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  1. Just checked the guest list for this topic & guess what ? Yep , thats right , you`re not on it & no-one gives a f**k about your views !
  2. Sorry Bud , thats almost as bad as what we`ve got for this season!
  3. http://www.stmirren-youthacademy.net/index.html The photo on the home page is brilliant .
  4. Thats crap , hes not even signed for us yet & hes shrunk an inch !!
  5. Well , its because...... ah , nearly caught me ! ;)
  6. Andy has to up his game first . Already a set down !
  7. What game you been watching ? its been end to end !! ( i am assuming you`re being sarcastic !!)
  8. tonight's game has been superb. My outside bet is Belgium ,but all credit to the Yanks, their work-rate has been immense .
  9. Are you sure ? Have we showed them the strips ?
  10. So , given that we "re-set " the score when the guy from the desk evened up the numbers, does that mean the Auld Yins won TWO games last night ?
  11. Could be worse, it could be the "Guitarist" who is a constant fixture outside Morrisons in Erskine !! On occasion he is joined by two of his eastern European mates who proceed to murder a selection of not so popular tunes.
  12. Well done Vanzy, The very best of luck with your new gig. Great servant to saints & by all accounts a great guy .
  13. I`ll leave my prediction till i find out which players we have !
  14. A thread with great intentions turned into yet another StuDick ill-informed rant against anything St.Mirren. Get him tae f**k !
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