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  1. I've been watching Lord of the Rings on Sky, has Gus got hairy feet?
  2. Well, I'm home already. Avoided the rain too.
  3. is anyone getting a picture of them speaking?
  4. I hope yer watching on your own. i wouldn’t want to be sitting next to you 😊
  5. I’m visiting my card carrying pal in Elderslie and it’s just started.
  6. At 100 seats I would sell/give to our flag waving drum guys. As long as they promise social distancing +.
  7. Is this no better than being a walloper? Or mibbies you've typoed.
  8. How many St. Mirren supporting non season ticket holders attended our home games? Would that number fill the seats that would be made available? As a season ticket holder can I “pay at the gate“? Should season ticket holders be the first to be given the option of buying tickets for the stadium?
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