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  1. OK , so ive registered with teamer & had the acknowledgement. Can anyone tell me how i check where i am on the list ?
  2. You`ve never been on the last train to Dumfries from glasgow central then ?!
  3. As for the deviation form the scheduled flightpath ? Perhaps the co-pilot was a paisley taxi driver. "Aye mate , this is a short cut"
  4. Forget Asda Linwood, our new manager spotted at Sainsbury Braehead.
  5. You give it to the Post office at Inchinnan & tell them the contents are valued at over £35 .
  6. OK guys , i need a couple of Bods to make up my numbers for this wednesday. 7.30 - 8.30 @ powerleague . PM if you are interested. Ta.
  7. and Willie Millar or er or however the f**k you spell it !! Your NOT a c**t. Your just a Prick.
  8. When all is said & done, congratulations to the the Dons. Enjoy your victory & savour the celebrations. Apart from Stewart Milne. You are still a c**t !
  9. Holy shit , you wont get a more offside situation !! Not once but twice !! what the f**k was the linesman thinking
  10. I was switching between the game & the wonderful new F1 on beeb 2
  11. Ach well, look on the bright side........ we might get to watch games right up till the end of May !
  12. The way things are going , i think Houdini might be a better bet !!
  13. f**k . As if things werent bad enough, County 1 up against the fakes.
  14. Better for me also. In 87 as a young man , i went with my mates. My dad went with his pals & my brothers went with.... well , ive no idea. Last year , I was there with my Brothers , nephews & Ma Boy .Only black spot was that my dad had passed away a couple of years previous, but i`ve no doubt him & ma wee Uncle Jackie were tuning in somehow !! We made a day of it, from bacon rolls in my house in the morning , pre & post drinks together & a night of all nights in Paisley. A great day i will remember for a long long time.
  15. We play 5s on a wednesday at powerleague (Pitz for those of a similar age to me !!) 7.30 - 8.30. On a few occasions it has been a bit of a struggle to get my numbers. I was thinking , if there are any on the B&W reserve list who might like a game now & then with our lot , I fully understand that if "the dome" calls you will take your game there & i dont want to take players from your game (indeed if i continue to struggle for bods ,i`m adding my name on the list )but for the weeks your on standby it could be just the thing. Players of various ability & age ,including an old bugger.Me. No slide tackles , no slamming each other to bits, just a decent game o footy hopefully. If your interested , drop me a PM. Ta.
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