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  1. https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/scottish-premiership/sfa-mark-rangers-below-st-16414298 Not that we need a UEFA licence this year, but how do we get such a good overall rating and get refused a licence. Interesting to see the artificial pitch ratings. Think the overall rating shows how well managed a "small' club we are. Apologies didn't see same thing listed under the very subtke "we've won gold thread".
  2. Don't know if it is the academy system or something their mother puts in their tea but all 3 McGinns' all come with "the right stuff". They all have given 100% for the Club and jersey. Not always our greatest individual players but when you look at their attitude, professionalism, commitment etc. a lot of other players could learn from them about what it means to be a 'professional". If some of our "talented" prima donna's over the years had shared that attitude, they may have gone on to far greater heights. Both McGinns have had their lows this season but don't think the fans ever doubted their commitment. That attitude OK has instilled in whole team.
  3. Subtle difference between "save the pot" and "save the pot for a rainy day when we have fan ownership". I think in hindsight that the proposal at the AGM may have got a very different outcome if many fans like me had realised that they could cast a "proxy vote". As it was the proposal was decided by a room full of virtualy SMISA committee members so it never was going to get a fair chance. It's not the committee's fault that things like the AGM are poorly attended. that sadly is the way things like that are supported. It may have been good to have a proper agenda and any proposals requiring voting sent out in advance and the members options regards a proxy vote explained. Despite the above, I do thank the Committee for their hard work in supporting our club.
  4. Service normally Ok for me. Most times it freezes it tends to be my server. I know it not the most professional service but it overall provides a good service. Can certainly understand the frustration if expecting to be watching the Buddies Certainly miss it on away games. So far this year broke my heart to give Rangers the money and had to listen to terrible Blue Nose commentator, Aberdeen insist you sign up for a month, yesterday St Johnstone don’t offer the service at all. Last season good service at Dunfermline but nothing from ICT. Amazed at how few clubs provide it good Saturday night in , 2 hours of Off the Ball, out for food when radio Scotland locks out overseas listeners then back for the game! Service certainly appreciated my this ex pat Buddie Really looking forward to getting up at 3am on Wednesday for the Motherwell game. pity about the results!!!
  5. Dreading watching Brown getting away with kicking, bullying the midfield and allowing the remaining Celtic midfield to run over us. Like him or loath him, he brings that Billy Abercrombie, Goodwin strength to the mid-field that we are severely lacking these days. Just hope the young guys don't get caught up in his antics. He always seems to get sympathy from refs, while our guys get booked for first tackle! Early to bed tonight, then up in middle of night to watch game live on internet!
  6. So does anybody know what the final shareholding would be after the fans buy club. Main share holdings going forward I would guess at Bought by Fans under the current purchase plan 51% (old Boards shares) Existing SMISA Share Holding? ? Existing GS Personal share holding ? Other existing small share holders ?
  7. Plenty of talk about season ticket sales, does anybody know if St Mirren TV will be up and running again next season? Not sure with the Premier League if club can still offer it. OK not a huge part of club finances but last season saw about 100 of us on line for most home games.
  8. As some have said above, Jack is a professional who rightly so is looking after his career. Who wouldn’t? I think every moment he has been with the club he has given us 110% when he goes, and it looking increasingly likely he will, let us thank him for the incredible journey he has taken us on over past 18 months. When you start mud slinging, think back 14 point off the bottom of the league. Just remember how that felt, then remember The celebrations last month. He will be a hard act to follow as he has not only coached the team but has rebuilt the spirit in the club. the next guy produces a few good results, we will be asking “Jack who?”, Jack has a bad start to next season and the usual suspects would be baying for his head we football fans are impossible to please. If honest, we have no loyalty either. Our memories are only as good as the last 3 results the King is dead, long live the King!
  9. I don’t know if they are obliged to include players and managers from the lower leagues, but isn’t it a great compliment to our club’s season to see Jack, Lewis and Cammy getting recognition nationally and from their peers. Irrespective of the outcomes, we are all proud of what they achieved for us.
  10. Morgan is what we all like, a fast player willing to run at defence, scores goals. A joy to watch. Yes he should getting awards But every time Cammy has been injured or dropped I panicked about our form. He is the workhorse of the forward set up. He just seems to the one who makes the Riley, Morgan, Maggines gel. He links back to the grafters in the middle of the park. When he’s not there, they become disjointed. So both Morgan and him shared my votes. Morgan was an obvious for the Players Player of the Year but isn’t it great that Cammy recognised as well. i suspect Morgan will get the nod, just because of the type of player he is. Cammy can rightly be proud of a great season even if he looses out.
  11. Not having made the SMISA AGM i am cautious about commenting on any SMISA responce. Since asking in my last post, i am still not sure as a 12 pound payer whether I am actually a member of SMISA or not. I am still no clearer as to what is truth and to quote Mr Trump false news. In simple terms, I and I suspect many others who have been reading this latest episode will be watching a lot closer to see that the money for the astroturf is genuinely being paid back in installments from the monthly two pounds. Having got us in to such confusion, SMISA have a huge responsibility to be seen to be totally above reproach on this matter going forward. Please help restore our confidence in the BTB plan. we are at a great place currently on the pitch, lets combine that with some positive thoughts about the way forward to fan ownership. COYS and BTB
  12. Party in paisley tonight. To my 100 fellow buddies that watch on St Mirren Tv, enjoy the party no matter where you are in world. Even with air conditioning on I was sweating like a pig for the last 15 minutes. Party in Bangkok tonight.’ Congratulations to Jack and everybody involved with St Mirren tonight. What a journey we have been on!
  13. It has all become terribly confusing on here for the ordinary fan who bought in to the idea of buying the club. Quite frankly, I and I suspect many other fans are sick of seeing personal vendettas from either inside or outside of SMISA. Some of it may be factual and very valid points but it is so difficult for the ordinary fan member to separate fact from fake news. The forum is an “open debating shop” but for many fans it is also a way of keeping up with what is going on within the wider St Mirren world. In the past, I bought a small amount of shares to do my thing in supporting the club. The £12 spend seemed a natural thing to do. If honest, I didn’t really look at the constitution when I signed up this time. I suspect most of us just want to see a future for the Club. Happy to assume our money is gathering in a big bucket to be handed over to Gordon and at that point we will have a real discussion about how the members run the club. Unfortunately it is that naivity that many of the hard liners either within SMISA or on the fringe are depending on to let them have their way. The role of SMISA in this whole affair has always confused me. Paying my £12, am I a member of SMISA or simply an outsider funding them? How are we going to get a responsible board out of a group that struggles to get sufficient support to fill its committee? Not fully their fault, we are mostly apathetic when it comes to stepping forward to support such groups even if we like what they do for our club. The £2 spend is a commendable idea, but even there, it is becoming more contentious as every quarter goes by. I sometimes read some of the ideas, question their relevance and wonder whose personal hobby horse it really is. I am an early voter. I tend to read the papers as they come out and “trust’ what I read to base my decision on. Yes I am guilty of being an uninformed voter. Having seen this month’s ensuing debate that situation will certainly change going forward. This recent spate of posting has just brought home to me how fragile this whole set up is. I know SMISA don’t post on forum, fair point, but perhaps a formal statement to clarify the legality of it all is needed. That wasn’t fully clarified in the original proposal. Part of me feels sorry for SMISA, they could in fact be doing a great job and this is simply somebody stirring things. I do however think that given the mud slinging regarding the legal situation of what is a substantial sum, they do need to respond. There is a lot of reference to SMISA being a “community group” with obligations to the wider community around the club. That is all well and fine, but they are also custodians of my and many other people’s money in our attempt to take the club in to fan ownership. Perhaps they need to be careful in not mixing up these two objectives. The £2 spend they can play with to meet their community responsibilities but the £10 is to be managed to buy the club shares as soon as possible. The 3 monthly spend has been contentious for a while now and if we are not careful it will only get worse. I sadly am one of those remote fans who doesn’t stay in Paisley and can’t attend games or SMISA events, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care how my money is being managed toward a dream of fans owning the club.
  14. For the St Mirren TV fans around the world, I received the following from Dundee United about watching Tuesday night’s game on Internet. you will find our live games situated on our official website under the ArabZONE tab and entitled watch live. https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/arabzone/watch-live#clip=97f52ebmss0s The St Mirren game will be live from Monday to purchase. don’t have a cost but at this stage in the season, but who cares! Looks like another late night in Bangkok
  15. Does anybody remember a game at Ibrox where we won 4-1 with Aly McLeod scoring all 4? I think it was a mid week League Cup game in mid 70’s
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