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  1. Had Scotland been there and played in the exact same way, we would be praising them for a tactical masterclass. They deserved that result.
  2. Best ever live version of The Saints Are Coming last night when Richard Jobson and Martin Metcalfe combined forces for a two hour WOW of a gig! The stories were as good as the music. Great night.
  3. Well that's a daft question. How could he post on this forum without the internet?
  4. Articulate as ever. Another fine, meaningful contribution!
  5. So unlike you to make an arsΒ£ of yourself, get it totally wrong, then unnecessarily state the obvious. Not.
  6. Lovely bit of skill to draw out a booking. Followed up with some nice link up play with Mooy. So nice to see.
  7. yup... 3 Scottish gigs on his first tour here... I saw him in Coatbridge last night. Standing ovation. Playing The Doublet, Glasgow on Sunday night. Monday is Mathers Bar in Edinburgh. Both gigs close to a sell out... get in there quick... last chance to see this guy in a wee venue! He is going to be massive in music. https://www.dcullenmusic.com/shows
  8. Truly overwhelmed by the magnificence and beauty of the new album by D. Cullen ... Sing my story, tell my song. This is a guaranteed default go-to album for all time! That good. This guy is going places for sure.
  9. The argument was again long finished"? Really? It was very relevant given the result and the increased crowd. Keep digging! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. Maybe we "should have gave" you England lessons two (sic). 😜
  11. From day one I said it would be a loss leader... Short term sacrifice for long term gain.
  12. ^^^ brain cut out from a kids colouring in scrapbook and inserted in void. At least your crayons came in handy bully boy.
  13. Undefeated at home against both. 4 points out of 6. Attendances high. Income good. Baz humiliated, short sighted and seething! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. I thought 10,000 too... But when I looked it up on Google to be sure, it said the lower figure! I will trust our memory and say 10,000 after all. 😎
  15. I was part of a 7,675 crowd to see Clydebank and Saints draw 2-2 on Christmas Day 1976! Christmas Eve is a godsend for fans wanting away from the shopping madness!
  16. Just heard that Rab passed away today, just 75. A stalwart of the Folk music scene and idolised by many of my favourite musicians. I last saw him a couple of months ago at Oran Mor when he performed in aid of charity alongside Jill Jackson, Carol Laula and Yvonne Lyon. Rab opened the gig, which was in aid of Refuweegee, by singing I Belong to Glasgow. His influence will live on. RIP
  17. You just made his day He got a reaction and now feels important, as if his viewpoint matters. 🀐😜
  18. The Georgian Hotel in Coatbridge last night... Headliner was foot stomping, award winning, Blues Hall of Fame inductee Catfish Keith! Master of the Delta blues, bottleneck slide and fingerpicking, I felt as if I had been picked up in the TARDIS and dropped off at the start of the 1900's! Vintage blues at its best. Confession time... It's not a genre I genuinely listen to or fully appreciate. At opposite ends of the blues scale, John Lee Hooker and Robert Cray being the exceptions. Catfish Keith has been added to that number. My face was sore from smiling by half way through the gig! Is that allowed at a blues gig? Three incredible guitars with three very different sounds thanks to a master of his craft! This review sums Catfish Keith up beautifully... β€œFor Catfish Keith, a resonator guitar is an organic extension of his body, an instrument he plays intuitively and with absolute authority. Manhandling Delta vamps, artfully finger picking rag-influenced Piedmont patterns and languidly chording ballads, Catfish is one of the premier pre-war style guitarists recording today.” – Living Blues Starting proceedings was Jack Henderson. Think Cohen, Springsteen and Dylan without the cheeriness! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ Seriously good guitarist and songwriter too. Between them over 3 hours of class music.
  19. BuddieinEK

    Mr Gilmour

    I believe yes but, in his defence, he thought not at the time. He was willing to support an SPL2 even though it would have resulted in Saints no longer being in the top division. He was willing to fast track the new Rangers club's return to the higher divisions. I disagreed with both and told him as much. In fairness, he was willing to listen and argue a case for his belief that they were indeed in Saints best interests. I respected him for that.
  20. Clyde Statement... https://m.clydefc.co.uk/news/2022/10/31/7270/#.Y2H69mSnwVE
  21. Passed through Greenock last night. Either everyone was Trick or Treating, or no-one was! 🀐😜
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