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  1. Ayr win 1-0 but a draw was likely the fair result. Ayr had nothing to really worry us, so long as the players show the right attitude in 2 weeks, we should win with a bit to spare.
  2. Ayr 1 up but nothing between the teams. A normal lower league game, plenty of effort but not much more. Seen nothing so far to worry me for the cup game.
  3. Well i'm watching Ayr v Arbroath the now and will judge myself on their ability to beat us. 0-0 and not much happening after 10 mins.
  4. Wife drove 1 of those during the seventies. 7 days after getting it, something went bang inside the engine while driving pass Loch Ness ☚ī¸ Towed into Inverness and some backstreet garage did enough for us to get home 2 days later. Wasn't the worst car she had, and it did managed to get me and the mate to Dundee the night we won the league in 1977 👍 Also found a can of lager in the car the next day as she drove me to work, so that was my tea break sorted
  5. A defender, midfielder and a striker. Ian Ure Alan Gow Steve Archibald How good would we be
  6. Every team in the bottom 6 getting beat. That's is the only positive from today if it stays that way.
  7. Wife said we just can't do the basic when he did that ☚ī¸
  8. Sadly this wee fat bastard can jump better than most of our taller players. Doing what we do best, shit the bed the moment we go on the pitch at Ibrox 👎
  9. Anybody that won't shit the bed every time they play at Ibrox
  10. 1 of their strip hangs in the Court Bar with the story of how the team started.
  11. I missed that game as well as last night
  12. Excellent from all the players and proved Goodwin was right to go and spy on Celtic Goodwin wee boy is likely no talking to him now mind you I thought some of the Celtic players were excellent, and if we ever need new ball boys we know where to go Likely get applauded onto the pitch on sat now And finally, a big applaud for all our fans that had the guts to go to the game tonight with so many reasons not to
  13. In the 1st or 2nd half ? 😉
  14. Can we expect a Murrayfield type score prediction tonight from you ?
  15. Team not as bad from what we were fearing. 9 players with 1st team experience or 10 if Reid had played before. Bench is a joke but i can see how we have been made to play the game. Lots of changes from Celtic, so Goodwin must have them worries after spying on them on Sunday
  16. Does it have to be an other player failing a covid test, or would a player having a (alleged) pulled muscle also do ?
  17. Motherwell game will have had a good crowd i reckon since the away support would have been good. Certainly will cost the club a fair bit of money.
  18. Thought the new restrictions would have been brought in after the new year bigots game so not to upset ra Celtic
  19. It could be argued that all he was doing was to watch the next team that we are in action against, 3 days before we play them. All mangers go and watch other teams all the time. As for wearing a Celtic scarf, i just don't believe he would do that.
  20. Wonder if it was Charlie Adam would he had said the same thing 🤔
  21. You have taken that to far now
  22. Maybe, but his contract run out in 6 months. Surely a longer contract even on lower money would appeal more to him. Remember he signed for Dundee while they were in the championship so i am not convinced he would be on silly money. I certainly not fused either way about him, just as long as we get somebody new in.
  23. Maybe back to the Fakes after they dumped Davidson and Gus to Killie
  24. Maybe someone in the championship would take them. Why would Cummings think he deserved a high wage since he not done much in the last few years at any club ?
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