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  1. Play a back four and we'll put in a better performance. Keep it simple and stop f**king about with formations.
  2. Motherwell have a much larger squad and have signed replacements for their long term injured. We're knackered. Simple as that. Although, I don't think the system we played tonight worked.
  3. I'd be surprised if Goodwin would risk them if they weren't 100% fit. It's one of the subjects he's been quite vocal about, with regards to the risk of playing players that aren't match fit. A very pleasant surprise though. Wily old dog that JG is.
  4. I remember going in there, in a completely shattered state, after the dreaded team that will not be named beginning with "H" game. A lot of expletives were being uttered by myself, when some Saints, fans who had been in when we arrived, said that we should think ourselves lucky that we still got through. Turns out they had left early................................................................................. I really did hate to be the bringer of bad news on that occasion.
  5. Sadly I'm too young to have frequented The Bungalow in its heyday. I liked The Stag's Head though. It had a video juke box, which used to get a lot of plays of J.Geils band , "Angel in the centre fold", and ZZ Top, "She's got legs", for some reason.
  6. Is that Pauline Murray from Penetration top right with the red earring?
  7. Wages aside, I don't think he falls into JG's "ready to go" category.
  8. Don't be so obtuse. Covid deaths due to respiratory failure follow a familiar pattern of symptoms coupled with indicative internal indicators, which ICU staff are sadly all too familiar with. If a patient dies from respiratory failure who has tested positive for Covid and displayed these characteristic symptoms, which are specific to Covid, then it's not any other disease that causes their respiratory failure.
  9. If someone who tests positive for Covid dies from respiratory failure whilst on a ventilator, then I think we can trust medics in an ICU to identify Covid as the main cause of death.
  10. I agree entirely. As much as it can be uncomfortable sitting in the cold, I have plenty of winter clothing to fend it off. Also, in the days when we could go on holiday, I'd miss games in July/August.
  11. FTOF

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    3 - 0. Game over. United's GD taking a dunt.
  12. FTOF

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    2 - 0. Two deflections.
  13. FTOF

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    Blue bigots 1 up v United, against the run of play.
  14. They do indeed, but they have a significantly larger squad size than us. We're down to a squad size of 18 fit players. 19 if Quaner makes it. Alongside St.J we have the smallest squad size in the league. FootballSquads - Scottish Premiership - 2020/2021 Must be very difficult at present regarding training, trying to balance rest and keeping players ticking over. I wonder if contact games in training have been curtailed, just in case of further injury risk. We could definitely do with a free agent or two, if there are any around.
  15. Splash out and get one for each arse cheek.
  16. Just in case you were getting bored with Covid. Bird flu: Russia detects first case of H5N8 bird flu in humans - BBC News
  17. He'll be a big miss, simply because we won't have Dennis or Brophy at our disposal and we have to turn to Erwin, who hasn't exactly been contributing much to our scoring efforts.
  18. It was hardly his fault that the dirty hacking bastard Murray Davidson inflicted a shocking tackle upon him. Blame that arsehole, for him not getting fit. It was obviously a pretty bad knee ligament injury.
  19. Strongest team we could put out, given the current injury situation.
  20. FTOF

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    Virgin media has been fine.
  21. I was going to post, but I thought I'd wait and see how something unfolds until I comment on the matter.
  22. More unravelling. Boris Johnson's 'union adviser' Oliver Lewis quits after two weeks - BBC News
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