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  1. But will Oran Kearney be coming from his new house in Bridge of Weir (internet rumour re-posted by IOBS) to Greenhill Road to watch the Buds next season?
  2. Danny Lennon might not have been the greatest manager in the history of the club, but some seasons under him we were easy on the eye, finished 8th twice, won the League Cup and usually made the quarter-finals of most cup competitions in his 4 seasons. We told him after the last game of the season his deal wasn't being extended with a few weeks left on his contract... he didn't even get a compensation pay off or the chance to say farewell to the fans after securing our place in the top division for the 4th successive year.
  3. I thought we had moved on, this is the next St Mirren manager topic. Now would you like me to reply to all the tangents you go down on other threads replying to posts from other members?
  4. You could have saved a lot of effort by typing "I hate Gordon Scott". We're hiring our 5th manager, 4th assistant, 3rd first team coach and have released and signed about 80 players in 3 seasons under Gordon Scott and have about 6 decent players still on the books after signing so many players in 3 seasons. I have no opinion on Gordon Scott as a person. As a St Mirren chairman I'd like him to be successful. The facts outlined above suggest St Mirren FC have been a bit of a circus since Scott took over - the chaos and instability under the last few years of the previous board has continued under his chairmanship. Scott's biggest claim to success so far is the promotion achieved under Jack Ross. If Scott had such a good relationship with Jack Ross why was Jack applying for other jobs left, right and centre and why did Gordon not know that Jack had signed for Sunderland until after Sunderland were announcing him as their new manager? Did any St Mirren supporter who finished ahead of him in the Paisley 10K run ever get their free St Mirren strip that he offered when he did an interview just after taking over- the new strip he wore on the day of the run and which didn't go on sale until months after the season began? It's a small point but did Gordon keep his word on that one and give out those prizes from his own pocket? His chairman's updates, while welcome, usually dodge mentioning the upheaval and bad recruitment until we are on a better run and talk about repairs at Ralston. We've been wasteful and short-sighted in our recruitment of management, coaches and players and burned through lots of cash in the process.
  5. I'm sure his statement (and his wife's tweet) said they had been planning for the season ahead at St Mirren. It makes no sense at all for Oran to work his socks off last season to turn things around and then make no plans for signings this season.
  6. If Goody gets the job will he still be commuting on bike from Croy?
  7. I have no doubt we got our money back that we paid to Inverness when Hamilton appointed Rice as their new manager. The list of managers and assistants and first team coaches since Gordon Scott took over as chairman: 1. Alex Rae (fired after a few months) 2. David Farrell (fired after a few months) 3. Jack Ross (left for Sunderland with GLS and TF none the wiser) 4. James Fowler (followed Jack Ross to Sunderland) 5. Alan Stubbs (fired after a few months) 6. Brian Rice (left after about 6 months to manage Hamilton) 7. Darren Jackson (fired at same time as Stubbs) 8. Oran Kearney (fired after 9 months) 9. Jimmy Nicholl (left at the end of a 6 month contract to move to the Championship with Dundee) 10. Gus McPherson (still at the club - at the time of posting) Players who have left during Scott's tenure as chairman: Sean Kelly, Jim Goodwin, Alan Gow, Stuart Carswell, Cameron Howieson, Scott Agnew, Barry Cuddihy, Jaison McGrath, Alex Cooper, Steven Thompson, Keith Watson, David Clarkson, Lawrence Shankland, Jordan Stewart, Andy Webster, Kyle Hutton, Calum Gallagher, Ben Gordon, Scott Gallagher, John Sutton, Tom Walsh, Kyle Hutton, Ryan Hardie, Craig Storrie, Rory Loy, Pal Fjelde, Jason Naismith, Josh Todd, Billy O' Brien, Stellious Demetriou, Kyle McAllister, Adam Eckersley, Harry Davis, Kalvin Orsi, Jamie Langfield, Stevie Mallan, Ross Stewart (goalkeeper), Jordan Kirkpatrick, Ross Stewart (striker), Gregor Buchanan, Craig Samson, Gavin Reilly, Gary Irvine, Dale Hilson, Lewis McLear, Ian McShane, Rocco Quinn, Darryl Duffy, Liam Smith, Jamie McCart, Lewis Morgan, Mark Hill, Myles Hippolyte, Massimo Donati, Darren Whyte, Nathan Flannagan, Jeff King, Hayden Coulson, Cole Kpekawa, Matty Willock, Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Alfie Jones, Ryan Edwards, Lee Hodson, Cammy Smith, Danny Rogers, Dean Lyness, Anton Ferdinand, Simeon Jackson, Adam Hammill, Connor O'Keefe, Brad Lyons, Jordan Holmes, Anders Dreyer, Duckens Nazon, Laurentiu Corbu, Mihai Popescu. Players signed during Scott's tenure and still at the club: Stephen McGinn, Paul McGinn, Vaclav Hladky, Mateo Muzek, Josh Heaton, Ryan Flynn, Jim Kellerman, Greg Tansey, Danny Mullen, Cody Cooke. After selling Naismith, Mallan, McAllister, Morgan, getting compensation for Jack Ross and James Fowler moving to Sunderland and John McGinn's move to Aston Villa bringing in £1m our finances will of course be in rude health under Gordon's watch?
  8. Three managers have also left "by mutual consent" or been sacked during his time as chairman, plus we've shelled out compensation to bring in Brian Rice and then also sacked Darren Jackson as well. And that's before we get to the player turnover that goes with changing managers every 9 months (on average).
  9. Alan Stubbs got a 4-liner when we binned him for being garbage and incapable of arriving to take training in a fit state for work: https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2144-club-statement-alan-stubbs Oran always conducted himself well and the great escape 2 bettered the original great escape under Jack Ross. The club look churlish with their 2 line statement. I have no problem with Oran planning to commute twice a week. I'm quite sure he was still contactable and working online for us and his commutes were after matches or coinciding with days off.
  10. Unlike GLS' pals tweeting Oran wanted to commute daily from NI?
  11. Presumably we can't formally begin making approaches to Jim Goodwin etc while Oran is still technically / legally our manager? (Over to LPM)
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