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  1. E=Mc2

    Gonny let me out now

    Free the Paisley one!!! A banner for Saturday?
  2. E=Mc2

    St. Mirren v Spartans Betfred Cup 17/7/18

    Did you give them wan of your £6 notes and expected change?
  3. E=Mc2

    Ground Cleanliness and Fans

    The only shit on my seat last night was being produced by myself.
  4. E=Mc2

    Speculation Thread

    If we had to take one...................................................welcome on board Wilo.
  5. I was there and it sounded like “barmy army”. Perhaps my hearing.
  6. E=Mc2

    Hayden Coulson - Confirmed

    What an exciting player. Kilmarnock couldn’t contain him. Teams will be very wary of losing the ball to this guy. Turns them left, turns them right, feints a pass and runs past them. This is a fullback who alone is worth the admission money.
  7. I am pleased for our management team tonight. And very pleased to hear the fans chanting “Alan Stubbs barmy army” at the end. Tonight the support’s adrenaline flowed onto the park and over our team. We were more than a twelfth man tonight.
  8. What shape is your telly at home?
  9. E=Mc2

    Photographs of The Past and Present

    A 70's picket line?
  10. E=Mc2

    The Sin Bin World Cup Thread

    Whore coming home? Whore coming home?
  11. E=Mc2

    The Roadworks Thread

    Even when I went to the primary at the West roadworks didnae bother me. I just played in the puddles. I remember losing my left wellie boot in a particularly deep puddle. I still the remember the look on my mother’s face when I came in with a bare foot holding a muddy wellie and a soggy sock. The fifties were great. And despite everything in photos from that time being in black and white, I distinctly remember seeing colour.
  12. E=Mc2

    Edinburgh City v Saint Mirren

    Is this a spot the ball competition?
  13. E=Mc2

    Edinburgh City v Saint Mirren

    A team wearing the stripes is enough for me.
  14. E=Mc2

    Edinburgh City v Saint Mirren

    https://goo.gl/maps/LtBfaxUBBvE2 7.45pm Tuesday (tomorrow) The Oriam Heriot Watt University, Third Gait, Currie EH14 4AS £5 adults, £3 concessions, kids under 12 free.