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  1. TBH they way that our four pre-contracts have been widely reported, I think any "surprise" signings may be few and far between.
  2. That's usually what happens in a football team. Call it a "first team squad" if you like. Without "fellow teammates" you wouldn't actually have a team.
  3. Being hopelessly out of touch with respect to the Paisley pub scene (and lots of other things apparently), does anyone have any suggestions where to watch next week's Scotland game? The Bull Inn is an obvious choice, but will no doubt be rammed.
  4. I've just renewed mine. Looking forward to the start of the new season. Although any positivity I display usually diminishes by the end of August.
  5. If he can stay injury free, then he'll be a decent signing.
  6. Don't think so. Although it does seem that some people have received e-mails.🤔
  7. Sad to see both going. [emoji22] Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  8. A tad unlikely since he had his ankle op on Thursday.
  9. The ferry situation has indeed been a costly fuck up of monumental proportions. However, if the current level of scrutiny being applied to the situation was applied to the contracts handed out to the Tory network and for equipment not fit for purpose during Covid, I wonder how many "ferry fuck ups" would equal that vast sum of taxpayers money. The tip of the iceberg - Ministers refuse to share papers relating to £200m PPE contracts with Michelle Mone-linked firm - Business Insider You have to laugh at the Tory frog king at Holyrood accusing the scottish government of corruption and wasting taxpayers money. I know it's his job, but what a brass neck.
  10. Apparently both ourselves and Livingston have offered Reghan Tumilty (RB/RWB) of Raith Rovers a contract. Reghan Tumilty - Wikipedia Reghan Tumility | Football Stats | Raith Rovers | Age 25 | Soccer Base
  11. It's the first Saturday home win with fans present. Sorry to piss on your chips.
  12. Indeed. If you watch him at a game, then he quite often outmuscles players twice his size and causes them no end of problems.
  13. One of Connelly's other book series, the Lincoln lawyer starts on Netflix next Friday.
  14. The type of striker that is in the right place at the right time. A constant pest to opposition defenders too. With a pre-season behind him, he'll only get better IMO.
  15. Haven't read the books, but really liked the Bosch series. Will watch the new incarnation this week. Watched Dune tonight. Read the books about 30 years ago, so could remember f**k all about it. A bit slow to start, but really enjoyed it overall. Looks set for a sequel.
  16. Watching game on ALBA. Both penalty claims certainly look as if they should have been awarded. Another two shite decisions from the referee. Gogic was excellent today. We need to make sure it's us that he signs for. Good to see both strikers scoring. Greive in the right place at the right time and a fantastic strike by Main. A good, strong performance from Erhahon today.
  17. One of Goodwin's better signings. Relatively pleased with this.
  18. Our only other decent manager in recent times, Jack Ross, was in the same category IMO. It's not a criticism. It's just the nature of managers nowadays. Just out of interest, which was the last manager that you did have time for? We've had a succession of shit managers, and other than Ross, I'm struggling to remember one that I rated.
  19. Like Goodwin then. 15th Feb 2021. "It's a great time to be a part of this club. I feel there is a real air of positivity and we have SMiSA soon to take over the ownership of the club and the introduction of Kibble which is a fantastic step in the right direction. There are really good people on the board who are as keen as I am to take the club forward and take it to the next level." 19th Feb 2022 "I've f**ked off to Aberdeen." At several points, Goodwin's runs "with his own players" went on a horrendous run. We can only hope that Robinson spends our money more wisely.
  20. He has until he proves that he's not worthy of the job. The only reason that we still had Goodwin in charge, was that he was a club legend. He could have had no complaints at being binned at several points during his tenure. Fortunately for him, he managed some very fortunate results in Jan/Feb. An occurrence that Aberdeen will live to regret IMO. Unlike others, I hope that Robinson succeeds and improves on this seasons shit show, which has been, with few exceptions, dreadful from start until finish.
  21. Ronan's passing was absolutely rotten yesterday.
  22. I agree. However, he didn't comment on Motherwell, so I don't know whether he thinks they're a "wee club" too.
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