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  1. Dibbles old paperboy

    Club statement please on police activity in W7

    Our first installment of this season's W7 quota of drama comes after 4 or 5 league games. When's the boycott of home games happening to stick it to the BoD who don't care about the fans or understand fans and are only interested in cash? There do seem to be tonnes of posts saying the police asked the club to give them the addresses of fans in W7 and the club agreed. Do we know this happened? I would have thought the police would have plenty of other means of finding out the addresses of fans and probably use fans' own social media posts to identify people of potential interest to them and once they have a name I would expect it would be easy for them to find an address under their own steam.
  2. Dibbles old paperboy

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Remember how you reckoned our fans should just ignore Chris Sutton's comments...
  3. Dibbles old paperboy

    Gordon Parks / Sunday Mail

    Did the Sunday Herald not have it's final ever publication earlier this month?
  4. Dibbles old paperboy

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    He only had 1 training session with Stubbs and Jackson (at most)
  5. Dibbles old paperboy

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    First impressions are very promising. He seems to have brought the squad together in the week he has been around and given them all some belief and confidence and maybe even some togetherness too. We were still in the game after 35 minutes - a novelty in recent times. We looked like we could defend from set pieces most of the time and kept a clean sheet. From the moment the team was announced I felt quietly confident - reinstating many of last season's over-achieving heroes and reducing the number of loanees down towards normal levels... goodbye Nicolai Brock-Madsen, Cole Kpekawa and hello we look like a team again - still not perfect by any means but at least we looked competitive rather than disorganised whipping boys.
  6. Dibbles old paperboy

    Saints v Celtic, Friday 14th September

    However the second half pans out, it has been great to see St Mirren looking like a decent team again with last year's heroes restored to the starting XI again... Jack Baird, Cammy Smith, Danny Mullen looking like premiership quality after all, captain fantastic back on form as is Magennis. Not missing Kpekawa, Coulson, Brock-Madsen or Willock so far.
  7. Dibbles old paperboy

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    Stubbs did rip up last year's team. He inherited 16 players and by the time he left 9 of them had either been sold or told they were free to find other clubs, leaving 7 players from last season Stubbs was fine with and 2 of them were Jordan Kirkpatrick and Cammy MacPherson (who weren't invited to La Manga for pre-season training).
  8. Dibbles old paperboy

    Welcome Oran Kearney

    As soon as you watched Stubbs' team you were one of the ones posting that all his signings were rubbish and not an improvement on the players he moved on.
  9. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Sacked

    Rangers were rubbish that season. Would it normally be considered a good season for Hibs to finish over 20 points behind Hearts?
  10. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Sacked

    The clue about Stubbs was his time at Hibs. Couldn't get out of the Championship (or even reach the play off final) in two attempts with a squad which included Lewis Stevenson, Darren McGregor, John McGinn, Dylan McGeoch, Scott Allan, Anthony Stokes and Jason Cummings. If we were a one man team who won the Championship last year it took something to fail to get promotion with a team boasting several full internationalists and U21 players.
  11. Dibbles old paperboy

    Darren Jackson

    Been posted elsewhere he's away on Scotland duty with the U19's.
  12. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Sacked

    Last time we were looking like candidates to be relegated from the championship to league 1.
  13. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Sacked

    Aye, so you keep saying. At the end of the day if you only inherit 16 players before the transfer window opens and finish the same window with only 7 out of the original 16 who have not been sold or told they are welcome to find a new club as they aren't in your plans then that's over half the players you started with either been sold or encouraged to leave. Out of the 7 players left its' questionable to what degree Stubbs rated Stephen McGinn, Jordan Kirkpatrick was injured for most of the Stubbs era, Cammy MacPherson was a fringe player (dropped after a great start at Killie). The player Stubbs was most enthusiastic about during his time at the club was possibly John McGinn as he phoned round English clubs trying to encourage them to outbid Celtic and waxing lyrical about what a great talent he is - shame he wasn't lining up any decent transfers in and also a shame he wasn't able to wax lyrical about members of the current team. The issue with MacKenzie, Eckersley and McShane was he never signed anyone better than players who he judged were not up to the job and by telling them so soon after his arrival they could leave it was bound to have an affect on the morale of last year's players alongside other colleagues having deals withdrawn and going out the door. Jack Ross had a knack for keeping the fringe players happy and part of things. The way Stubbs handled MacKenzie, Eckersley and McShane and failed to move them on was an early sign he was going to have an unhappy dressing room. One of the most telling photos of the season is still the players watching the penalty shoot out at Killie, new arrivals in one clique, 'homegrown' players in another clique.
  14. Dibbles old paperboy

    Stubbs Sacked

    Many applauded his post-match interview where he spoke more about the things he wasn't happy with and the improvements needed. Arguably he had few other opportunities to praise the players efforts and performance again!
  15. Dibbles old paperboy

    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    People expected a quick appointment after Alex Rae was sacked 2 years ago and it took 2 or 3 weeks until Jack Ross was appointed, and then in the summer despite the board saying they had a contingency plan in place for a while in the event of Jack Ross being poached by a bigger club it still took a while to get a shortlist together and conduct the interviews. I can't imagine that the board would have been expecting to have to replace Stubbs until the other side of Christmas if results were the only issue. If there has been as much unrest behind the scenes as has been suggested that might have prompted some contingency planning over the last week or two.