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  1. Just trying to understand the dynamic of the situation between Oran, Gus and Tony. Especially with Oran and Gus signing recently and an immediate impact on the level of players we have signed.
  2. I wonder if any of the ITK guys could tell me, who has identified, negotiated, made the final call on the like of Hammill and Jackson? Is it Oran, Gus or Tony?
  3. Doubt there will be many pre season friendlies due to the new set up of the Betfred Cup.. DId we not only play one last year vs stenny?
  4. St. Mirren release 3... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39867835
  5. Totally agree. Defense doesn't look like the strongest atm but it doesn't help the midfield have a total inability to retain possession to take the pressure off them.
  6. The whole team didn't look interested last year you can hardly single him out. It was a season to forget, we need to move on and look forward to the challenges ahead.
  7. Surely this is a bit of an overreaction? John McGinn gave his all for the club whilst under contract and helped us through numerous relegation battles and a Cup win. The player is no longer under contract with us therefore has no obligation to train with us. He was also involved in a work related accident therefore is entitled to seek compensation. John will move on now to another club which i would assume would be able to offer him a better contract in a better league, absolute no brainer for the boy! Good luck John.
  8. Why are we considering anyone who can only get 10 games for livingston?
  9. Starter or Cover? Could possibly be a long term replacement for Goodwin by the sounds of it. Welcome aboard Stuart
  10. If Goodwin doesn't sign i would also say we need a ball winning midfielder
  11. Very true! I dont feel that we really need a pacey striker TBH as i cant see us playing 2 upfront with the amount of young midfielders. IMO we should have a striker that can hold up the ball and let the young boys and wingers overlap
  12. Every year we try to sign someone with pace and we end up with duds like Lewis Guy! All i want is a striker that can give us 15-20 goals a year. Fast or slow, big or small just give us a striker that will be in the right place at the right time.
  13. Im assuming he was out of contract at Dumbarton? Welcome to the club Scott!
  14. Correct but if he felt the move would further his career then i dont see why he wouldnt want Jason to join Rangers. Increased wage plus more likely chance of promotion...
  15. Pretty sure the reason players contracts expire in June is due to the fact that the Transfer windows opens in June and they have signed 12 month contracts. Likewise withe the January transfer window and 6 month contracts
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