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  1. Absolutely the worst strip I can remember us having. The thin stripes I could just about get by but the yellows awful. Ok diadora et al have that but its just terrible
  2. We need a goalkeeper. Cornell looks a shambles Sent from my GT-I9070 using Black & White Army mobile app
  3. no chance of it happening but with the sheep knocking back Novo, i wouldn't say no to him

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      He does have quite a nice ass right enough.............wait, am I getting this wrong? ;)

  4. Ha, Dundee finally pay the price. Shame for the fans & staff but no more than they deserve

    1. faraway saint

      faraway saint

      So tomorrows game won't be a table topping clash then? ;)

    2. BigH


      2nd time this has happened to dundee so hope they learn there leason this time!!!

  5. Hugh Scott coming with Brealey? lol

  6. The whole of Gr**nocks full of swine flu.

  7. That one with the goal against morton they claimed wasn't in is funny. Andy Millen got sent off in that game I think.
  8. No way, The Aristocats is awful. I can see the point of what they are trying to say, but it's just an in-joke for comedians & the film isn't funny. Aaaaaargh, I had just recovered from the pain, dammit, Just need to watch Saints pump the Well to cure myself!!
  9. 1) FRASIER 2) THE SIMPSON 3) FAMILY GUY 4) FRIENDS 5) TWO & A HALF MEN? Was struggling for a fifth. C'Mon The Saints
  10. Found an absoloutley hilarious thing on Pro Evo 5 the other night. With your PES points you can buy new hairstyles. When you go to edit player, go to haristyle, then go backwards to the last ones and there's a collection of DOGS HEADS that go onto the players. Would be hilarious if you got a few mates round pished & stuck it on to freak them out !!!!!
  11. I just played the 360 version that my step-son got & have to say I wans't too impressed with the game engine, which I think is different from the PS2 one. It was ok, but another thing that worried me was that the edit function was only for editing players & not teams. This may be due to the aforementioned link, but can anyone with the PS2 version confirm if you can edit teams as per usual. I must say that I've been a proevo man since the fist Evoltution game on the PS1, but I did buy FIFA2001 as we were in it & had to laugh as Junior Mendes was white !!! Still swithering on which one to get, but if you can't edit the teams I'd need to go with Fifa.
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