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  1. He broke his toe about a month ago and will be out for a wee while.
  2. We're a club who have improved both on and off the pitch in the past year. Why should that not be extended to the academy? If we adopted your reasoning, we'd not have Keith Lasley at the club. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  3. Successful businesses strive to improve year on year. Sometimes good staff are replaced by better staff. It's called life.
  4. Neither does anyone who posts on here. In the current financial climate, many businesses are making savings. Why should we be any different? It's extremely unfortunate that employees are losing their jobs, but it's hardly unheard of at businesses of our size.
  5. Seems like some people are upset because their mates have lost their jobs. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  6. Plenty for all this evening. Are they big enough to partake?
  7. Conor McCarthy: Barnsley defender out for nine months with serious knee injury - BBC Sport Not so good.
  8. McKenna out injured and McTominay suspended. Porteous or Gallagher alongside Hendry?
  9. I'm not making fun of anyone. I'm adding some balance to the one-sided angle that you're portraying. Incidentally, much of which goes on at other businesses as an everyday occurrence, without any mention. P.S. I voted against Kibble involvement. So sorry to piss on your chips with regards to the "insiders" assertion.
  10. St Mirren supporters group Marching On take first step in bid to improve matchday experience in Paisley - Daily Record Mmmmmm. Who to believe. Individuals who clearly have an axe to grind with The Kibble, who just seem to exist to create a dismal cloud of negativity regarding everything about the club, or people working with the club to achieve something positive?
  11. Paul Hartley: Hartlepool United sack manager after no league wins in three months in charge - BBC Sport Oh dear...................
  12. It's a prequel. Does look good though.
  13. One of the few possibly. Fortunately, the manager doesn't think so either.
  14. Just put Tanser in there as a replacement when he's fit, which is I'm sure what Robinson was planning for, as his current set up ideally would accommodate two wing backs who can get up the park and pressurise the opposition defence. So no need for 12 players. I'm far from "dismissing" Tait, as he's done a good job so far. However, if we're to do any damage down the left, we need a more mobile wing back.
  15. Indeed. That's why we need a true wing back playing there. The left side equivalent of Strain. Until we that happens, we will continue to be under more pressure on the left hand side. Also, if we had the same type of player on the right, then Baccus would still be waiting for his first goal. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  16. Dylan Reid gets Celtic transfer revival as deal 'back ON' for St Mirren kid - Daily Record
  17. I think the fact that Tait offers very little going forward, allows the opposition full backs to venture forward more often to support the midfield. Fortunately our midfield, more often than not, helped to prevent too much damage being done. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  18. Youann should have had a second booking for halving O'Hara in the second half. Other than that, he didn't make any more mistakes than his more experienced peers make.
  19. Indeed. The stadium is the better for it, when it's packed with away fans that aren't the old scum. Some great atmospheres created by decent away fans. Only a complete oaf would fail to realise that.
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    The big Ayr Centre forward Akinyemi looks like a player.
  21. You could just have typed "I was wrong" or posted in Sonny's latest thread.[emoji6] Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
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