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  1. Apparently one of the options being considered by UEFA is to do away with Champions and Europa league qualifiers for next season so from Scotland Point of view we wouldn't have any European places. Other rumours doing the rounds on Sports media BBC/Skysports etc is UEFA are desperate for the Champions and Europa Leagues to finish presumably sponsorship money plays a part in this but with the travel bans now in place all over Europe now think they will definitely be binned along with Euro 2020. If Euro 2020 was only thing to be binned(until 2021) and Domestic, Champions and Europa Leagues started back say sometime in May you would have Football from May 2020 right through until May 2022. My opinion is best solution is to bin everything start afresh in August.
  2. UEFA meeting on Tuesday via Conference call with every domestic European league, also obviously discussing UEFA 2020, Champions League & Europa League. My feeling is they will just finish football everywhere start afresh in August as too many football people complaining about closed door matches and seeing as there is no end in sight think the easiest solution for them is to finish everything now.
  3. Last match for a while. BBC News - Coronavirus: Sturgeon recommends mass events ban as virus cases spike https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-51851341
  4. Kilmarnock could be last match for a while. BBC News - Coronavirus: Sturgeon recommends mass events ban as virus cases spike https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-51851341
  5. You would think definitely, to be fair I thought they were safe as the chances of all 3 teams below them winning enough games to trouble County looked very unlikely 2/3 weeks ago. County have a strange run of fixtures that is either good or bad depending how you look at it, they have 8 games left - 2 v St Mirren 2 v Hamilton 2 v Hearts 1 v St Johnstone 1 v Kilmarnock. Everything is in their hands with fixtures like that.
  6. Goodwin on Radio says - Mccarthy is a Hamstring injury, Mcpherson is a dead leg that swelled up alot after he left pitch, Durmus is a tweak on his groin. Might be lucky if 1 of them make it Saturday with those injuries and playing on the plastic pitch. Also on Radio Stendel praised St Mirren fighting qualities and also said to go 1-0 down here with the fans getting right behind the team was always going to be difficult.
  7. Naismith lucky to avoid 2nd yellow for a blatant dive.
  8. Great chance for a 2nd their turned ball over in middle of park Mcgrath sends Jakubiak in on goal but a bit wide should have probably went straight across 6 yard box for a tap in chose to shoot keeper saved for corner.
  9. Boyce on for Claire, Foley at centre half and their poor first half probably influenced that decision.
  10. Half Time probably the better team their right back looked really dodgy early doors but last couple of minutes Durmus was poor in 1v1 against him. Like mentioned Mcpherson brought out good save from their keeper with a similar chance to Durmus 2 goals v Aberdeen and Kilmarnock if anything Cammy caught it too well one of them if he mishits it probably goes in. One thing we thought Saints could exploit is every free kick we put our players right on 18 yard line furthest side of box leaving a massive gap for a late run into box from near side. In general though our set pieces have been best they have been for a while.
  11. Saints playing a 4-5-1 with Jakubiak right midfield. Wallace, Foley , Mcpherson the midfield 3, Durmus on the left.
  12. In Stadium 10 mins to kick off and it's pretty empty a bit like the dot counters head.
  13. I'm also on the Facebook page & imo it has quite alot of happy clappers on there that also think everything is great because we have more points than last season, ignoring the fact we are below Hamilton and Ross County.
  14. You missed out Livingston, Hamilton, ICT & Ross County who as much as we think we are bigger than you could argue they are bigger than us. ICT & Ross County have both been in top 6 in last 10 years. Have both not won the League Cup too??? Hamilton have finished higher than us in league placings 6 years in a row. Livingston will finish higher than us 2 years in a row with 1 top 6 finish. Of the teams you mentioned Partick and Dundee have both been top 6 in last 10 years. I would like at least 1 or 2 seasons to see us finishing 6/7th without worrying about relegation but we have went through 10 managers, hundreds of players over last 20 years and never got anywhere near it where other similar sized clubs have.
  15. Glad you managed to use Google to find out the correct answer I would suggest if you were at a game in September and can't remember who scored a visit to the doctor might be on the cards.
  16. Ask yourself that question??? Did we really lose to a last minute Ross Stewart goal in Dingwall???
  17. The only tackles we seem to make now are when we no chance to win the ball in the box what is it 4??? penalties conceded in 4 weeks.
  18. I seriously think if we get relegated you still wouldn't have a bad word to say about Goodwin or the players because "we got more points than last season". Myself and plenty others to put it nicely really don't give a f**k how many points we have in comparison to last season. What we do give a f**k about is the fact that last 2 months while Hearts and Hamilton were really sh**e we couldn't get that 1 or 2 more wins you keep going on about and suddenly we are back in relegation trouble because of it. The manager has to take alot of the blame we could be sitting here 30+ points and in semi final of cup but no we are sitting below Hamilton and Ross County.
  19. Oh you forgot the we have only lost 2 in 10 brigade & also the I would be happy with a draw this week and next week rather than lose 1 win 1 to gain more points.
  20. I just don't think Goodwin knows what he wants on a matchday, during the transfer window he stated he was happy with his 4 strikers. That interview coincided with Obika's shocker of a first half v Broxburn and the sitter v Aberdeen suddenly we then sign another 2 strikers maybe this contributed to Obika suddenly looking good. If Mullen or Cooke had been given the same game time as Andreu or Morias imo they would have contributed more than they have but every week they sit on the bench for no reason whatsoever. As it is both will leave in summer without us really knowing if they could have been good for us especially this season. I look at the Danny Mullen of last season his 3 goals in last 6 games v Livingston, St Johnstone and Dundee United how we could do with that now.
  21. Andreu was been brought imo to provide 5-10 goals this season & similar number of assists. His better games at doing this were Easter Road & to an extent Pittodrie where the opposition gave us/him space to play. Pittodrie he really should have had at least a hat-trick but the performance outwith his terrible shooting was good. Tight games like last night's and (plenty similar games recently & to come) are not suited to his number 10 roll with at times up to 15/16 players in and around the box there isn't really any space for him to be effective, they require more balls out wide and early balls into the box.
  22. No we shouldn't. Yes Ricky a mixed family stand should never be a problem fans mix everywhere on route to and back from the match, why not the match itself???
  23. Like you, myself and others have mentioned if we even win 1 of these 3 matches we will be entering unchartered territory as we would then have won 2 from 2/3/4 matches which unfortunately we never seem to do.
  24. I would put "What A Season" at end of Championship winning season or "What a 2nd half of Season" the run from Ayr away in February to Hibs Away in April to avoid relegation. "What a season" to me suggests something great has happened this season has been like the other 6 from last 7, fighting relegation, poor performances, months without winning, being constantly frustrated with the team etc etc etc. I have mentioned this to you before this is the worst SPL season in years and years and has been a dreadful watch all season. Kilmarnock 3rd last 2 seasons bottom 6 in danger of relegation, 11 defeats in a row manager sacked. Hibs only 1 victory v St Mirren first 12 games, in danger of relegation manager sacked. Hearts 2 home wins all season in danger of relegation manager sacked. St Johnstone, regular top 6, in danger of relegation manager on verge of walking away. I could go on and on imo only Celtic and Livingston fans can be happy with their season everyone else??? Well you work it out.
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