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  1. Doens't look very official to me, Ricky Gillies still a Saint? And Kevin Twaddle for that matter.
  2. SP07

    A Request

    So I've been told by some of the older guys, just want to know where they've gone!!
  3. SP07

    A Request

    Hi guys, most of you on this part of the forum are, I'm sure, aware of what we are doing. One of our plans was to try to cover up the eyesore that is the North West stand when it sits empty for all games bar those when the OF come to visit. We have a few banners already made up that can be laid out (we are of course still waiting official confirmation of permission to do this, but we have spoken to people at the club off the record and there appears to be no problem) but we want as many as possible. So I'm launching an appeal for anyone with old banners kicking about their lofts who wouldn't mind seeing them laid out over some empty seats at Love Street to please get in touch with me either on here or through our site at http://www.supraspaisley.co.nr. I'm thinking particularly of the big Sammy Broon's saltire, but there must be others of you with old flags that are only gathering dust in the house. Please take the time to browse our website if you want more information on what we are doing, or contact me on here if you have any questions. Thanks in advance!
  4. SP07

    What Next For Smisa

    I spoke to Wullie Bell before the first meeting and he was very supportive of our ideas. Likewise a couple of SMISA guys have PMd me on here to offer support and good luck. However, I don't think we're in any position to ask for anything other than simple encouragement from the SMISA guys right now! The only thing I would ask is for any guys with large old flags - and here I'm thinking particularly of Wullie with the huge Sammy Broon's saltire - who are willing to let us lay out their flags in the empty North West stand on matchdays (presuming of course that we are allowed to go ahead with that plan, but it seems likely) to get in touch with me about that, as we won't have enough flags to cover the stand by the start of the season, that's for sure!
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