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  1. Help on Channel 4 Available on the All 4 player now. Wow. That was painful, compelling and brilliantly acted. Very moving. Recommended. Highly recommended. Jodie Comer plays a shy new care home worker named Sarah and Stephen Graham 47-year-old Tony who has been diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimer's... As Sarah settles into her job, March 2020 arrives!
  2. Cheers Good to get some reassuring feedback and on topic despite the continued master baiting. Appreciate the feedback.
  3. Very much an acquired taste. I totally get that. I was a fan of Burnistoun which helped. Scot Squad too.
  4. Episodes 1-5 of The Scotts are now available bon the BBC iPlayer. Cutting edge. Hillarious.
  5. You chose to wade in to a thread and make an unrelated point just to have a dig. Hypocrisy. You could have let it lie but chose to come back for more. Hypocrisy. Stick to a half pint next time. Were you to read back with an open mind and your brains didn't fall out, you might see I was not the one who took the thread off track... nor the one who perpetuated it. No neck winding needed. I'm too busy laughing at your hypocrisy.
  6. Irony alert. I didn't "turn" anything into a shitfest. I legitimately started a thread to discuss our sponsorship. Remind me... What was your first contribution? Was it about the topic? Was it necessary? What has it achieved other than to ensure the thread is dragged off topic. As the great prophet MJ suggested... Look at the man in the mirror. [emoji23]
  7. Remember a playground fight at school when someone would be getting a doing... Then the class wimp would eventually have a wee slap or kick just to feel part of the gang? He'd then run away and hide again. Of course you do. Silly question.
  8. Still no answer. I understand why. You made an arse of yourself and I accept that. Anyway... I expressed an opinion on a discussion forum. I'll leave it there.
  9. Twisting it. Added in unwilling to pay. They advertise to make claims on your behalf in the first instance How much does that cost? Again, you sidestepped an answer. Funny you are first to dive in when I simply think out community/family club should be aiming for better. Methinks YOU are the needy negative one, not me. You'd cause a fight in an empty house.
  10. You didn't answer me. How much does it cost to submit an insurance claim? You said they help those who can't afford it .. so how much does it cost to submit a claim to an insurance company?
  11. "couldn't afford to claim"? [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] How much does it cost to submit an insurance claim? I want higher standards for our club... A community club. A family club.
  12. Have you seen how much they cream off in "fees" from the hardest hit in society just because they don't know the system? Doesn't affect me directly. Does through increasing premiums. However, it affects the most needy in society. Ambulance chasing at its most parasitic. [emoji2959]
  13. Digby Brown. Now Asprey Glasgow. Which parasite is next? Payday lenders? No shame. No social conscience! https://www.stmirren.com/commercial-news/4073-aspray-glasgow-west-become-saints-shorts-sponsor
  14. As I said, I personally feel that is a short term approach which will eventually harm our game. I guess time will tell. [emoji26]
  15. Financially yes, it makes sense. I just worry looking further ahead. Season by season we (meaning football in general) chase the TV cash cow at the expense of fans attending. What happens when attendance has dropped, a generation of supporters are lost, and TV companies withdraw or reduce their cash input? I've always firmly believes we should take the Fergie route of doing everything possible to get fans along. Get them along young. Retain them. Get them along early to the match. Entertain them. We do that last part well... In the games we choose to... Then blow it for other matches. Tis a conundrum for sure, with no easy answer.
  16. Great interview with Dylan on the Saints site... 16-year-old Dylan Reid impressed as he made his first start for St Mirren in Saturday’s cinch Premiership match against Dundee United. The St Mirren Youth Academy graduate made history in March when he became the youngest ever player to feature in the Scottish Premiership at the age of 16 years and five days after a substitute appearance against Rangers at Ibrox. After waiting patiently for his next opportunity, the midfielder played 74 minutes on Saturday in Saints’ 0-0 draw with the Terrors. It all comes just a week after the 16-year-old captained Scotland U17s in a friendly against Wales during the international break. Speaking after his start, Dylan told stmirren.com: "It was great. "I found out on Friday that I was going to be in the team. I was quite nervous, but it was good nerves. I slept like a baby that night. "With injuries and suspensions, I knew I could maybe get a chance. The manager told me I had an opportunity and to go and take it. Hopefully I did that and impressed people. "I just wanted to go out and express myself and challenge myself and I felt I did that. "It was my first time playing in front of fans and I thought they were excellent. When I had a tackle in the first-half there was a roar from the fans and it gave me a bit of confidence. "I’ve been patient and tried to be the best that I can, but it was so great to be out there playing football." The 16-year-old made way after 74 minutes for midfielder Ryan Flynn and says he looks up to experienced players like that. "Ryan is such a good player," Dylan said. "I hate playing against him in training because he's so good and he showed his class when he came on. "I’ve wanted to learn from other players when I’ve been watching from the sidelines. "Guys like that just give me confidence and after games they tell me what I did well and what I could do better which I love and take on board."
  17. I thought that was a reference to his brain! A bit like spitting image and Regan. [emoji23][emoji12]
  18. Twice now, a needy poster has refererenced me when I have deliberately stayed out of a discussion after it had returned to topic. Just saying. [emoji56]
  19. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  20. Cheers Shull. Just to get things up to date... The all knowing Baz thinks Flynn is done and the manager made a huge mistake in extending his contract. Whilst supporters have continued to defend both player and manager, Baz has continued his verbal assault on both. In a classic act of deflection, Baz then claimed that he is being singled out for criticism unfairly. Now... Let's see how long this thread remains about respected club employee Ryan Flynn, who made a very positive and telling contribution to the game yesterday. [emoji41][emoji12][emoji850]
  21. Indeed. As for "couldn't get a start", the manager said it was a very difficult decision that could have gone either way. As usual, someone else knows better though, or perhaps he is calling JG a liar? [emoji850]
  22. Goody did say it was a very close call betweens Flynn and young Reid, but he elected to give the youngster a chance to shine.
  23. Dafty must be listening to the manager who gave him a contract extension and believes in him rather than the negative twat who wanted to toss him onto the scrapheap beside the other clearly expendable club employees.
  24. I'd go further. One of the best tennis matches I've watched. That was sublime. Two amazing young talents.
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