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  1. Better if the Dons players who scored all the goals get sent off and Accies keep Rice.
  2. Amazing the amount of goals scored by players not playing for the bigots. Looked like nobody else in our team scored very many Great times to be a saint supporter
  3. Just watch a 2hr program about him that i had recorded on Sky Documentry. Really enjoyed it and amazing he played for 25 years at the top level with Roma. Worth watching if it comes back on again.
  4. ICT had fans at their game last sat.
  5. I am talking about 16/17/18 year olds. Reckon Yflab is talking about the Dons players that play for Scotland U21
  6. The Dons bench was loaded with young players yesterday as well as them having some senior players missing. They also play Accies on Wed night, so 3 away games for them in 7 days will hopefully assist us. I think we have a decent chance for a narrow win.
  7. Did you not say the same about yesterday game
  8. He been on the pitch for 8 game out of 13 as you say, but had only played 90 mins in 3 of them. I would now say he missed half the league games based on the mins he been on the pitch and not most of the season that i said earlier I still say that Accies look more like scoring in games than we do, since we been unable to score more than 1 in a league game this season while they have done it 4 times. Thank F for their defence and their manager.
  9. How can you say Accies are toothless, when they have scored twice the league goals as us, and that's with Templeton missing most of the season ?
  10. Seen that as well and thought it must be wrong. Then counted our goals and thought for once, the BBC has got it right. Thank F we don't have Hamilton defence mind you
  11. You forgot the sending off as well
  12. I think the club get some of the money, since the crowd would normally be less with a live game, with and the rest goes into the pot. Percentage of what we get i don't know, but would expect to be more than what goes into the pot.
  13. I lived in Great Hamilton St for the 1st few months of my life before moving in 1955/56. Think it was pulled down not long after that.
  14. The big chimney and the big clock is the giveaway. Balnagowan Arms must be just to the right of the picture.
  15. My daughter said it is cloudy cheeky git [emoji41]
  16. Think I was drunk in charge of a granny in a wheelchair last night but she had forgiven [emoji23]
  17. It was actually be 23 years by the time tournament is played [emoji12]
  18. Loves how Marshall checked with the ref that his save was ok before going nuts [emoji23]
  19. I thought this was going to be an other Hammerby and 9 men league cup final f**k upl and how great is wasn't [emoji854][emoji854][emoji854]
  20. 24 years of waiting f**k with 2 mins to go [emoji1785]
  21. Doing better than I thought but they look a poorer team than I thought they were. 50/50 and I would still take a oen kick out the now [emoji23]
  22. Wasn't any different behind the goal when Holton scored. It was mad all over the ground that night and due to the groubd being seats now, it not something that the younger fans will ever experience.
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