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  1. I miss the old days on BAWA when it was only shull having a meltdown and calling for managers and players to be sacked if we lost a game in one of the cups.
  2. I feel a bit happier going into the semi-final after some draws and defeats rather than more victories.
  3. Nicola Sturgeon suggested one reason why numbers were going up in Scotland in October was people taking daytrips and weekends away in Blackpool and I think she conceded that although it looked like there was a link she couldn't prove (beyond reasonable doubt) one person had caught the virus by taking a trip to Blackpool and catching it there.
  4. The same scenario arrived earlier in the season when Celtic and Aberdeen should have met in the league but the Scottish Government banned them from playing due to covid breaches... no forfeits!
  5. Derek McInnes has also spoken out: Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes has called for a Covid-19 compliance officer to be appointed to help ensure clubs are meeting safety protocols in Scottish football. Kilmarnock and St Mirren were both punished last week for their games being postponed due to Covid-19 cases within the playing staff. Both clubs were informed the postponed matches – two for Saints and one for Killie – would be forfeited as 3-0 defeats and were fined £40,000 each, suspended until June 30. The punishment came after St Mirren and Kilmarnock admitted they had breached social distancing rules on buses and meals while some Saints players had shared cars to and from training. McInnes believes forfeits are the last outcome any club in Scotland wants and has called for clubs to be given more support to ensure they are complying with the measures put in place. He said: “I feel any team that has to forfeit a game is the last scenario we want and it is harsh on Kilmarnock and St Mirren. I don’t know why they have come to that conclusion. “I understand it’s a fine balancing act for the authorities and clubs need to be accountable, but I think this is a case of them wanting to show a firm hand. “But I do think we’re learning all the time. We need somebody, some sort of compliance authority to drop in on training grounds without any announcement.” McInnes has also raised his fears some social distancing measures at clubs do not meet the criteria laid out and believes more assistance is needed from the authorities to ensure clubs are fulfilling their obligations. He said: “The Dundee United thing is a separate issue. I’m pretty sure they will come to regret the decision to have a team photo and I was surprised when I saw it. “We’re all under pressure to make sure our players are looked after, but I have to say we have been to a couple of away grounds where we’ve felt we have been crammed in to a space where we have felt we are not socially distanced. “We have been put more at risk and we can clearly do better, but the clubs have done brilliantly. I have to say that, when you think of the financial commitment we’ve had to make, without any help, to put these measures in place, has been massive. “Clubs are doing a lot right, but clearly we’re not as right as we need to be.”
  6. I'd be happier about us paying the £40k fine now and having a suspended penalty of points deduction if we breach protocol. Killie would have missed more games had it not been for the timing of the international break and league cup games... they also had to lockdown but only missed 1 league game. The rules are changing as the season goes on. The Hibs game went ahead because at that point there was no ruling that you had to have at least 1 fit goalie among 13 fit players. A few weeks after forcing us to play Hibs with a keeper who only just signed in time to appear on the team sheet! Since we were investigated DUFC and Celtic have broken protocol for team photos and the SFA have been pulled up by UEFA over Scotland U21 breaches.
  7. So if you have a big enough squad to get by without 9 players and field a team, your team who are missing 9 players and 3 coaching staff due to an outbreak at the club can take to the field and play their match. There will almost certainly have been some breach of protocol but the game gets played, no investigation, no fine, no forfeits. As was said earlier, the big clubs with big squad won't be forfeiting games if they have outbreaks but the wee clubs with smaller squads are more at risk of losing out. That said, I'm glad if Livi aren't 3 points and 3 goals to the good!
  8. Hamilton beat us 3-0 and 3-1 in the first half of the Alan Stubbs / Oran Kearney season.
  9. Could the historic alleged irregularities regarding PAYE / NI relate to contracts ended by mutual consent?
  10. Rangers will argue their procedures were robust enough to discover the breach and they took action immediately to suspend the players and make them self-isolate away from the rest of the squad.
  11. The last time we issued such a short statement Oran Kearney had been "mutually consented".
  12. I had wondered that too. I'm in agreement with Div that it doesn't look great. Last season wasn't completed because of covid, we've had 4 outbreaks and a game cancelled against Celtic (through no fault of our own) and when do we appoint experts (with police backgrounds) to make sure standards and best practice are being followed? March, nah. Pre-season - nah. Start of the season? Nah. End of October after a 4th outbreak and two games in a row where we can't field a team and after the SPFL open a 2nd investigation into whether we have broken protocol. All the club can argue is that there are more positive cases in the central belt than when all football was cancelled because of the dangers and even Nicola Sturgeon accepts you can't prove beyond all reasonable doubt who you've caught covid from or where you caught it. These quotes were worrying: "Everyone associated with the club has a paramount duty to do whatever it takes to make sure we absolutely minimise the risk of any infection. "That's why we have appointed Brian and Kevin, both of whom have close and longstanding links to the club, to help us tackle this continued very real risk to society and our club." - it suggests that those already at the club were not able to fulfil the paramount duty of minimising the risk of infection and outside help was needed.
  13. St Ricky will be unable to avoid taking the bait...
  14. For a forward he looks disinterested in the possibility of scoring - very slow to make runs into the box and never gambles on getting the break of the ball in the box.
  15. Andreu defends like a lassie and is powderpuff in attack - eg his volley in acres of space on the edge of the box which was finished closer to the corner flag than the target.
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