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  1. Pretty much my situation, other than attending home games v the vile bigots. Other than Killie, Hamilton, 'Well, and occasionally Livingston, I hadn't been attending away games pre-covid anyway. Two of them are now in the championship, so that narrows it down to two possibilities. I had other things on for both the other two away possibilities mentioned, so didn't go. If the last two years have taught me anything, it's that there are far more important things to be doing on a Saturday than spending 5 or 6 hours travelling to and attending a football match.
  2. Three CH's, two defenders as wing backs, and two non-creative midfielders. Defensive you say? There's the problem.
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    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Man Utd manager leaves club - BBC Sport Should have happened a year ago, as I suggested at the time.
  4. The black stripes with the white pattern is bowfing. Strip 2 is passable, but far too much white on it. Joma are a shower of chancers. The mind boggles as to what the away strip will be like.
  5. Correct IMO. I can't understand why Millar has been dropped. We missed all the things you've highlighted yesterday on the right hand side. Millar's pressing would have made them defend a bit deeper. as it was they kept pushing up and restricted our play down the right hand side. I agree also that we should have gone with Brophy on his own. One up top seems to be our best formation. I'm afraid that Main, after an O.K. start, seems to be performing like the player that I hoped he wouldn't be. He's offered nothing in the last two games. I'd also have have stuck Reid alongside Power, as we need an energy in there that I'm afraid Flynn no longer provides. Having said that, there were too many players not at the races yesterday, and as poor a team as Dundee are, we were never going to beat them with that level of collective shiteness.
  6. Fantastic signing. The best striker we've had at the club since Sir Thommo.
  7. A sound thrashing handed out. Afghanistan were miles ahead in every respect.
  8. Erhahon going down south to see specialists regarding a hamstring problem. McGrath's injury seems to be something that "went" in his hip whilst stretching for the ball. No info about Tanser. If we're keeping the same formation, then Flynn/Reid for Erhahon, McAllister for McGrath and Tait for Tanser, if the latter fails to make it. Tweaking the formation might mean a start for Main. I wonder if McCarthy's error for the second goal might mean a return for Dunne.
  9. 60 years on and they're still doing it. To their own city no less. Daft by Needham, given his position within the club, and I think he has to go.
  10. Nah. I spent a couple of years in Edinburgh and met many individuals from both sets of fans. The only set that ever aped either of the Glasgow bigots were Hearts fans. The Hibs fans were generally decent folk, focussed solely on football and the occasional skirmish with away fans.
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    Back foot of one of the defenders played him on.
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    They tried that at some other large conference involving many nations. The time zone differences caused significant problems apparently. COP26: Does a climate summit need 25,000 people? And more questions - BBC News
  13. Scotland have just beaten Bangladesh by 6 runs at the Men's T20 world cup. Great result against a Test team.
  14. Off to see The Rezillos in The Spiegeltent at The spree festival tomorrow evening. First gig since the one above. My brother first saw them in concert 43 years ago. A wee bit of trepidation about being packed in with a couple of hundred people, but I'm sure it will be fine.
  15. Too busy whining about everything else.
  16. The one in Houston Court in Johnstone closed in 2013. The restaurant itself is still there with the Wimpy shop front still intact.
  17. That's a far more moderate response than I was thinking, given that you can enter St.Mirren V Livingston into Google in about 10 seconds. The term "arsehole" springs to mind for some reason.
  18. I presumed that......................
  19. Livingstone 0-1 St Mirren | Video | Watch TV Show | Sky Sports Livingstone?
  20. Indeed. Head and shoulders above the rest, although I thought our back three were great too. When Power concentrates on playing football, and avoids booting the opposition unnecessarily, he's a huge asset to the team.
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