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  1. I think you`ll find, Mr Div , that we still hold his registration , and as such are due compensation if he signs with your lot !
  2. Iain Munro...now there was a REAL left back.
  3. You know, after two lines ,all i read is Blah ,Blah, Blah !
  4. Im not available next week Div, but as usual i`ll be ok for Monday !
  5. Bye Dougie, Thanks for..................... ....................Leaving !
  6. Still underwhelmed, the top has too much black , the shorts are hideous. Need to wait to see if it grows on me. Think this seasons has spoiled us a wee bit
  7. Is the issue with the third strip the crotchless shorts ? Cant see the problem myself !
  8. I have it on good authority that part of the sponsorship deal with Blacks (of greenock) was that the third strip is blue & white hoops. Money talks.
  9. Yeah , like its going to fit right on 90% of the folk who buy it !!
  10. Stick your 7s up your arse. I wanted Monday & unless your prepared to change the date & inconvenience everyone else, your going to have to do without my silky skills !! Have fun, enjoy !
  11. This is not the thread your looking for.
  12. BTW, d`you think Stuart Hall will get double the sentence if the prosecution play their Joker ?
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