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  1. Strange then that when Oran "had no input into planning for the season ahead" (GLS) that we began our pre-season preparations with games in Belfast and against the very side who GLS said it was an open secret from April than Oran would be rejoining - likewise our linking up with a team in Northern Ireland. Strange also that 10 days before Oran was sacked Oran and GLS gave interviews to STV discussing the season ahead and quashing speculation that Oran would return to part-time football with Coleraine. None of Oran's priority targets were made competitive offers by the club, but GLS landed his own top target... Kyle McAllister. I think it is a lot more likely that Oran and GLS had a rammy about this season's budget and Oran feeling that the board weren't going to back him in the summer window to bring in Popescu and others and disagreeing on signing targets for the season ahead. After the rammy the working relationship had broken down and a parting of the ways became inevitable. In the final 3 months of last season we began to look like a mid-table team form-wise and in terms of results. Oran had raised expectations that if we built on that finish we could be in or around the top 6 this season. Fitzpatrick and GLS also spent much of the close season talking about the top 4 or 6 being our aim this season. With the budget being reduced and Oran being over-ruled / not backed on summer signings he perhaps thought we risked another season of battling to avoid relegation again. I think Oran felt that if the board were going to keep setting an aim of top 4 or top 6 while season tickets were being sold that to reduce the budget behind the scenes and ignore his signing targets was a recipe for us being relegated and had that happened people may have thought he had been lucky to beat the drop last summer and had been found out this season.
  2. Baird has scored 50% of Morton's goals in the last 3 games! St Mirren have conceded 8 goals in their last 3 games.
  3. Popescu we said we tried to sign. So, out of the 12 league games so far this season in how many games so far would you say that Kyle McAllister has played well, or even managed to look fully fit?
  4. I can't think of many games when McAllister was playing under Goodwin where he has looked decent... maybe in the final 2/3rds of the season he'll get fit and find some form.
  5. OK didn't have any transfer targets apart from Kyle McAllister and Popescu. He didn't even have any ideas on who should replace Jimmy Nicholl as his assistant. OK didn't list McAllister as a priority target. Gordon Scott did. I wonder who wanted the biggest say on who we signed? Scott didn't find any cash for any of Kearney's targets for this summer.
  6. About a week before they had their massive fall out GLS and Kearney both gave interview to STV on the same day. If memory serves me correctly Kearney spoke about his top targets being Popescu, Muzek, Hodson and Dreyer and said he hoped we'd get at least some of them back again this season. None of them re-signed and we didn't make serious offers for any of them. We did however land Gordon Scott's top transfer target for this season... Kyle McAllister (who has barely contributed anything so far this season). In their STV interviews there was nothing to suggest that there was any doubt Kearney would be in charge again this season. What happened next? Could it be that Kearney was told our budget was being cut and all his priority players to re-sign for this season were too expensive and he would have to rebuild the squad with the remnants of Jack Ross's squad and without most of the quality additions who made the difference to us from January to May last season (apologies to LJB for discussing a previous manager)... but not to worry Oran we are confident we can bring in McAllister on a 3 year deal! Following on from Oran being sacked Goodwin's budget will have been further reduced to help pay off OK.
  7. We finished 1 point behind Hamilton whose goal difference was 15 goals worse than ours. That's how close we came to staying up without the play-offs.
  8. Please show me where anyone at all claimed Kearney was the messiah! At the end of the day Kearney inherited perhaps the worst squad put together in the premiership that I can remember and he had to hold tight for nearly 4 months of the season before he could make serious changes. He got enough of his recruitment spot on to turn things around after the new signings had a settling in period. We also came within a whisker of staying up automatically - anyone would have accepted that outcome when he took over and most were happy enough that he kept us up via the play offs. The week pre-season began Gordon Scott fired Kearney and appointed Jim Goodwin. All Kearney's targets were binned and Goodwin had to start trying to sign players after our rivals had in some cases already landed many of their top targets. That's completely on Gordon Scott's head rather than Kearney, Goodwin or Gus MacPherson.
  9. and refused to sign Kearney's targets for this season while making a big deal of signing Kyle McAllister (who Kearney didn't list as a signing target for this season!)
  10. Are you genuinely saying that Goodwin is out of recruitment ideas after 1 transfer window? We already have someone training with us ahead of the next window opening.
  11. I believe that last August when Stubbs took us to Tynecastle Hearts scored 5 goals in the first 44 minutes (admittedly one of the Hearts scorers put the ball in his own net!) HT today was 3-2. It took until the 46th minute before the game was over today! Goodwin also didn't slouch in the dug out with his head in his hands and TopManJimbo will probably have got Goodwin's head in shot during his aftermatch interview for Buddievision! #silverlinings
  12. Jack Ross in all likelihood would relegate this squad. It took him 5 months to start picking up points at a decent rate when he first joined us. He inherited a Championship squad with Jason Naismith, Gary MacKenzie, Gary Irvine, Lewis Morgan, Kyle McAllister, Stevie Mallan, Kyle Magennis, Lawrence Shankland all at his disposal and took us on a run of 6 straight league defeats. Even after shipping out 11 players and bringing in 11 new players in January it took a while until things clicked. Over his tenure (which lasted 20 months or so) Jack Ross signed around 50 players in 3 transfer windows. Goodwin has the right idea. Try and identify the right players within our price range and sign them for a few years and try and improve them. His success rate with signings has been reasonable with defenders (not a great day to make this point) and midfielders. It's not a huge surprise that we have struggled to find a good striker or winger with the money we can offer, and although I think we are lacking up front at least Obika has begun to gradually find the back of the net over the last few games.
  13. The average wage is the Scottish premiership is about £3.5k a week. I would guess you are perhaps looking at Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts paying that money to theirbetter players, and Rangers and Celtic being quite a bit higher than that while St Mirren, Hamilton, Ross County, Livingston etc on £1k a week or thereabouts.
  14. I'm not sure there is too much in Ross' CV to suggest he would instantly turn Hibs or Hearts around if given either job and have them climbing the table before Christmas. When he came to a St Mirren side in the Championship and with Jason Naismith, Gary MacKenzie, Stevie Mallan, Lewis Morgan, Kyle McAllister, Kyle Magennis, Lawrence Shankland at his disposal we still lost his first 6 league games in a row and fell way behind Ayr United at the bottom of the league. It took the January window and a squad rebuild with 11 out and 11 in before we began to start stringing results together in February and March, almost 6 months after he was appointed. I have a feeling that Budge and Dempster will be hoping for a swifter 'new manager bounce' than we enjoyed when Jack Ross was appointed, and they'll also hope they don't have to buy a new squad in every transfer window only for Jack to apply for jobs elsewhere if he strings together 1 good season with them.
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