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  1. Love these pages, great to find out about all those old teams that dont exist anymore. There were a couple of photos of a team called Rangers. Has anyone heard of them ?
  2. Would love him to add a Scottish cup winners medal to his collection.
  3. We did once go to the Isle of Man on holiday. Went on the overnight sailing from Ardrossan, i remember people talking about the Cattle boat before we sailed. When we got on i soon realised what they meant ! there were drunk people crammed in to every available space, spewing up & passed out on everywhere ! Isle of Man was nice enough though. & the weather was excellent. .. Honest , it was !
  4. We used to holiday in the far east......... Sunny Burntisland ! Open air pool, dippin a toe into the azure blue Firth of Forth , relaxing on the Golden Sands with the Railway line 10 yards behind us ! & the occasional trip to the Big City for a day out in Kirkcaldy with the ever present aroma of the nearby linoleum factory. Ahh, the memories ! Who needs Majorca ?
  5. & by a wonderful twist of fate........ County play the fakes this weekend !
  6. So , who the f*** we talkin about here , Rory or Kendo. I`m confused !?!
  7. Surely the whole point is, you listen to the Voice ?
  8. Bad : Miranda. Just plain shite. Eastenders. London Shite. T.o.w.i.e. : Fake tan shite Kardashians : American shite. Casualty. same old shite. im a celebrity big brother dancing on celebrity masterchef....... you get the gist ! ALL Daytime TV. Good: Just about anything on discovery etc, Family guy. Still genius & wrong Have i got news for you. Many years on , still v.funny especially with Brian Blessed last night ! Anything with a Meerkat, including the adverts. Worlds craziest fools with the legend that is ...Mr T ! Sportscene when Saints win.
  9. Have you seen our f**kin stewards ?? Would you really want to take them ?
  10. Neil Lennon is an absolute cock of a human being. However i dont think he is wholly to blame for the Palestine situation.
  11. So , where was this Zoo. Please share so we can all avoid wasting our cash.
  12. I cant resist posting coz them and their ugly sisters annoy the f**k out of me but i wholeheartedly agree !!
  13. That lot are f**kin delusional : Love the comments about "counting the green seats" . Theyre both as bad as each other ! http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=243201
  14. At the stupid numbers game again today. Official attendance 44000. Looked like half that on telly.
  15. 1. When the third goal went in , it suddenly dawned on me .... we CAN win this. 2. When Graham Carey got fouled in 93rd minute. I knew, even Saints cant f**k this up now . 3. To see the team on the pitch celebrating with their kids. Then you know its real. all three prompted the waterworks
  16. I read somewhere, possibly back on this thread, that This year is the first since 1987 to have four unique digits in it & this was looked on as a good Omen. On that note, looking forward to 2014,2015,2016, etc etc, !! Saints to dominate scottish football for the next few years !
  17. Nope sorry , couldnt keep a straight face f**k off ya bunch of arrogant sectarian f**kwits & take your horrible nasty knuckle-dragging neanderthal so called fans with you.
  18. Scottish football will wither & die without the old firm. Please dont go. How will we ever cope?
  19. Just watched it again. Will the final ever be won again by three such fantastic goals ?
  20. 5.00 am SATURDAY. Woke up & the first thought i had was i cant be late for the game ! 7.00 am Sunday. After a crap sleep, got up & prepped for Brekkie. Food already bought, quick nip to Morrions for fresh rolls. 10.00 Visitors descend, Beers (or mad dog 20/20 for one!) , breakfast & 1987 cup final dvd 12.20 Train from Bishopton so we could avoid the Gilmour Street crush. 12.24 Gilmour Street : WTF ? where is everbody ? 1.15 Arrive at Mount Florida having had great on train banter with a group of Jambos, try doing that with the old scum & theyll rip your spleen out . 1.45 Mount Florida indoor bowling club. More beers. Outnumbered 10 -1 by Jambos but again , banter not bother. ( & bumped into the "train Jambos again ) 3.00 pm Sunday 17th March 2013: A game of football took place. 5.45 P A R T Y T I M E !!! 6.00 After half an hour standing freezing in the (strangely subdued ) queue for the train & again bumping into "train Jambos" who were very warm & genuine with their good wishes, we headed home in what had to be the quietest ever football train ?!? 6.45 County square shambles. we`ll quickly gloss over that . 8.00 ish -12.00 ish Kiltys was bouncing ! more beer, champagne, shots & more beer. Bumped into some pals from Dumfries & Gary from my 5 a side & it turns out theyre related ! Also met Campbell Money Today. Head OK, voice f**ked. Watched highlights 3 times so far.
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