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  1. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Arrivals

    I can think of 1 loan deal which would.
  2. Dibbles old paperboy

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    I think Oran has got most of the right players out the club during the window and was very impressed by the way Brad Lyons spoke in his interview after joining on loan.... we have a tough start back in the league after the winter break but I am feeling more hopeful we will be more competitive over the second half of the season... we might go bottom before we start picking up points though.
  3. Dibbles old paperboy

    Glasgow Govan v St Mirren 3rd February 2019

    There is already a thread running.
  4. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Arrivals

    I can't remember Gus signing many left footed left backs when he was manager... what's David Barron up to these days?
  5. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Arrivals

    Are all the bikes at the training ground accounted for?
  6. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Arrivals

    I haven't felt this optimistic since Friday 13th July 2018 when we were newly promoted and went to Kilmarnock and played them off the park 0-0 with a team including Kirkpatrick and MacPherson in midfield and were waiting with baited breath for our marque signings to be announced and spearhead our bid for a top 6 spot. It's amazing what a couple of Saturdays without a St Mirren game can do for one's mental health.
  7. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Exits

    The official site says he has left the club for an undisclosed fee... nothing about a loan.
  8. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Exits

    Or maybe with the Championship being mostly full time clubs he is taking the same option as Goodwin did, going part-time with football and getting a well paid part-time job and earning more that way than he would as a full time Championship player?
  9. Dibbles old paperboy

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    If you were suggesting their injury problems this season are the reason they shouldn't be on the payroll, they have both played a decent amount of games for us since joining us. If you are suggesting they are not good enough for this level, I would suggest that in all probability a fit Eckersley would have been better at left back than Coulson was, Hodson being played out of position at left back was, and Erhahon being played out of position at left back has been. Whether Eckersley is of premiership standard or better than what we've had at left back this season will only be shown if he gets a run in the team for a month or more. If he is out of Kearney's plans despite being fit the pressure falls on Kearney and the recruitment team to recruit a left back who plays so well that any debate about Eckersley or playing other players out of position in that spot is ended.
  10. Dibbles old paperboy

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Time for a little perspective Top Cat. Gary MacKenzie was an Alex Rae signing at a time when we looked like we might be dropping down to League 1 and helped us finish 6th that season and helped get us promoted last season. I think Gary MacKenzie almost managed more first team appearances last season (when he was out injured for half the season) than all of Stubbs signings combined.!MacKenzie played 18 first team games last season and 37 first team games the season before. Adam Eckersley joined us at the end of the January window in 2017 when we were once again looking like dropping down to League 1 again, and made 15 first team appearances in that half season, and last season he made 27 first team appearances and helped us get promoted.
  11. Dibbles old paperboy

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    "... hopefully I'll be back in full training in a few weeks" https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/other_football/17343743.st-mirren-boost-as-gary-mackenzie-returns-to-training-after-nine-months-out-injured/
  12. Dibbles old paperboy

    The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread

    Maybe Oran didn't want to publicly criticise players he was stuck with for months to come and only became more vocal about his frustrations when most of them had played their last game for the club?
  13. Dibbles old paperboy

    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    I see that according to the Evening Times, Gary MacKenzie is back in training and hopes to be back in full training with the first team in the next few weeks.
  14. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Exits

    Was Lewis Morgan not in the team in the days of Tommy Craig, Gary Teale, Ian Murray and Alex Rae? I don't remember too many win bonuses in those eras (outside of Rae's first season) when Morgan was part of the squad.
  15. Dibbles old paperboy

    January Exits

    Its gone 2pm today and no one has left yet. What's going on?