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  1. Thats a pity. If it was away, Smokie said we could all stay in his gaff. Free booze.
  2. This could be fun and games tonight. Two clubs whose fans are, in the main, utter f**kwits. It will be interesting to see the antics in the fanzone for those without tickets and the after the game when both sets of "supporters" are back in Seville city centre. The Spanish polis don't f**k about. it's baton charge first and ask questions later!
  3. So unionists would bomb the UK until we take NI back? Don't be silly. It may be unlikely. But remember them and the other lot spent 30+ years bombing their OWN country. So who knows what these irrational imbeciles would be capable of?
  4. Simple solution to that, give NI to ROI and the troubles will be ROI's problem, not the UK's. Believe me, the RoI doesn't want to be saddled with the North. Only the die hard Republicans here would welcome them. Too much historical baggage. And, FYI, loyalist bombs DID go off here, in Dublin and Monaghan.
  5. Oh I saw it, alright.You're quick enough to point it out when others aren't clear, but you don't like it when it's done to you, do you?
  6. Yes, but you didn't make that clear, did you?
  7. So we have more points that County, so we're better. So do Hibs. Also Livi have more points than Dundee Utd, Motherwell and County. So your argument doesn't really cut it.
  8. Agree on this. He couldn't tackle a fish supper but the English media seem to think he's the best right wing back in the world
  9. Don't know if any of you read the Beeb's match report, but they implied that Alnwick saved us from a hiding. FFS!! Did they have a reporter at the game?
  10. Didn't they already make a film of that, with Matthew McConaughy in the lead role?
  11. I've never been able to warm to Titus Welliver as Bosch. I've read all the Bosch books and he's not what I pictured. I also don't like the fact that they run different stories into each other. Having said that, I'll watch Bosch Legacy anyway.
  12. Decent performance against a poor team. Gogic was MoM for me, but Fraser and Tait both put in a good shift, as did Kiltie. And Main and Greive are gelling well. Some goal from Main!
  13. Before the game SMTV said we only had one injury - Dunne. So why was the match day squad so thin,
  14. Shocking. No drive, no heart. An absolutely gutless performance. Why the hell is Robinson still going with 3 at the back? It just doesn't work for us.
  15. Maybe we could take him and give them Jordan Jones back?
  16. 4 - 0, but it could have been 8. Although amazingly, we had 4 attempts on target!
  17. Our defence has really gone to shit since Robinson came in. What's going on behind the scenes?
  18. Feels more like the Stubbs appointment to me. Telling players their medals meant nothing.
  19. No, my comment was about you and the other fool trying to derail yet another thread.
  20. Give it a f**king rest you two. Stick to comments on the game
  21. Well, we all know what will happen, don't we?
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