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  1. He comes across very well & hes not been booked yet.
  2. "You can fly our planes seven days a week and not fly the same color twice !"
  3. Is he the guy who owned Cardonald Components ? :huh:
  4. Fuel pumps, diesel additive systems, injectors,absolutely anything to do with the Body control systems, electronic handbrakes,keys & transponders some mileage & service indicators,etc etc. Certain german manufacturers are now using "pass-thru" technology where to unlock these codes you HAVE TO return your car to the main dealer , where they plug your car in & the ecu "talks" to Munich to get a diagnosis! 30 years selling parts in the motor trade Bud , seven of them selling Diagnostic products, its a minefield now & its only going to get worse !!
  5. http://www.nms.ac.uk/our_museums/national_museum_of_flight.aspx
  6. Kenny Shiels for Septic !!
  7. Leuchars is done , no more ! East fortune will still go ahead but will never be able to replace Leuchars.
  8. There is very little to choose in size between Galaxy 747s, the latest jumbo is actually slightly bigger . What impresses most about the Galaxy is the sheer bulk & capacity. As for the runway, there are many UK aiports which are more than capable to accept a Galaxy. The reasons the yanks choose Prestwick are many,yes the Big `ol runway but also the fact that there`s lots of space to park the buggers, not many commercial flights to work around & its cheap !! Plus the fact there are so many good golf courses in the area ! The yank airmen love to boast of playing on a genuine Scotch golf course !
  9. Great to have an Airshow back , but unfortunately the Air show will be taking place at the sea front in Ayr with the static show only at Pik. I think this is a tester to see if theres an appetite for a show in Scotland, if the crowds turn out it would be great to see it take place at Prestwick in the future.
  10. The aftermarket parts trade is bigger than ever & growing . Car manufacturers do not make parts, they buy them from the same companies that make many of the parts you`d find in the boxes on the shelf of Carparts shops. The biggest issues facing the Cardonald components of this world are the fact that manufacturers warranties are getting longer, cars are becoming increasingly complex with many parts having to be electronically "mated" to cars & people are less inclined to fix anything themselves these days . The car stores that are thriving are the ones who court the boy racer go faster brigade & sell high end valet products.
  11. Hopefully you`ll get a free "roll" in midfield like Yaya !
  12. No prize. Its just you seemed so sure , i was hoping you might have shared your insider knowledge with the rest of us !
  13. No , you stated that John McGinn was probably on a lower wage. This i agree with. I was simply asking how you know someone has paid over the odds for Conor Newton ?
  14. Yaya throws his teddy out the pram ! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27484318 He`s gonna be really f**ked off when he gets home & realises i forgot to send him a card also !
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