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  1. E=Mc2

    For Sale

    They should be in yer Will. Have the family fight over them. Or ask to go in the box with you. Do they play football in heaven?
  2. E=Mc2

    John McGinn

    Personally, I’ve never found spunking to be a waste of time.................... But I get yer drift...................
  3. E=Mc2

    Free Buses To Dundee

    Where do they think you can find 10 children..............................? We’re no aw Michael Jackson.
  4. E=Mc2

    Sin Bin Weather Thread

    Why are guys in the Sin Bin concerning themselves with weather? Are they allowed out?
  5. E=Mc2

    Brendan Rogers Sellic.......

    Jack Ross to Celtic next season. whit’s the odds? worth a fiver?
  6. E=Mc2

    GAME OFF........... :(

    Aye, and probably two shillings a gallon.
  7. I’ll go one better than that.......................... 111%
  8. It should read, “DEBBIE DOES DALLAS or was it DEFOE” for the youngsters to understand https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debbie_Does_Dallas
  9. E=Mc2

    Your First Car

    A wee blue Mini PGA 12F Now PGA 12H might have been worth a few shillings
  10. I’m surprised they are not winding up Shull the “up to 50% off” slogan.
  11. E=Mc2

    Jim Goodwin

    Worse than that Jim. we’re going to give you a 2 goal start and hump you with 10 men.
  12. Aye the big fella gone. Don Estelle has a wonderful voice.
  13. I thought I may have to have put this in "General Nonsense", but I felt that would be wrong. But only 10? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46920569
  14. E=Mc2

    Brexit Negotiations

    Let's show those pesky foreigners. Who really rules the waves. How does the song go? Rule Britannia, Britannia, sorry, not any more, Rule Cyprus, Cyprus Rules the Waves https://cyprus-mail.com/2019/01/18/po-ferries-to-register-entire-english-channel-fleet-under-cyprus-flag/
  15. E=Mc2

    Brexit Negotiations

    At a comedy night at The Stand in Glasgow last night. Lady comedian says that brexit would be dreadful. She says she loves nothing better than walking down the Polish aisle in Tesco. ”Cause there ladies you can get a five fingered KitKat, and we all know us ladies all enjoy an extra finger” Girl on the table next to me lost it and nearly brought up one of her lungs.