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  1. Aye, especially when I typed £149.9 when I meant to say £1.499 per litre. 😄
  2. Petrol in Morrison's at Baillieston has been £149.9 per litre this weekend. Diesel still astronomical though.
  3. R.I.P. Inevitable, but still devastating news. A Scottish legend both on and off the rugby pitch.
  4. A vote for the SNP used to be a vote in favour of an independent Scotland. This is no longer true. Now a vote for SNP in a Holyrood election gets you the Green Party's political agenda. The tail is wagging the dog. If I had wanted the Green Party's political agenda I would have voted for the Greens not the SNP. Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater are politically naive morons. For as long as Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are in a pact with these two plonkers she can kiss my vote goodbye.
  5. Early days of course, but what amazing performances we've seen so far from some of the tournament's so-called lightweights. They've demonstrated excellent ball skills, terrific fitness and stamina, 100% commitment, and brilliantly organised tactically. Probably a blessing in disguise that Scotland didn't make it to Qatar as our players largely lack all of the above. We could have been royally humiliated at yet another finals. ☹
  6. Let me be clear here, I'm not offended by these Senegalese supporters, I'm simply being Devil's Advocate by wondering how this situation would be interpreted if the black / white roles were reversed. And just for reference, as someone with a 'sallow' complexion myself who, as a kid at school, had to endure the nickname "Paki Joe" (from my fellow pupils and also from many of my school teachers back in the 1960s / early 1970s), I am fully aware of how hurtful, oppressive and bullying it can be to find yourself on the end of perceived racism.
  7. Just wondering what others think .......... The Black and White minstrels on TV back in the day, who could disagree with the implicit racism ? And folk who "black-up" at Halloween, or for a fancy dress function, poor taste most of us would agree .... And what about the Senegalese fans yesterday who "Whited-Up" for their WC tie vs Netherlands ? Is that just 'tradition' ? Where are the PC / Woke activists protesting about this anti-white racism ? Or maybe this is ok in their eyes? As I say, just wondering ?
  8. Aye but, are we £30 billion in debt or not ? I'd heard rumour that we were royally f**ked financially. Surely that wasn't shite ??? Is Kibble still the antichrist or are they our saviour ?
  9. For me, the biggest positive today was the work rate by every one of our players. If only we witnessed that much effort from the entire team in every game we played the supporters would have nothing to complain about. Main was my MOM today, a terrific non-stop display from him, and he showed more ball skills than I believed he possessed. Disappointing that we didn't hang on to our lead, but I can't criticise any of our players after that terrific effort today. COYS.
  10. Went to Rab Noakes concerts umpteen times back in the 1970s. I'm pretty sure I had one of his albums (vinyl, don't you know !!) back then too. Excellent live performer. Sad news.
  11. Unfortunately that's just a drop in the ocean against our £30 billion debt. Drat those Kibble b*st*rds. 🙁🙁🙁
  12. Horrific result today. If we don't collect 3 points from the St Johnstone game in midweek we are in serious shitstreet with the series of fixtures ahead of us before Christmas.
  13. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    That's interesting. Will someone "in the know" please name the party / parties responsible for the alleged bullying. This is key information for everyone who could influence the future direction of our club.
  14. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    Of course, my mistake.
  15. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    What's your point, FTOF ? Are you suggesting that he appointed these guys because he knew they would be shit managers, intentionally harming our club ? Every managerial appointment is a risk.
  16. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    Would someone please explain to me why having SGG back on the board of SMFC is a negative ? As I see it he is hugely experienced in the prudent running of a football club, he understands the politics of Scottish football and the SFA/SPFL, and he has already demonstrated his commitment to SMFC having pulled the club out of the shit once before so why would he now do anything that he believed would be non-beneficial or harmful to SMFC ? Has he ever acted in any way against the best interests of the club ? If so, remind me.
  17. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    SS1877, do you know the answers to those questions or are you just speculating ? If you do know, please share with those of us who are still in the dark.
  18. Wilbur

    Mr Gilmour

    Aye, because SG is the lifelong St Mirren supporter who committed large sums of his own money to rescue our club from an asset stripper who would have put the club into administration / liquidation for personal gain, and whose prudent financial policies returned stability to our basket case of a club, and who conned Tesco into providing us with a stadium fit for our needs has been elected back onto our club board. Aye, who would want a complete c*nt like him to be in any way involved in the future of our club ?? Honestly, please enlighten me, what are the negatives of his involvement ?
  19. Ross County's central defence consists of huge agricultural lummocks , non-skilled thugs with the turning circle of a supertanker. High balls would be food and drink to them. We need passing and pace up front. We have to sacrifice Main from the starting XI and play Ayunga and Grieve up front.
  20. Would the Northern Ireland FA be prepared to pay the compensation fee we would be due to appoint him to their vacancy ?
  21. Truss only had one policy. She, and her (then) Chancellor, declared their intentions. Disaster ensued, and her entire policy had to be reversed. She sacked Kwarteng because he did what she wanted him to do. Utterly shameful behaviour hoping to save her own skin. She has been humiliated, ridiculed and disgraced. She has zero credibility. She is now a joke figure. Yet she still hasn't resigned. She is a disgusting human being. But, on the positive side, she went to school in Paisley for a couple of years. Fud.
  22. During the pre-season and League Cup games I was pushing for Urminsky to be given a chance to prove himself as our first choice keeper. I posted this on here more than once. Carson has subsequently shown himself to be well worth being our number one choice, but Lyness's release has shown that Robinson has faith in Urminsky as our new first choice back-up keeper.
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