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  1. Actually we HAVE gone 8 games without losing. We lost to Well before that run started.
  2. I agree. A slight touch, admittedly, but enough to divert the ball. Andrew Dalkas must hate Saints.
  3. In his whole career he's only got into double figures for league goals ONCE. Never a prolific striker.
  4. 7 goals in 39 league games for us. Proven goalscorer? You're having a laugh.
  5. Coming over for this one, so hopefully it won't be another shitfest. 2-1 Saints (but which one?)
  6. They beat us comfortably today. It could have been worse.
  7. Well that was shite. Positives - Strain's goal. Negatives - everything else. I reckon we only won 2 balls crossed into either box today. Played aimless long balls forward all day to nobody. I reckon Shaughnessy must have pissed in Robinson's chips if he can't get a game in that defence.
  8. Very poor today. Passing shocking. Defence chasing shadows. No midfield. Nothing upfront. Ah Well. It can only get better.
  9. All of our passing has been gas today, not just Erhahon's.
  10. I'm not looking for us to get all the decisions. I just want them to be fair and consistent. VAR was meant to assist in achieving that, but it's falling well short.
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