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  1. Who would be a manger? After the cup failure, SR given hell on here about his poor summer signings, now a few weeks later, he is a GOD with everybody saying what wonderful signing he made. On paper, JR looks to have strengthened his team over the summer. They surprised everybody last season, I wouldn't right them off just yet. A lot depends on if he gets the time. SR did, but that may be becasue we can't afford to sack him. Going to be an interesting season outside of the OF.
  2. None of the above. Pattern on the black looks a bit like 60"s fashion. The more understated pattern on the white looks better but with black shorts and socks.
  3. The Board can invite other people, like the senior commercial person. manager etc to their meeting, but only Board members can vote on issues.
  4. A lot depends on the reason for the money being spent. In the past the biggest shortfall was often cash flow in winter months after a few postponements. In that case individual directors (major shareholders) often gave the club short term loans that were then paid back. I think that could be way ahead for one aspect of the SMISA investment. Like others, I cannot see how Kibble could make such loans.
  5. Does Scotland have a free kick taker? Somebody that when we get something close to the edge of the box gets us all on the edges of our seat. Leigh Griffiths is last one I remember. Who from the current crop of players does that? For us Buddies, the likes of Mallen, Carey used to get us all excited.
  6. Slightly off topic but about the Euros squad, hopefully one of you can help. Given that vaccinations are now getting to younger people, they are more readily available, why was the Scotland squad, families, back roof staff and even fringe players not vaccinated a month ago. Appreciate not 100% full proof but would certainly have reduced the risk. Even with life in a bubble, this might have helped. Hopefuly Jason Leitch quietly organised it for the boys. Don’t want a big antivax debate, just trying to be practical and look after the lads. 1 case and 5-6 not travelling to Holland game, concerns me
  7. This time it’s the blue side of the ugly sisters. Equally it could be the green side. I am hearing Celtic friends condemn this but they never understand it takes two to tango. Don’t see them commenting when it’s the Green Brigade etc. Last month everybody was up in arms about the racist comments made against a rangers player. Isn’t a bit sanctimonious of the west of Scotland society that condemn that but find the bile from rangers and Celtic pefectly acceptable. Not excusing them, but the sad part is that those same players who were abused, were probably singing but don’t actually know what they were singing about in the video. Given fact most of the team are from overseas they are just repeating the rubbish they hear each week on the terraces We all know that at every game we will be subjected to the hatred that is the Old Firm bigotry yet nobody seems to hear the songs at the SFA, SPFL and Holyrood. Money makes this bile acceptable. Maybe when we get the “say no to racism” campaign, we need to look a bit closer to home at bigotry. sadly we all know that not going to happen as it’s the ugly sisters pulling the strings
  8. Bit of a weak challenge. First time I saw it it almost looked like he was trying to kick the ball but was too slow. If you want a real goalkeeper challenge, don't forget about the Artur Borec tackle (assault) on Dargo? Nearly killed him! https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/other-sports/st-mirren-stars-jail-blast-999150
  9. Oh no, what are the club doing in putting out a straight forward statement? Such spoil sports Don't they realise they are just spoiling the fun of all our conspiracy theorists on here who are desperate to talk about fallouts between Kibble, SMISA and the club, Kibble finding grave financial errors in the books, possible financial irregularities that could scupper the buyout. No doubt they will find something else to moan about!
  10. Technically permitted in November but morally wrong in December trip to Dubai. The Covid situation changed dramatically with the appearance of the new strain in early December. After this shambles about the Celtic trip, it will be interesting to see what the beaks have to say about the St Mirren and Kilmarnock appeals. Celtic are already on a warning from a Covid breach earlier in the season, will they get off again? All the talk about a weakened Celtic, half the team played against Rangers. The joy of being able to afford a large squad. Celtic have admitted that there were minor breaches in Dubai, compare that to what Kilmarnock and the Buddies did. I think all the provincial fans know what will be overlooked and who will be punished.
  11. bonzoboys

    AGM 2020

    Has anybody been contacted regards the 2020 AGM? It normally should be around early December. Is it on hold pending the financial investigation that has been reported recently. As a Company, does the Club not have an obligation to it's shareholders to bring them up to date.
  12. Gilmour given a bit of a rough time. There are three parts to the Covid issue. The Government decision was simply based on number of cases, risks to other players etc. They are not worried who is infected, simply number of cases, exposure, risk etc. They do not look at individual players etc The UEFA situation only dictates the number of players you need to field. It does state that it is 13 players INCLUDING a goalkeeper. The situation of losing 3 goalkeepers very late in the day is a football issue. The emergency rule is there but what would be the outcome if St Mirren had conscientiously endeavoured to get an emergency goalkeeper and given the difficulty such as player needs to be Covid tested, failed through no fault of themselves. Hearts having a goalkeeper in training and tested was pure luck. Outfield players have gone in goals but seldom from the start. To me insisting they put an outfield player in goals is the wrong part.
  13. Interesting to listen to Tommy Wright on Sportsound podcast last Fiday. When talking about St Mrren going to Ibrox, he was asked about how difficult it is to go to the ugly sisters. He explained very clearly that the difficult part is not defending against the Old Firm, most teams can get men behind the ball. the most important aspect is when you do get the ball, do not give it back to them easily, try to hold it, take the steam out of the game. As I sat and watched the game, i could just hear his words coming back to haunt us! Hot potato fotball, In most cases 2 passes and Rangers had the ball back. Jim needs to get that part fixed. Not fair to comment on Obika, any worldclass striker would have been isolated on Sunday. Sadly might be more of the same on Wednesday.
  14. It has been mentioned by a couple of people, that some of us overseas fans support the club by paying to watch the live home games on SMTV. Will this service still be available or be replaced by the SKY deal? We are in effect paying for a "virtual" Season Ticket annually. What happens when games with fans start again? I do not want to start a debate about camera work etc. Although the University footage is not perfect, it far better than nothing.
  15. Watching the cup goal, for some reason it reminded me of the recent obika goal against Hearts. No alcohol involved!!! Of of course no comparison with Ferguson. But just thinking about how important goals can be. All this hassle about relegation was hanging on a few of Obika,s “lucky” strikes. Would there have been the same uproar if it was us instead of Hearts in the relegation spot. Heard the Hamilton GM ask the same question last week on Sportsound. Sporting integrity my arse!!!
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