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  1. Thanks Rod, it must be simple most of the punters on here can do it!
  2. It was a bit severe, your tone, that is. Still can't get the hang of where to type in this thing. Did you say between the brackets?
  3. Yeh my band backed him at many venues, St Brendan's, Blazes, a few bowling clubs and the like. He wrote a lot of the Pantomimes that did the rounds at that time. A lot of the club comedians basically ripped off his jokes, Dean Park, Andy Cameron etc. He dressed up as different charactors, the best of which was a big pro. Hillarious.
  4. I was reading in an old topic that you were a fan of Peter Kane. He was a friend of mine years ago, just about the time he played for Renfrew Juniors, after the Saints. He was a bit of a singer and bought a small B&B down in Blackpool. He would entertain the punters in his place and also jump about the other B&B's singing in them too. I've lost track of him do you know where he ...

  5. R U back in Atyrau? I'm here till the 19th August.

  6. Where did you go to in Atyrau? I'm here untill the 19th August.

  7. Hi there, sorry I'm not back in Atyrau until 22nd July. Gun and Roses or Cabana are OK. The Tengri is 'different' ! Maybe catch you some other time eh?

  8. Alright bud, im on 'A' island off Atyrau just now but will be back in Atyrau on Monday before flying back to Baku on Tuesday if you fancy showing me and my Azeri mate a nice place for beer :-)

  9. Glad I don't hang out wi Bluto, he's a wrong un.

  10. Sandman always...................................

    hangs about with Roddy..........

  11. Coz I don't hang about with Roddy.....................


  12. Very interesting Komrad Rodnaedikiy I was wondering why it was so difficult to walk, I thought it was just the vodka, Dazvidaniya

  13. Ye don't need to answer in Russian, wher ur ye?

  14. ah see ye don't have many pals is that coz yir a big dobber?

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