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  1. Had trouble getting through to the ticket office on the phone so we drove down there to get some. Not many tickets left. Apparently the woman is mega busy with calls etc. but if you leave a message when you call, she will try and call you back. Probably wouldnt leave it on the day to get one folks, or you will be watching from the castle.
  2. I was invited along by a member on saturday. First and foremost, I have to say the bar looks fantastic and the memorabilia area is great. Although someone could do with a spirit level for all the picture frames The drink is reasonably priced and theres an ok selection available. Sadly at £6 to get in, and to only get signed in by a member, I probably won't be back again in the near future. I don't have the disposable income to become a member. It would have been nice to watch other games before hand too as there was very little atmosphere in the place with no music or no games on. It's a shame really. This could be a great venue for before and after games if it was open to anyone and the ticket prices were a little cheaper. But I'd rather go to a place where everyone can meet up and not require to be signed in and we can watch the footy and grab a bite of food before we go.
  3. My saint supporting mate lives in Australia and has seen him play quite a lot. He is baffled at this move. He was good in the auzzie league but not Prem league quality. Who knows maybe he will do a mahrez and up his game...or he will be loaned out for a few seasons and sold on.
  4. Good replacement for Goodwin and Carswell in the middle. Should hopefully partner well with Quinn. The most pleasing thing i've seen from the Quinn and Hutton signings is the fact they are on a 2 year deal.
  5. Mallan Watson Shankland Langfield. The rest is pot luck. Felt really guilty not giving Thommo any points. Also gave Goodwin some points over people who have played all season, which says a lot. I think the performances he gave in the few games he's played this season were still better than some of the others!
  6. Sorry for the late call off boys but I've got some work I need to do. Hope u can find someone. I've updated teamer
  7. I recently got a new pair of astros so my old ones are going free (size 9). Still in alright nick, nothing wrong with them apart from they were a bit tight for me. Any of you are welcome to them if it will stop you's breaking your neck before your pay day. All I ask is not to be tombstoned, slide tackled, and moaned at... and maybe just maybe thrown a pass every so often so im not bored out my tits.
  8. Hi all, I'm sad to say we lost another life long St Mirren fan at the weekend there in Jimmy Cooper. His son Peter asked me to put up a post to let fellow buddies know who knew him, where and when the funeral is. Tuesday 22nd Dec at 12 at Woodside Paisley Crematorium. Jimmy Cooper and Derek Menzies were the reason Peter, myself and many of our friends became buddies over 20 years ago. So they have a lot to answer for. Why couldn't they be Barcelona fans!? They will dearly be missed. I still remember the day he bought me an extra season ticket to go along with his son to sit in the North bank. Once I heard the songs and banter that day, I was hooked. Many years later at the cup final I got to thank him for making me a st mirren fan. RIP buddie
  9. I have to agree though, i've noticed it more and more recently. People getting frustrated and lashing out. Even seen someone the other week getting frustrated with themselves and lashing out at someone else, or kicking the ball away when its went out for a kick in. I don't mind the fouls so much, as its a contact sport, but its the manner in which they happen. Half the time theirs no apology any more. If you hurt someone, even if its completely accidental, say sorry and make sure they are alright. If its a deliberate foul, don't come back.
  10. Sorry guys wont make it tonight. Been ill the past few days, was hoping it would have cleared up by now. I've updated teamer.
  11. We've just sold 2 players in 6 months, both for 6 figure sums, one of which with a sell on fee. Not sure what your point is here?
  12. We should maybe use some of the kitty money to grab some gloves to leave with the bibs?
  13. I've joined, I'm HuttonDressedAsLahm. Had a shocker of a start due to Arsenal :|
  14. They had a clear aim to me: They said the Title was not a realistic expectation this season. Playoffs and top 4 finish are the same thing, and thats what they hope to achieve this season. Thats their clear aim. However they said that they wont be too disapointed if they don't achieve that this season, that it may make 2 seasons due to the transition of new management and players, and our first season in the championship, and hibs and rangers still in the division. With them out of the way the 2nd season its more achievable. On your final point. Surely their objectives is to win each game and their success and failure to do so will be what we measure their performance and aptitude?
  15. Enjoyed that, very promising! Cheers. How much are we getting for the product placement of that can of bru?
  16. This deal likely to go ahead now that we are signing Callum Gallagher?
  17. Was a good game last night, was great to be back after 5 or 6 months out! Needless to say i'm a broken man today :|
  18. Was a decent game and promising to say the least. When was the last time we seen saints go in against lower opposition and come out comfortable winners? Scored 3 goals, 2 of them fantastic, had 2 goals chopped off for offside, had 1 cleared off the line with a hand ball, hit the crossbar and an amazing save on the line from their keeper to deny Naismith. The young players were confident and driving forward, they looked hungry. Our passing was fairly decent, apart from the few distribution errors from ridgers. Thommo did well, got in to space well enough, held up play and created space for the likes of agnew to get his shot off. Even Goodwin had a decent game when he came on, few cracker passes and defended well, apart from his howler pass from a throw in, but it added to the entertainment Can't wait to see how we stack up against teams in this league. It's going to be an interesting season thats for sure!
  19. Top of the standby list finally. Come on you 4, give us a response so I know if I should blow the dust off my boots or not!
  20. http://player.stv.tv/episode/335w/peter-roughie-football/ http://player.stv.tv/episode/336u/peter-roughie-football/
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