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  1. Well done you 👍 I hired a car for 3 days in Menorca around 24 years ago and didn't enjoy it 1 bit, and have never driven abroad since
  2. For me it took around 15 hrs in total. Left at 6pm arriving around 9am. No motorway after Bristol didn't help. Drove it around 1992 through the night in about 9hrs/ 10hrs I think.
  3. Shame 1 of them tried to sue the club for unfair dismissal and the other went behind the club back to agree a deal with an other club [emoji23] Yes you are right in what both of them did, and that was to build a closeness between the fans and the team, as well as taking us from the bottom of the barrel to a good position in Scottish football.
  4. Aye better with your nappy on [emoji16]
  5. 1 benefit could be Ricky wont be with us much longer
  6. I went to Newquay in 1974 from the Babcock social club in Renfrew. Bus was like you,r but lucky for us there was a pick up in Glasgow. Went again the following year but didn't make the same mistake
  7. Served them right for taking Baird
  8. So what your saying is that LMP knows more about why to sign players than every other manager in the league
  9. Assuming they will be an other village idiot on the Morton page on P&B banging on about not signing him Since he was never our player, assume the Dons fans will be raging as well for releasing him
  10. I know. Change 1 diddy team for an other.
  11. I have noticed he always get the main stand of the ground, not only at our place but every other ground that i have see him at. Maybe the SFA thinks it is only Tories supporters than sits in the main stand and are scared of putting him in front of non Tories fans
  12. Tommy

    Paisley Pubs

    Went in yesterday and fair to say it looked very nice. Only £2-75 for a Tennent which as much as I like a cheap pint, it may draw in the lowlifes of the town ( yes, no doubt they wouldn't want to drink next to me either ) I counted 6 tellies from my point at the bar and was likely more, so for live football it would be good. Seen a saint fan with his top on putting 2 full pints onto to the bar and telling the barman he can have them before walking out but don't know what was the issue was with him.
  13. As bad as Dallas is as a ref, the guy that did the Yeovil Town game yesterday sent off all the ball boys late in the game for wasting time
  14. Humps again by Wick at home by 1-4. Look as if they have replace 11 diddies by an other 11 diddies
  15. More than 5 times the Accies v Livvy crowd Fortunate to get a point i reckon with all the Hearts shots going straight to the keeper, with us trying to win without shooting Was the stand lineman the Tory MP ?
  16. You will be glad we don't play in the 1st or 2nd division in England then
  17. It's not as if they are all at home, plus there always likely to be midweek games at Xmas and new year.
  18. Bugger, will still be missing it
  19. This game will now be moved due to Hibs winning in the league cup. On a personal basic, it suits me since i am off on holiday on the 2nd 😎
  20. He is right to complain but maybe a joint statement by all the wee diddy clubs would have better. Nothing will change while the same people running the game are still in place.
  21. Fair due that explained it to me, but it still seem daft to me that they cant used the staff and the planes that took the clients on holiday.
  22. Seen him on telly re entering 10 Downing St and at the same time. i was hoping to see his suitcases being flung out of the bedroom window [emoji16]
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