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  1. “The forum is run as a separate entity from the main website, it just links from there as it was actually part of the old website (www.saintmirren.net)” This was the reply I got on Monday regarding the forum, I may be wrong but it looks like whoever the host was has either shut the server down or spotted that St Mirren were getting a service they were not paying for and pulled the plug.
  2. Union St. A couple of hundred yards from the ground and good for a quick getaway. Cheers AEB
  3. Decided to head down tomorrow any ideas on the best place to park near the ground ?
  4. There was a picture in the Herald ( I think) showing Lexi with his standing leg on or in front of the line, as he cleared the ball. If I remember correctly the moron in the middle made the "judgement" from just outside the centre circle.
  5. Where can this be ordered from, got to have one.
  6. Unfortunately it has never managed to get through January and sometimes February since it was installed. If it can’t withstand west of Scotland winter weather I’d say it’s not fit for purpose, given we are based in the west of Scotland. It was very frustrating when I used the place, trying to get guys to come along again once it had been patched up and re-inflated.
  7. Just a heads up the walking football for this Sunday only is cancelled. Back on the following week.
  8. Just got a text from St Mirren in the Community the Walk Football at the [email protected] Airdome is OFF on Sunday (26th April) due to an event taking place within the venue. For one week only we have been bumped Hopefully anyone not on the contact list will see it here, and not turn up on Sunday.
  9. Congratulations to the organisers, excellent evening we really enjoyed ourselves. It was great the way everyone mixed and chatted about (mostly) all things St Mirren. Only down side for me I was hoping Jackie Copeland would have turned up, I guess there are still issues there. Anyway a big well done to all concerned.
  10. Contrary to what it says on the official web site the walking football is on today 1600 –1700.
  11. Pleased to say the dome is back up, and the walking football is back on for tonight at 17:00.
  12. Oh we don't run...........much????
  13. From the Official Site :- Due to popular demand, walk football sessions at the [email protected] Airdome on Sunday afternoons will now run from 4:00pm to 5:00pm as opposed to 3:00pm to 4:00pm. This will take effect from this coming Sunday (19th October).
  14. This weeks kick off has been moved to 16:00.
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