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  1. Yeah, good to see. Hope that it is not an injury substitution though & that they are just managing MacAllister's fitness!
  2. Didn't take long for the afternoon to go against us!
  3. Emphatic win for Aberdeen! I guess that will push our home league game against them to the Sunday?
  4. Killie look like they've just endured their equivalent of our Ha*****y nightmare!!! Arguably worse!
  5. I believe Muzek joined Sheriff earlier this month. Like you and many others, I hope that we can still do something to get Popescu, but looking doubtful!
  6. Who came on for Muzek at HT? I thought it was Erhahon (with a haircut), but the BBC, team lineups have Corbu replacing Muzek!
  7. Hypothetical scenario: Should we finish the season bottom on goal difference (where another team or teams have beaten us out by a goal or two), we can with absolute certainty point the finger at this shameful game!
  8. Who would've thought Livingston would score 3 goals against us with not one coming from a set-piece! Terrible performance from us in the second half.
  9. Presuming that Hibs would play their game on Saturday, we could face utd on the Sunday. However, more than likely another venue will be selected!
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