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  1. No surprises there really. I still had an unrealistic tiny spark of hope that Hladky would stay.😢
  2. Ryan Flynn re-signing. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/exclusive-huge-boost-st-mirren-22121457
  3. Wait a minute. So we might not get to see some of the season because some of the games will be played behind closed doors? In other news, I've heard that the Titanic has sunk.
  4. Morrisons in Lone end was significantly busier yesterday at 8.30 a.m. than it has been over the past few weeks and there was no queue when I went in. The lack of face coverings was quite noticeable too, which is particularly worrying as the aisles were much more populated. The petrol station was much busier too. Looks like a few "eye tests" are being planned for this weekend.
  5. TBH most of your posts adopt that strategy, so no surprise that you're so familiar with it. Anyway, failing to see what's in front of you doesn't make you an idiot. Just shows that you're capable of reading what you want to read, just like you accused BTB of doing.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/feb/13/sajid-javid-resigns-as-chancellor-amid-boris-johnson-reshuffle Indeed. If someone can't work that out from this article, then I suggest that they have very little grasp on how politics work.
  7. They are shutting schools in the area where most of the cases have arisen. Seems a very sensible containment move, and one which I'm sure will be employed by other countries if the same thing happens.
  8. South Korea had a second lot of cases. I hesitate to call either a wave as they controlled their first lot very well. More like first and second ripples? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/spike-south-korea-coronavirus-cases-prompts-alarm-new-crackdown-n1216266
  9. I'm sure this "Billy Big baws" statement was exceptionally helpful in promoting her idea. “This is not the time to be expelling one of the League’s biggest and best resourced Clubs from the Premiership.“ “In short, the Premiership needs Hearts more than the Championship does.”
  10. I never thought I'd say this, but well done Douglas Ross, but you're still a shite assistant ref.
  11. That was easy. A taste of your own medicine stoopid.
  12. I just can't get over how someone could be so stupid as to miss all the lies that have been told by Cummings.
  13. To be fair I stole it first and reworded it slightly.
  14. Apparently Professor Neil Ferguson is to be reinstated after being sacked for inviting a woman over for sex. Boris has accepted his explanation that he was worried that his cock wasn't working and he needed to try it out.
  15. I know of one household where they will be prostrating themselves in front of the TV.
  16. Just how did the rest of the UK residents who went through exactly the same situation, without the best facilities in the UK at their fingertips, manage to avoid driving to relatives to get their parents to look after the children. He's an arrogant chancer who got caught. He just doesn't have the morals to admit he f**ked up badly. F**k me! I just had a quick read through his interview answers. It's Donald Trump in a Dominic Cummings suit.
  17. Cummings and his wife didn't.
  18. To be fair that's been a UK wide practice. A few care homes, in both Scotland and England,that I know of had untested patients that were forced upon them in this manner. The care home managers and the company asked the NHS to test them, but they refused to do so. The care homes tried to refuse the patients, but the NHS contacted the care commission, and the care homes were forced to take the patients. The patients proved to be covid positive and unfortunately they died. Fortunately, the standards were so high in most of the affected care homes, that a spread to the existing residents did not occur. However, the deaths will now be attributed to the companies responsible, through no fault of their own and patients that could have been treated in hospital, if they had been tested, have now died.
  19. My mate and his wife who stay in London, both had Covid. He said it was like a really bad hangover and that they were exhausted for two weeks. They have two young kids. They managed to cope without f**king off to Liverpool or Stockholm, to get their parents to help out. Surely the most powerful man in the UK could have sorted something out and stayed at home, with the vast resources that he has at his fingertips.
  20. They do, and have done for years. It's something that I and my staff spend a lot of time on. I always tell pupils to go and research data/information and make their own minds up about something and not just accept everything that they are told. Evolution is the one that I find sparks the most controversy. The problem is that everyone is so "spoon fed" these days, that most people just accept what they see on the internet or in the papers as being unquestionably true or they're too f**king lazy to look anything up and want others to do it for them.
  21. He broke the rules. Quite simple. According to Carlaw, "There cannot be one set of rules for bosses and another for everyone else". It's about the one thing that he's said that's correct. Funny how his moral outrage has deserted him when it's one of his own breaking the rules.
  22. It's getting more and more like Trump's tenure every day. And we laugh at the Americans accepting Trump's outright lies and deceptions.
  23. Far from a "handful". We'll see who is correct. I think I'll go with the London business community myself.
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