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  1. That was a truly awful game with the score utterly flattering them! You can see why County & the fakes were able to beat them at Pittodrie recently, unfortunately we were not up to the task. Hopefully, that's the bad performance out of the way & that we get can back to form against the fakes!
  2. Yeah, good to see. Hope that it is not an injury substitution though & that they are just managing MacAllister's fitness!
  3. Didn't take long for the afternoon to go against us!
  4. Emphatic win for Aberdeen! I guess that will push our home league game against them to the Sunday?
  5. Killie look like they've just endured their equivalent of our Ha*****y nightmare!!! Arguably worse!
  6. I believe Muzek joined Sheriff earlier this month. Like you and many others, I hope that we can still do something to get Popescu, but looking doubtful!
  7. Who came on for Muzek at HT? I thought it was Erhahon (with a haircut), but the BBC, team lineups have Corbu replacing Muzek!
  8. Hypothetical scenario: Should we finish the season bottom on goal difference (where another team or teams have beaten us out by a goal or two), we can with absolute certainty point the finger at this shameful game!
  9. Who would've thought Livingston would score 3 goals against us with not one coming from a set-piece! Terrible performance from us in the second half.
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