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  1. Yesterday before the match the players were all wearing T shirts that were in support of a local charity. The charity was set up after friends of mine lost there 5 year old son. Anyway I contacted Brian Caldwell to see about the players promoting the charity on behalf of everyone involved. Brian was more than happy and extremely helpful in organising this. Not only that, he also involved Norrie to get an article about the charity into the programme for yesterday. Add to this thE help we got yesterday at the ground from Roddie ( chap who deals with mascots etc) and he arranged to get a few photos with the players when they were coming off after the warm up. The help and generosity from the club was just incredible and the people involved with the charity can't believe how good the day went, and how well we were treated. I couldn't be any prouder to be a Buddie this weekend. The community saying we have as a club was extremely evident this weekend, even as the players gave the T shirts away and folk started putting them on, that showed me how successful St Mirren made this. Thanks again COYS
  2. Great win today, and one that I'm delighted we got for Danny, I've said he should have been out weeks ago as he wasn't changing a losing side, he changed things on Monday and we look more solid with mair in and Goodwin in his best position, that took a bit of bravery to show he was wrong. He's changed things and seems to be getting a very good response from the players, great win and well done to all the boys and ans who travelled Credit to Danny tonight
  3. Keep the pairing From Monday night, they played well together, but that doesn't mean cheesy isn't good enough. The boy has came on a lot in the last few years. I can only assume that the guys who have such a strong hatred of him have a personal issue with him. I'm sure cheesy is really bothered about the opinions a minority on this site have of him, just pathetic men with nothing else to do, every club has a target for the morons, cheesy is the unlucky one in this case
  4. First game I've attended since January due to no being here and I'm happy to say it was better than I expected. The team had a bit of fight and heart, yeah there was the odd rush of blood and passes went way wards but overall it was decent enough. Good to see Danny doing what most on here wanted and stick mair and mcgregor in again with Goodwin in front. Only. Negative to the team selection was accommodating Newton at right mid. If we have some sort of clause in the contract for him to play then he needs to play in the middle and keep teale on the right, thus meaning kenny is on the bench. With the formation we played I think we need to have a player in the wide positions that has the ability to take a man on and that's not newtons game.
  5. I like Danny, but I would say that even he has given up and is looking to be sacked, the reason I say this is that we are on a completely shocking run, conceding goals, not scoring goals and yet we still have Goodwin and cheesy as the centre defence instead of brining in a natural cb in mair or mcgregor, and harkins keeps getting a run, why not give someone else a chance, now saying he wants sacked may be wrong but he certainly won't walk away from the money The old saying is "if its not broken, don't fix it" well this situation is the exact opposite, it's completely broken and Danny isn't doing anything to fix it
  6. Like others on here I'm starting to give up on caring, it's a resigned feeling that we will lose every game at the moment, Danny should have been punted after the thistle game, he wasn't and now we lose another 2 games. But I will say that the players need to shoulder the blame also, we have decent players that just don't seem to give a toss, no matter what level you play at, you should always give 100% and have some pride. This team show no pride and no spirit, and that's worse than anything Danny has done, guys who we know have ability and heart, that have no pride in wearing the stripes at the moment. St mirren from the board, the manager and the team are nothing short of stealing hard earned cash from fans at the moment
  7. I hate how poor we are just now, but I still hope we turn it around today, I get the impression there are one or two so called fans just praying we don't, that just wouldn't suit there negative nature, Some posts are tragic from guys claiming to support the team
  8. As I'm not in Scotland I've not seen this guy live, which going by some of shite being posted on here is the same as those who have written him off after 45 minutes on Saturday. How can people possibly say this guy will be a flop? Give him a chance and show him a bit of support
  9. I agree that there is some over the top moaning, but it's not about 4 or 5 games its the whole of 2013 with the exception of the cup run, the spl form is terrible and will not get any better until Danny changes his game plan, starting with changing the flat back 4 that isn't working. For any team to have any league success they need to have the ability to get back to back results, Danny hasn't won back to back games in about a season and a half, and that's with what I would say is the strongest looking starting 11 that we have had for years. The personal abuse he gets is over the top as he is a genuinely nice guy, but I would rather he just started coming out and telling it as it is, either what he is telling the players gets ignored, or they are doing what he says and it is wrong, either way it gets sorted out. What are you enjoying at the moment?
  10. Cornell Vanzy/Caprice Mair Mcgregor Grainger Goodwin Teale Newton. Gowser. Mcginn Thommo I think it must be changed before the Motherwell game, if Danny selects the same flat back 4 as he has since Inverness then we should give up now, it isn't working, they get exposed too easily and piss about too much, get the team hard to beat first and foremost, stop letting teams run over us. 4 defenders with a holding player in front SHOULD make it harder for teams to get through us. Harkins is a luxury player so he can't play, we need 11 workers when the chips are down, get the sleeves rolled up and play with a bit of pride for a change
  11. What I can't understand is the fact we have been giving goals away for fun yet the back 4 doesn't get changed, it isn't working Danny, I'm 11,000 miles away I can tell that,
  12. I'm glad I stay up for this shite, I'll gladly fly home to get your coat for you Danny, no f**king backbone in that squad, we are a complete shambles, as soon as they equalise you just know what's coming next
  13. Just got soccer Saturday on the VIP box as saints scored, get in there, we must hold this result Coys
  14. Tried it but it just says its loading when Richard Gordon is sitting laughing at me the smug prick
  15. 11111000001000111000001000000001111100000100010 That's all I take from that reply, I am to computers, what sandpaper is to wanking
  16. Any live feeds for commentary that is active broad, I'll no ask again ya shower a bastards I'm no computer savvy
  17. The one player in our squad that offers pace has been papped on the bench just as we have 2 strikers playing for the first time in months, teale gets to the byline, he can get balls into the box, but he can't do it while getting piles sitting on the bench
  18. If anyone gets a link for commentary that can be used abroad can you please post it, f**king sick to death of the bbc updates
  19. I don't know lee or follow him on twatter, but our defence is so bad at the moment that it must be changed, anyone who is happy with cheesy and Goodwin as our cb pairing have there heads buried in the sand
  20. Personal abuse is way out of line and I agree with your points div, But there is no way these guys are doing there best, I will gladly give the team praise if they lose football games after putting in a great effort and come up short, but so far this season I'm not sure they have put in 100%. There is no doubt we have players with ability but for some reason they don't often show it. Our record over the last year will back this up, 6 wins in all competitions I believe it is, yeah we won the cup but that covered the cracks. There is a problem somewhere within the club that needs addressed, do the players not want to play for DL, does the chairman not want to support him and help get players in? There is only so much however the manager, the chairman and the fans can do, in the end it comes down to players attitude and if they want to win, that should probably be one of the biggest gripes we, as fans have. Each of us would give anything to pull on the stripes and each of us would give everything in return, yeah not all players can feel the passion we do about the club but they get paid well, get a good living and the minimum in return should be 100% effort, we aren't getting that at the moment, and that will always lead to some people going over the top with abuse etc
  21. Think it's time to give mair a chance again. The defence isn't going to be any worse. It's bizarre that he isn't getting a run even after how shite we were pre season. The flat back 4 with Goodwin and cheesy is just being exposed far to easily. Get him in Danny, he might just save your job
  22. Needed a goal, I'm falling back asleep, it's an early rise in oz for this
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