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  1. The programmes and the centenary book I've seen on eBay and in prog lists anywhere between £10 and £25 each. The Saints not as common. I picked up a few issues a year or so ago for £3-4 each. Out of interest how many issues do you have. I have a few missing. There are also a few discrepancies with dates and numbering. The first two issues are both dated the same! Issue 13 & 15 are dated just a week apart! The final one I have is issue 19. Was that the last? If you do sell i may be interested in the Saints.
  2. Me too. Funny how much they shrink through the years!!
  3. Last time we won five in a row was like buses! 2005-06 in the First Division we not only won five in a row, we did it on three separate occasions!!! 20/08/2005 St Johnstone McDiarmid Park 2-1 27/08/2005 Brechin City Love Street 1-0 10/09/2005 Queen of the South Palmerston Park 1-0 17/09/2005 Clyde Love Street 2-0 24/09/2005 Airdrie United New Broomfield 1-0 25/10/2005 Stranraer Stair Park 2-1 29/10/2005 Queen of the South Love Street 2-0 12/11/2005 Clyde Broadwood 2-1 15/11/2005 Brechin City Glebe Park 3-2 26/11/2005 Hamilton Academical Love Street 2-1 18/02/2006 Stranraer Love Street 3-1 11/03/2006 Queen of the South Love Street 1-0 18/03/2006 Clyde Broadwood 1-0 21/03/2006 Brechin City Glebe Park 3-0 25/03/2006 Airdrie United Love Street 2-1 Last time we did it in the top flight was over two seasons. We won the final three games of 1980-81 and the first two in 1981-82. For all in the same season it is back to 1935-36 when we did it twice!! But records are being broken this season, so it's about time it was a good one like this!!!
  4. In 1980 the club produced a plaque commemorating the tour of Brazil along with the friendly matches against Tampa Bay Roadies, arsenal and a three match tour of Finland. It also highlighted our first two European matches against Elfsborg and St Etienne. I still have one at home. Need to get a pic and post it.
  5. Brazil http://www.stmirren.info/id339.html
  6. 1987 http://www.stmirren.info/id36.html Gibraltar http://www.stmirren.info/id487.html
  7. At the start of 86/7 we went to Nigeria and played a couple of games, ACB Nigeria(1-2) and Leventis(0-0). The players we had lined up were in the early 90's when Jimmy Bone was back as manager. He had spent some time in Zambia and was trying to bring a few Zambian internationals over. Names I can remember are John Soko and Wisdom Chancer. Sadly the plane carrying the Zambian national team to a match crashed and all on board were killed.
  8. Hyundai Tigers, though they may have had some other corporate/place type name after the Hyundai. As you say, dreadful game ended 0-0. And both teams were lucky to get 0!
  9. Provan Jewellers Cup! February 1981. Lost 3-2. Decent game. If memory serves me right we had to get special permission to play it on a Sunday rather than the accepted Saturday....how thing have changed. Now we need permission to play some games at 3pm on a Saturday!!
  10. Just before the break he slipped in the box clearing the ball and went off at the break rubbing his hamstring!
  11. THe two week break, though not the best for the team wanting to keep the winning momentum, may well be the best thing for Genev to give his hamstring time to recover. Looks solid and no nonsense. More of the same from him in the run in and we have a solid base to build on!
  12. Couple of team pics with him: http://www.stmirren.info/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/teams/1926b.jpg http://www.stmirren.info/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/teams/1927.jpg http://www.stmirren.info/id65.html ETA - he is front left in both pictures.
  13. Frank McGarvey in his book claims that the two greatest achievements of his career were with Saints in 1977&1987. They were occasions for celebration! Everything won in the East end was cause for relief! "Keeps the fans off our back for another wee while!" That feeling of celebration is what being a fan of clubs like ours is all about!
  14. pick any one from McAusland McGinn Osbourne Mallan etc.We are missing McLean badly. No-one stepping up in midfield. Tess on for Osbourne- Tess at CH Goodwin moves forward. Snoopy on for McGinn. Change up front as well. Thommo looks out of sorts- need someone just off Arquin. ?Who u have no idea!!
  15. Thoroughly agree. Was expecting them to come over Or at least look over and acknowledge us, but ...nothing!
  16. Number 35 was Barry Cuddihy. Announced as Cooday..ay
  17. See my amended post. They have changed the pricing and are offering refunds to those that paid full price. Cue Saints and their announcement.......
  18. Is that not part of a double with Brondby. Full price for one game and a fiver for the other? Seen that deal on their website last week. ETA:- Just gone back to the page I saw last week and it has been changed! http://www.mcfc.co.uk/News/Club-news/2015/February/Watch-NYCFC-v-St-Mirren Take note of a wee sentence about half way down:----- Supporters who have already purchased tickets for these matches at the original published prices will receive a refund for the difference within the next 7-10 working days.
  19. Signed for Dundee United http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30954750
  20. All in the game. Played at Ashton Gate featuring Saints, Bristol City, Leeds, QPR, Wolves, Man City and Liecester. There was a book and a newspaper style programme for it. Know nought about winners and losers!!
  21. Definitely the first clean sheet of the season....Marwood would never score!!
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