even than Jim Gardner !!!
  14. Amazing prices at Variety Stores. Only Derek Brockwell was cheaper.
  15. I met Bertie once about 20 years ago. He started chatting to me while we both waited in a long queue in the Clydesdale bank branch in Baillieston. Very pleasant, cheerful bloke. RIP Bertie.
  16. Jings, it's bonanza night. Two bets, both winners .....
  17. Today was our worst result of the season so far. At home to bottom-feeders like Dundee are must-win games for us. These are the games that determine our season. Win these games, onwards and upwards into the top 6. Lose them and the bottom 6 and a relegation battle is looming. Hugely disappointing performance today, and not one of our players put in an acceptable shift. Tactics were pish, too many hopeful punts that Sweeney dealt with easily, so Goodwin must shoulder the blame too. Dundee's workrate was admirable and won them the 3 points they deserved.
  18. This situation always creates a moral dilemma. Personally, I'm in the "fukc them, let's take as much cash as we can from them" camp. I do feel sorry for those with STs in the Family Stand, all of whom are hugely inconvenienced by the invasion of the unwelcome, but IMO sometimes significant additional income for the club outweighs the smugness of owning the moral high ground. That additional income creates opportunities for St Mirren that the moral high ground does not. Just my opinion of course. 🙂
  19. ........ and Bill Lees Macaroon Bars.
  20. Ok, have you heard the joke about the 🥥 🐕 ?
  21. No biscuit jokes today please. This is chews day.
  22. Yup, let's leapfrog Hibs, wouldn't that be nice !!!!
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