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  1. Who says Harkins and Gowser cant play in the same team? I actually think that with Newton sitting just behind them and young McGinn giving pace on the left, it could be a potentially explosive partnership.
  2. I believe he can... but it's not a case of changing if being overran... we will quite simply be caught out then heads will go down.
  3. Or that rather than waste his ability in a holding role whete he himself said players would lose possession from time to time, he would waste him on the bench for a wee change as he was easier to drop and not in the shop window like the less effective McLean?
  4. I wish I shared your optimism Drew. Draw at best. I'd take it now if offered.
  5. Im a fan of the 4-2-3-1 but not for this match as Thistle will exploit it at will with the space on the left wing for O'Donnell to run onto. 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-2 for this match... But it is essential we have a left sided midfielder with pace who is prepared to put in a shift defensively.
  6. Bench Gowser.... damn... Why didn't I think if that masterstroke?
  7. Out injured. Will he be fit? DVZ had his backside kicked when Robbo was replaced by McGregor and McGregor retained the starting place despite being third choice. If dropping Goodwin then I'd be looking for Vanzy to step up and be counted. I do agree with you that Robertson has more to offer than we've seen though.
  8. Cornell DVZ McGregor McAusland Grainger Newton Teale McGowan Harkins McGinn Thompson I'd go with this team and shape for a number of reasons. Firstly... Goodwin is turning into Potter MK II and having a go at all and sundry around him... especially when he is at fault. I would drop him for a worse crime than that though... standing with his hands on his hips as Brittain netted the rebound after Cornell's save is worthy of disciplinary action!!! I advocated a 4-2-3-1 against Ross County, which I believe would have worked. However, having watched Thistle twice this season, I am sure that would play into their hands and give them a huge advantage. Their main source of danger is the long diagonal for their right back O'Donnell to run onto at pace... so Grainger needs support and we need pace on the left and in the middle to combat that. Gowser is wasted at the back and Grainger is wasted playing alongside Thommo. Newton has the engine to play in front of the back four... allowing DVZ to get forward and help Teale on the overlap. McGinn has the pace and tenacity to help Grainger take care of O'Donnell. With a back four and a holding midfielder, Harkins can enjoy a genuine free role and show us what he is capable of! He and Gowser can get up in support of Thommo, who will have a real battle against their young strong central defence.
  9. on the plus side... if he's wanking then he's not posting!!!
  10. Cornell DVZ McGregor McAusland Grainger Newton Teale McGowan Harkins McGinn Thompson Enough fannying around... I love Goody and was an advocate of him becoming Captain. Initially, he was all a captain should be... supporting and encouraging those around him. Recently, he has become John Potter mk II... berating and belittling others for his stupid and needless mistakes. Danny needs to send out a message. Next in the firing line would be Thommo... lone striker or not... lose the attitude and do the job or I would simply start with Reilly up front! That team and formation... on the front foot from the start... will win the match. It won't happen though!
  11. good question. I'm still on the "undecided" list... ... will tickets be available on the night?
  12. Just watched the highlights... the defence at the penalty was nothing short of criminal... ... only one player ready to pounce on a rebound... the others (including our captain) were so flat footed they could have passed for circus clowns!!! Gowser hadn't even taken his hands off his hips by the time the rebound had been netted! Totally and utterly unacceptable... a school team would be crucified for that standard of defending!!!
  13. as you say, a TRUE legend.. RIP Gerry.
  14. it was a stonker of a dribbly first post though!!! ;-)
  15. Danny sat not far behind me watching the Jags v Jambos match last week (when he wasn't on the pitch being hero-worshipped by the home fans). He saw the same things I did. I await with baited breath to see how he plans to nullify their main threats. Thistle remind me of us!!!!!! Pass pass pass at the back... ... BUT... ... they then use a long diagonal from left to right, allowing Stephen O'Donnell to use his incredible pace to run onto it and turn defence into attack. Fortunately, his crossing isn't that great (yet)... but it is a move that will leave us for dead without a doubt. Lawless in the midfield is a livewire and if given any space whatsoever, will twist, turn, and set up Thistles second or third goal!!! We need to be fast out the traps. Boss them. Bully them. Close them down at every opportunity. This is a game where Newton and McGinn MUST work as a partnership to close them down first and knock them off their stride. A makeshift left midfielder will be swept aside by O'Donnell, leaving Grainger to do the work of two! Danny saw what I did... I am keen to see his masterplan for getting us all three points!!!
  16. I so want to argue against that post... but... ... ... damn... ... spot on!
  17. I fully supported Gus when the popular tide had turned against him... and did so giving him every opportunity to build on what he had achieved. Only when it was patently obvious that we had peaked under his stewardship did I then admit it was time to change. Sadly, despite my every effort to will it otherwise, I an sending a deja vu scenario. Danny has purchased a bit more loyalty thanks to the cup win... but if he can't turn around the blatantly obvious deficiencies then he will have to fall on his sword or be pushed. It would be easy to sit and list criticisms... and that in itself tells a story. I am a firm believer that you employ a manager to manage, and support him to the hilt to do so... allowing him to do it his way and respecting his decisions even if you don't agree with them or fully understand them. I was that way with Danny right up until this season started... before we were fully prepared for it. McGinn was the stand-out player against Newcastle... standing toe to toe with premiership stars and taking them on... ... yet he hasn't been seen since. We know the other concerns... defence... lack of forwards... lack of pace... but something more insidious is also afoot... a cancerous negativity has permeated the support and is also at work among the players. I sensed it in the body language of some last season... it is all the more apparent in the body language of more players this season. It is the managers job to manage that appropriately... whether by a boot up the jacksie or an arm around the shoulder. I'm tired of the platitudes Danny... our wonderful, marvellous support are all tired of the platitudes... ... If your job is untenable because of off-field pressures then say so... if everything is well behind the scenes then the buck stops at your door... and there is very little time to redress the balance before those of us who want to support you have to concede and join with those who are advocating change. Thistle will be no pushovers. They will bring the game to us and use both full backs to attack at every opportunity. They will use a long diagonal for their right back O'Donnell to run onto at an electric pace. I expect us to be prepared and to combat that by playing to our own strengths... playing our best players in their best positions and making sure they understand what is expected of them. This week it's quite simple... win ugly if you have to... but don't dare NOT win!!! Over to you Danny... ...
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