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  1. Does anything in that unit last longer than 6 months?
  2. Pretty sure the club have a list of all the ticket holders in the stand...
  3. Indeed, a pathetic statement from the SMFC CEO. First he says he "doesn't know why we are on the list", then says he does know why we are on the list, the says again he doesn't know why we are on the list. Not to mention the complete lack of empathy or apology on behalf of the club. Is this the best leadership we can get?
  4. The charge is one thing, but the queuing and f**king around is another...
  5. Ferrovial, a Spanish multinational construction/infrastructure firm.
  6. I have a fundamental problem with this. It can't be about how they want "people to communicate with them". For SMISA/fan ownership to work it must be the other way round. They should seek out queries and address them proactively if they want to convince people to join the revolution. If addressing queries on BAWA is too difficult, the baw's burst.
  7. Seems about right: "However I am bitterly disappointed that I was so badly let down by the criminal justice system and was forced to seek a remedy through the civil court."
  8. Is it: members only; members + guests (as long as notified in advance); open to all; or decision to be made 3 days before the date?
  9. Don't know how I turned "Grill" into "Green" Is it a big chain or just Paisley & Erskine? Need to give it a try. Also anyone know when the new Cardossi's place opening in Arnotts? I'm getting rather impatient.
  10. Anyone been to Green in the Park on Canal St? What's the craic with it? Looks like they've done a decent job on the outside, but strange name.
  11. It isn't about being "adult" or not. I find it a bit concerning that point point is being missed. Put simply, if I don't 'contact SMISA directly' it makes no difference to me. Where as, if SMISA choose not to engage on the primary social media platform, they risk missing out on valuable funds (£1,400 per sign up). The only people with anything to lose are SMISA. This is clearly a wider point than m original query, the same applies to every single person who has a query or who could be persuaded to part with their money.
  12. Like I said, not the type of attitude that is conducive to maximising membership (and thus maximising funds). Just another example of my concern over fan ownership. There's a captive audience capable of being persuaded to join, surely this should be exploited rather than expecting people to approach SMISA.
  13. Successful community groups usually achieve such success by going on the charm offensive and engaging at every opportunity. If answering questions in a dedicated section of the primary social media platform of the club is too much effort, then I don't hold much hope. Hopefully your response isn't reflective of SMISA though.
  14. Slightly disappointing that a SMISA rep has chosen not to engage in discussion as yet, particularly in the SMISA section of the forum. Engagement is how you increase subscription (if that's what they want).
  15. Our stadium m is perfect for our needs and requires minimum FM maintenance. 'Great' Ideas like painting the concourse blockwork are where the problems start. Once you've done it once, you need to continue to do it every 5 years or so until eternity, at great expense. Otherwise the place starts to look obviously filthy. It is unnecessary, unaffordable etc... By all means get Poz to design a few more pictures though. Edit: BinEK beat me to it
  16. Budgets is a franchise supermarket (or at least some of them are franchised) I believe.
  17. For that he should be applauded. Anyone taking any other stance should be ashamed of themselves. Without values sport (and therefore sporting companies) is completely worthless.
  18. I fully accept that Stu does absolutely not thing to endear himself to St Mirren fans (quite the opposite) and accept that he does his best to rub them up the wrong way, but there's no escaping that he raises some valid points in the middle of his waffle. It is disappointing that SMFC fans are constantly unable to identify the valid points and attack the poster himself in a "whataboutery" manner rather than actually deal with them for the benefit of the club. Those who instantly dismiss his points are at least as equally as bad as the poster himself, if not worse. If fans in positions of authority can't identify valid queries fan ownership is never going to succeed, where the person raising the query is a dik or not.
  19. Doing something isn't enough though. Politics is part of every walk of life. If you can't get the people on board you have failed. That isn't pessimism. Hopefully things change and a consensus is found.
  20. That's exactly the space I'm in when it comes to the whole fan ownership thing. Should maybe start looking for a new sport... (joke hopefully).
  21. The whole access thing has been "confusing" as you now accept, which was the point I was making in my original post. Nothing more. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. I also didn't realise new members had to pay a £50 joining fee. Ouch.
  22. Wait a minute, I didn't object to you having an opinion. I specifically object to your accusation that I was fabricating things, which the evidence refutes. As for "the only thing that has changed", the e-mail extracts demonstrates that for a period non-members could walk up, then for a period non-members could not walk up. Clearly more has changed than you are willing to accept. I'm not out to slate the club or those involved. I want to be constructive but to move forward people need to accept the lessons which have been learned.
  23. Maybe it wasn't clear from my formatting, but I was working chronologically. Sorry for that. That scenario was listed multiple times as it has come and gone a number of times. No attempt to pad out the list. No prize.
  24. I'm not being difficult for the sake of being difficult, I want to see being the best success it can be. And I'm certainly not "making stuff up", it it quite disappointing that you want to go down that route, but fair enough you're the boss. Either you are wrong, or the e-maisl from the club are wrong. E-mail for game at start of Sept: "The biggest incentive is free entry for members guests which as always has to be pre booked to allow us to monitor our numbers. In addition we will allow non members entry for a reduced fee of £3." E-mail for Falkirk game at end of Sept: "Also, to protect the value of membership we will NOT allow non members to use the facility this weekend ,unless signed in by a member." To say that nothing has changed is slightly misleading. But this discussion continues to highlight the complete confusion and lack of certaininy which exists around the access arrangements. If the folk engaged in SMFC discussion boards can't get clear information, what chance have the casual/occasional fan got?
  25. The very fact that there isn't a single place where I can identify the continuously changing criteria reinforces my point. The goal posts have moved numerous times including; Free entry for guests who have pre-booked, £3 entry for non-members on the day, No entry to non-members. Non-members welcome after one of the December games (or were they? too much confusion) Non-members not welcome. Expecting potential customers to check the criteria each week does not lend itself to maximising footfall. I can't see what is controversial about this point, it isn't rocket science.
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